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To Avoid Mosquitoes: Get Smart!

As the temperatures rise and we prepare to kick off the 4 of July party and the backyard entertaining season, the bug experts from SC Johnson offer these helpful tips to help you enjoy summer entertaining and stay protected from the mosquitoes. 

Summer Entertaining and Family Protection

You can help keep mosquitoes at bay by taking a tiered approach that includes: personal protection, protection inside of the home, and protection around your home by combining product solutions with other practical tips.

Protect Yourself and Your Family: Whether you are hiking or relaxing in the backyard, these tips will help you enjoy your outdoor time.

  • Always remember to keep personal repellent on hand. Be sure to use personal repellents with active ingredient DEET or Picaridin.
  • Always read the label and follow product use instructions, be sure to apply sunscreen first then repellent.
  • Know that the concentration of active ingredient relates to the product duration.
  • Personal repellents can be applied to clothing to prevent mosquitoes from biting through. Always read and follow label instructions as some repellents should not be used with rayon, spandex, acetate or other synthetic fabrics.
  • Take extra care during daytime hours, as this is when certain types of mosquitoes, such as the Aedes aegypti, may be most active.
  • Protect yourself during outdoor sporting activities as mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide you release when you exhale. Body heat and lactic acid (a substance your body emits when you perspire) attract mosquitoes as well, so be sure to apply personal repellent during any sporting activity.  

Photo by Jared Belson

Protect inside your home: Tips to help you keep unwanted mosquitoes from entering your home.

  • Be sure to use instant action spray that is labeled for mosquito control indoors, as these are products designed to kill mosquitoes on contact.
  • Always follow label instructions and usage directions.
  • Install or repair screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes outside.
  • Caulk cracks and seal windows, repair weather strips around doors and close fireplace flues.
  • Keep your doors and windows shut, (especially with little ones coming in an out), and use air conditioning if you have it.  

Photo by Jared Belson

Protect outside your home: Follow these tips to prevent unwanted mosquitoes from crashing your outdoor entertainment.

  • Use products that repel or kill mosquitoes and are labeled for outdoor use.
  • Remove standing water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes both outside the home and indoors. A container as small as a bottle cap can become their breeding ground.
  • Remove debris that may collect in your gutters and other drainage systems so water empties freely.
  • Look inside and outside your home for items that collect water such as tires, toys, buckets, puddles, toys, garbage cans, flower pots, etc., and dump standing water at least twice a week.









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