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Try Some Honey that’s Good for the Tummy

Honey is something people consume and is known to be produced by bees. However, there is much more to honey than this. Organic honey contains powerful ingredients that can help various aspects of one’s physical health. From boosting one’s immune system to helping relieve nausea, honey has you covered. Honey has so many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that it’s almost ridiculous. That’s why this substance, which originates in beehives, is so essential to the lives of humans. First, though, one must consider the type of honey they purchase.

Even though honey has a lot of nutritious value, it is often overlooked by society. Even people who like it tend to just regard honey as a sweet food that tastes good. Because of this mindset, two things have happened regarding honey. First, honey has begun to be considered as a staple pantry item rather than a luxury. Second, when people purchase honey, they often don’t look at the ingredients to ensure they buy the real deal. No matter how natural honey is advertised, it is tough to determine if it is organic. This is because human beings have no certainty of where bees fly. Luckily, Chandler Honey has taken it upon themselves to ensure their honey is raw. They are also ensuring that 2024 is the year people start regarding honey as a luxury and not just a pantry item. It’s essential to look at just how beneficial raw honey is and what additional ingredients can be added to make it more helpful than ever.

Benefits of Raw Honey

Can Help Soothe Sore Throats

Many people get sore throats. While they are especially prominent during winter, sore throats can also occur when people are exposed to seasonal changes.  They are a massive inconvenience as they disrupt the comfort inside one’s mouth and often prevent people from being able to speak well. With the consumption of raw honey, this can change. Raw honey has many anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. When someone has a sore throat, they usually have high amounts of inflammation. When consuming raw honey, the rates of inflammation related to sore throats start to decline, and the throat generally begins to heal.

Can Help One Maintain Great Gut Health

Raw honey contains items that can act as a fuel source for beneficial bacteria in the gut. Maintaining excellent gut health is essential for a variety of reasons. When one has a healthy digestive tract, they tend to have more energy and feel better overall. In addition, when one’s gut is healthy, their immune system tends to be stronger. The immune system protects the body from germs and bacteria that can cause one to become ill. Let’s face it. No one likes getting sick. It is a huge inconvenience that causes people to miss time at their jobs or school and, therefore, fall behind in their work. In addition, it results in people missing quality time with their friends and family. Why not consume raw honey, which can heal your gut and lower the chances of getting sick and missing out on life?

Can Help One Properly Regulate Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels

One must keep one’s blood pressure stable to keep one’s heart properly pumping blood to the rest of the body. When one’s blood pressure is high, it can make it harder for the heart to do this. Many studies have shown that consuming honey can lower one’s blood pressure. Besides blood pressure, it’s also important to maintain decent blood sugar levels. Like high blood pressure, high blood sugar can result in severe conditions for one’s body, such as heart disease. It’s arguably most notable for contributing to the development of certain types of diabetes. Honey is a healthy sugar that does not cause health damage like so many artificial sweeteners.

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Additional Ingredients to Add to Raw Honey and Their Benefits


Lemon is excellent when added to raw honey. It’s essential to take note of the individual benefits of lemon. It has been known to help people with weight loss. Lemons contribute to weight loss by making people feel full faster. Millions of people worldwide aim to maintain a healthy weight. For years, dozens of advertisements have promised the next great weight loss solution. Unfortunately, not only are many of these items very expensive, but they have also proven to be not very effective in helping one shed pounds. With the help of lemon infused with an affordable raw honey supplement, one can naturally and healthily lose weight.

Another great benefit of lemons is that they help one’s digestive system. As mentioned, raw honey helps one maintain a healthy gut, which, therefore, results in healthier functions of the body, such as those surrounding the immune system. When you combine the benefits of lemon with those of raw honey, you have the perfect solution for excellent digestive health and a strong immune system. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of lemon combined with those of raw honey can give a punch to certain types of sicknesses and diseases.


Like lemon, ginger is a vital ingredient that can add to the effectiveness of raw honey. Arguably, one of the most significant benefits of ginger is how it helps lessen the symptoms of nausea. Feeling nauseous is one of the most unpleasant feelings one can experience. Therefore, people do their hardest to try and prevent nausea from occurring. When the symptoms of nausea do appear, an effective combination of ginger and raw honey helps one bear through it. The ginger extracts have excellent anti-nausea properties which, therefore, help people feel better quickly.

Ginger can also help lower one’s blood sugar levels, like raw honey. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can help prevent the body from succumbing to certain heart and kidney issues. Ginger is also known for its great taste, which makes consuming raw honey a pleasurable experience. Feeling good is something that most people want to accomplish, so why not accomplish that with the help of ginger?


Peach is another excellent ingredient that adds to raw honey’s great taste and effectiveness. It has excellent antioxidant properties that can help fight diseases and aging. After a while, people start to succumb to oxidative stress, resulting in skin and body aging. Since peaches have so many antioxidant properties, the oxidative stress that causes this aging can be attacked and put in its place.


Lychees are tropical trees native to certain parts of Asia. Their extracts have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. They can be used to help alleviate the symptoms of fever and certain bodily pain. When added to raw honey, lychees help provide people with great nutrients such as vitamin C, copper, and potassium.

As mentioned, it is tough to determine whether honey is entirely organic. In addition, most people disregard honey as something to be added to food when it is so much more than that. Chandler Honey has taken it upon themselves to change this.

Chandler Honey

Chandler Honey is a collection of naturally infused organic raw honey and whole ingredients such as lemon zest and vanilla beans to make unique flavors like Lemon & Ginger and Peach Lychee. The family of Tique Chandler, the founder of Chandler Honey, has been beekeeping in Canada since 1937. All the organic honey from Chandler Honey is sourced from her family bee farm.

Lemon & Ginger

Lemon & Ginger from Chandler Honey is an organic combination that can benefit people’s health in many ways. The ginger infused in the honey is not only very tasty but can help relieve the symptoms of nausea. The lemon, on the other hand, is high in vitamin C, which, when combined with the immune-boosting effects of raw honey, amounts to a shield of armor for one’s immune system.

While boosting one’s immune system and reducing the symptoms of sore throats and fever is significant, let’s not forget that it is just as essential to maintain youth. When someone first hears about fighting aging, they might think negative thoughts because how people have tried to combat aging in the past has not always been through the most significant methods. Luckily, with products from Chandler Honey like Peach Lychee, people can take the natural way to hold back the hands of time.

Peach Lychee

Peach Lychee from Chandler Honey is a great way to fight the effects of aging. The peach that it contains helps fight the oxidative stress that causes the aging of the skin and the body itself. On the other hand, the lychee extract of Peach Lychee helps add many essential ingredients to one’s diet. Peach Lychee can be used on various food items, from salad dressings to ice cream.

Start Getting Your Honey the Natural Way

Aren’t you ready to finally obtain honey that is proven to be organic? You know the health benefits of raw honey and how adding ingredients such as peach, ginger, lemon, and lychee can benefit your body like never before. So, what are you waiting for? With Chandler Honey, no longer will you spend large amounts of money on honey that may not be the most natural. You are about to set out on a new health adventure, and I might add a tasty one. Begin tasting honey that’s good for the tummy!!!









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