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Time to Live a Healthy Tattoo-Filled Life

Tattoos have become a part of life for many people worldwide. People from all walks of life get various aspects of their bodies inked with different patterns and pictures. While some may have small tattoos that are sometimes hidden, others get multiple body parts inked for the whole world to see. As to the content of the tattoos, there are diehard fans of certain entities, whether music, movies, or television shows, that get images inked on their bodies of their favorite artists. The ones who get tattoos get huge compliments and praise for their willingness to get multiple parts of their bodies engulfed with ink. However, with all this praise for the people receiving them, those who enable someone to have tattoos are often overlooked. How much time and effort it takes to form a tattoo is disregarded. Tattoo artists are skilled professionals who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft. Also, there tends to be a lot of discussion about how painful getting a tattoo can be. However, in addition to their overlooked skill, tattoo artists experience almost as much pain as taking the time to ink their clients’ bodies.

Tattoo artists can encounter many health problems by positioning their bodies during activities. How the body must stay still can inflict significant pain on one’s back. In addition, the hands of tattoo artists tend to get very strained from the constant motions they are subjected to during the tattoo process. Like the pain instilled in their backs, the continuous strain on tattoo artists’ hands often causes severe ailments that can prohibit them from completing their jobs proficiently and precisely. Also, injuries cause tattoo artists to have to miss work opportunities. If they miss work opportunities, they miss getting paid. It has only been very recently that the health of tattoo artists has been considered. Even then, few companies have provided products that can adequately counter some of the many health issues that have plagued tattoo artists. Fortunately, True Tattoo Supply has just the right items whereby tattoo artists can maintain their health while completing their best works. The necessity of these products should not be overlooked. It’s important to understand just how detrimental specific health ailments are to the success of tattoo professionals.

Technique of Tattoo Artists

A tattoo to be safely and adequately inked onto another human’s skin takes extreme patience and the most precise type of posture. People must understand that tattoo artistry is a hazardous profession. Any wrong move can cause permanent damage to one’s skin. Although not as physically painful as the harm caused to one’s skin from a false move, the personal injury to a tattoo artist’s reputation following an incident such as this hurts badly. To avoid such atrocities, tattoo artists must sit perfectly still and position their hands in a way that enables them to professionally draw a tattoo on human flesh and secure the safety of the person receiving the tattoo.

Considering the health of the actual person getting tattooed is very important. It should never be taken for granted for the sake of the well-being of the client and the professional reputation of the tattoo artists themselves. However, the health of the tattoo artist, who constantly transfers permanent ink onto people’s skin, must also be considered. If the tattoo artist isn’t healthy, the more likely the health of the client getting tattooed can be jeopardized.

Problems with Tattoo Artist’s Backs

The type of posture required for tattoo artists to transfer permanent ink to human flesh professionally is not very spine friendly.  Certain studies have revealed back pain to be more prominent among tattoo artists than in most vocations. The constant sitting position combined with the twisting of the body back and forth can cause lower lumbar issues. These lower lumbar issues can turn into chronic or persistent pain that seems never-ending. Sometimes, the pain can disappear for a while, only to rear its head at the most inopportune moments. This could be while in the middle of a tattoo job for tattoo artists. This, therefore, harms the client’s skin and the professional reputation of the artist.

Arguably, one of the worst problems associated with a tattoo artist’s back is the herniation of discs. This dilemma involves part of a disk being pushed out of its normal location into the spinal canal.  The constant sitting down takes a toll on the spinal discs. Disc herniation is a degenerative process that, while slow, can occur when it seems like there is nothing one can do about it. This isn’t true. People can do something about it. Just because one is an older tattoo artist who has just acquired spinal problems does not mean their tattooing days are over. They can use items from True Tattoo Supply to help them feel more comfortable. Even people new to tattoo artistry can help prevent the possibility of these issues occurring by using unique accessories that can only be found through this incredible company. Eventually, tattoo artists will run into strain and pressure on their back after an extended period. It doesn’t matter how much exercise and physical therapy they partake in; something extra is still needed to fight the problem. That something extra comes in the form of accessories that can be placed around the body.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Problems with Tattoo Artist’s Hands

