Family HealthTollovid— An Innovative Treatments For Viruses

Tollovid— An Innovative Treatments For Viruses

Many of us have suffered from a virus in our lifetime. Whether or not you realize it, the common cold is also a virus—its medical name is the Rhinovirus. Although these colds seem like no big deal, they take a toll on our bodies. For about two weeks, we are encountering a sour throat, sniffles, high fevers, an aggravating cough, and body aches. If this sickness interacts with another illness, the effects on your immune system can be detrimental. Namely, when your immunity is already compromised, your risk of catching another condition increases greatly. For instance, many people who get a bad cold often find that the stress on their body ends up activating another dormant virus, such as cold sores. Because the symptoms are similar, you may feel twice as sick as before. Consequently, both issues only prolong healing, and you find yourself taking double the amount of rest time due to exacerbated symptoms. Unfortunately, you may find yourself unproductive at work, unable to exercise at the gym, and may experience difficulty with regular family responsibilities.

However, the main issue is that there are no real cures for viruses. That’s because they have to run their course. Alternatively, doctors treat bacterial infections with antibiotics. But with a virus, it will not be effective. The reason is that bacteria live outside the cell, whereas viruses attack inside the cell, and they can’t reproduce on their own. Instead, they latch onto your healthy cells and replicate. Even worse, as opposed to bacterial infections, they are surrounded by a protective protein coating. Therefore, they don’t have walls that antibiotics can attack. Their strong defense is why medications are useless as a form of treatment.

How Do Viruses Work?

Believe it or not, viruses are considered self-replicating machines. They are small but highly destructive. In fact, they contain the DNA or instructional material to help the virus spread across the body. Typically, they function by latching onto host cells. However, they use their own resources and cellular architecture to replicate more of the virus. After that, the host cell dies, leaving the virus ownership of the cell.

Why Are They So Crippling?

Viruses can be crippling depending on their type and structure. Generally, they are classified into two major categories: made up of DNA or RNA. For example, one common DNA virus is known as the herpes virus, which commonly leads to chickenpox. On the other hand, HIV, SARS, and the Coronavirus are RNA, also known as retroviruses. The difference is that DNA viruses are double-stranded, while RNA subtypes are single-stranded. More importantly, DNA viruses are stable, and RNA variations are unstable with high replication rates. In addition, some of these types have long-term effects and can lay dormant to be reactivated later as a result of immune system imbalances.

Dormant Viruses

As crazy as it may seem, viruses have different phases within our bodies. When the virus remains inactive, it is known as the lysogenic part of the viral cycle. In other words, a latent virus remains in the system because, after initial infection, particle proliferation ceases. The primary issue is that although the virus is ‘laying low,’ its genome is not entirely eradicated from our bodies. At any point in time, it can reactivate (during the lytic part of the life cycle) without the host cell being reinfected. This alternation between active and dormant can continue throughout a person’s life. Unfortunately, these infections can remain inside us indefinitely. That’s why they can provide long-lasting effects.

The Powers of Using Protease Enzyme Inhibitors

One of the essential tools has been using protease enzyme inhibitors. For an infection to get inside the cell, some viruses use spikes, like the Coronavirus. Once the spikes have penetrated the host’s cell wall, they fuse to the outer membrane to wiggle their way inside. Upon entry, the RNA instructs the cells’ machinery to create a polypeptide (protein) chain containing specific enzymes. For the virus to replicate, the long protein chain must be cleaved (trimmed) to free the enzymes. To do so, these viruses encode for special scissors that do the cutting, also known as 3CL protease. Once they are cleaved, they become functional. This 3CL protease modifies the polypeptide under normal circumstances to continue. However, to prevent this, protease inhibitors are used.

Recently, these inhibitors have been used to help prevent the Coronavirus from becoming destructive by removing the replication mechanism. They have so far demonstrated success when it comes to limiting spread. One of the most recent developments includes Tollovid.

Todos Medicinal Inc.

To provide immediate solutions for deadly viruses, Todos Medicinal Inc. has formulated Tollovid, a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients that support healthy immune system functioning. Todos used a groundbreaking combination of plant extracts, and their product is high in antioxidants, fights inflammation, and boosts skin health. Initially, they created this product to assist with the long-term effects of COVID. Approximately 95% of the study participants with acute COVID reported being happy with their results upon taking the supplement.

  • Functions as a 3CL protease enzyme inhibitor
  • Made with plant extracts and is delayed-release to prolong effect
  • Bio-available
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Prevents virus from becoming aggressive
  • Plant-based and vegan-friendly
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps fight inflammation and improves skin health
  • Studied scientifically
  • Made in the USA at a cGMP FDA regulated facility

Instructions For Use: To protect against active infection, they recommend taking three tablets four times a day for about five days. For daily maintenance or prevention, consuming one tablet twice a day is ideal.

Prevent Your Immune System From Tanking!

For years, we have lived with minimal intervention for viruses. This is due to their complex and highly efficient ability to take over normal, healthy cells in the body. Since COVID, new methods have prevented these illnesses from remaining latent in their bodies for many years. Thanks to recent testing with Todos Medicinal Inc., they have created a new supplement Tollovid that can be used as an intervention for disabling the mechanism that allows viruses to become so deadly—the 3CL protease enzyme. Finally, a new solution nips the viruses at the source and addresses the problem plaguing our world for many centuries.

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