Since tattoo artists are constantly using their hands, one can only assume that their profession can result in damage to them. Combined with the mandatory posture of the body, their hands must maintain a very still position to ensure the safety of their clients. This process is done while moving the needle, still in a motionless pose, to another area of the body to complete the next part of a tattoo. Depending on the type of tattoo and its coverage, this can be ongoing for several hours. These constant movements, over a repeated amount of time, can result in chronic pain in the wrists and hands. Also, the high levels of vibration that come from the needles used to transfer tattoo ink can eventually catch up with the tattoo artist. Stiff muscle contractions are caused by constant vibration. The nerves and blood vessels in this body area can become damaged due to the needle’s movements.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a neurological disorder many tattoo artists suffer regarding their hands and wrists. This problem occurs when a particular nerve becomes severely squeezed at the wrist. The hands then become numb and weak. It’s a problem for tattoo artists because they make their living with their hands. If the hand is weak, it can’t work. If they can’t work, they can’t get paid. That’s why it’s essential for tattoo artists that are either experiencing CTS for the first time or want to prevent the chances of getting it to use unique accessories to keep their hands and wrists free from the ongoing effects of strain.

The Importance of Tattoo Artists Being Comfortable

Being healthy is essential for tattoo artists to perform their jobs efficiently. In addition, a healthy tattoo artist can better ensure that their clients remain safe during the tattoo process. However, one essential aspect of ensuring a tattoo artist remains healthy is keeping them comfortable. A comfortable setting for a tattoo artist, which can only be provided by special gear and accessories, can help fight off many physical ailments associated with sitting down constantly and moving the hand around with a vibrating needle. Also, maintaining a certain level of comfort can prevent specific conditions from frequently occurring for brand-new tattoo artists that have not overexerted their bodies in practice. Feeling comfortable can benefit specific areas of one’s physical health that may contribute to a more pleasurable experience for tattoo artists performing their duties. For instance, feeling physically comfortable is associated with having a healthy digestive system. When one’s food is digested correctly, it often helps them perform physical tasks better. Engraving a tattoo on someone’s body is one of the most physically demanding tasks, so what better way to do it than when you’re comfortable?

Aside from helping one perform physical tasks better, a better digestive system helps one think more clearly. One could argue that comfort ensures one carries out mental tasks better. When you think about it, applying tattoo art to someone is just as mental as physical. Much mental concentration is required to maintain a specific physical posture and keep one’s hand still while transferring permanent ink to a body part. It’s a delicate process that requires much attentiveness.

 The artist must ensure they create the exact form of the tattoo the client wants. The skill that was acquired in learning how to make tattoo art took much concentration and a unique way of thinking. Maintaining that skill takes just as much consideration. When one is comfortable, one can think better. Therefore, they can better support the skills that make them successful.

True Tattoo Supply

True Tattoo Supply is an innovative tattoo supply company providing today’s professional tattoo artists with the best possible tattoo equipment with the tattoo artist’s health and longevity in mind. They have been the inventor of many tattoo products that are now commonly used every day. True Tattoo Supply owner and inventor Durb Morrison have brought many new, never-before-seen products into the tattoo industry. One of them, known as “True Grips,” are memory foam disposable grip covers that absorb damaging vibrations from repetitive tattooing.

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  • It Helps Prevent Carpal Tunnel, Numbness in the Thumb and Fingers, Unwanted Finger Calluses, and many other issues.
  • Industry’s Most Comfortable Grip Ever.

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Healthy Tattooing Awaits You

Tattoos are so much a part of society that it’s time for the masterfully skilled artists that make them possible to be accounted for when it comes to their physical and mental health. When healthy, tattoo artists not only protect themselves but also protect their cherished clients. In addition, tattoo artists can perform better when they feel good and comfortable. Tattooing is hard work, and tattoo artists must start being recognized just as much as the tattoos they draw. It’s best if they are recognized for maintaining their health while they do it.

As a tattoo artist, you will feel the most comfortable you have in years. You will no longer have to worry about straining your wrist as True Grips from True Tattoo Supply will protect you. Also, the chances of CTS will be lowered. Healthy tattooing awaits you. It’s time to let yourself be known for your work just as much as your health. The choice is yours!









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