MindWellness while you work

Wellness while you work

Today’s average full-time employee will put in well over 2000 hours annually at their jobs. Below is a list of some simple ways to ease those tiring and stressful days we all encounter at work.

Get outdoors! Now that you’re breathing, go outside and breathe in some fresh air. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, being outdoors and inhaling clean air does wonder! It gives you a sense of clarity and time to connect with nature and the outside elements. Focus your eyes on all the surrounding beauty- the warm sun, the drifting cloud formations, the rustling of trees, and the gentle breeze. It will help put things in perspective and lessen work anxiety. 

Mindful Breathing. Focus on your breath whenever you experience feelings of overwhelming stress or pressure.  Here is a simple exercise you can do anytime, anywhere. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Inhale deeply through the nose. Filling your abdomen with air and slowly exhale through your mouth. Do this 3-4 times. Making sure that you are expanding the abdomen while taking deep breaths in. Next, gently place 2 fingers against one nostril sealing it closed. Inhale slowly through one nostril and exhale through the same nostril. Switch sides. You can also alternate sides. Inhaling one side and exhaling the other. After a few minutes, you will sense a deep calmness through you. And all because you took the time to breathe.

Self Massage. No time to go to the spa? No problem! Simply close your eyes and place your fingers on either side of your temples. Gently press in and begin applying circular friction. Massaging your temples helps relieve tension- headaches and overall stress. Do this for a few minutes or as long as needed. Apply as much or as little pressure you feel is comfortable. You can continue this circular motion and apply it around the head and down the back of the neck. Take both hands, firmly squeeze your shoulders and slowly release. Open your eyes…you’ll feel refreshed and refocused. 

Tea time! A morning tea ritual awakens the mind and warms the soul. Feeling under the weather? Reach for some Chamomile tea, which has a soothing effect on coughs and cold symptoms. Ginger tea with honey and fresh lemon juice make a powerful germ-fighting combination. Peppermint tea is refreshing and great for indigestion and heartburn. Simply brace your warm cup with both hands and sip slowly.

Positive thinking. You are what you think so chose your thoughts carefully. A positive outlook makes quite a difference in the workplace. Smiling, exercise and positive thoughts release endorphins and other good chemicals in the brain. So smile! And remember- smiling is contagious. If you smile, the whole office smiles with you. Even if you don’t feel much like smiling, putting on a happy face can have you feeling better in no time.

Get up and Move!  It’s been said- sitting is the new smoking. Stagnation and a lack of exercise are linked to many health problems including stress and anxiety attacks. So take the stairs whenever possible instead of the elevator. Go for a walk during your lunch break. Even the simple rising from your office chair every hour is beneficial. Staying active is not only good for you but it also reduces stress, clears the mind, and increases circulation.   


Whenever possible, take time for yourself. You’ve invested in your home, your family, your career- isn’t it time to invest you? Some simple ways to express self-care can include: Stretching in bed before rising. Eating wholesome meals that nourish you. Thoughtful Meditation. Booking much-needed vacations or spending some much-needed me-time.  

 While we may not be able to change the amount of stress that comes from a demanding job, we can learn to tune inwards, take a deep breath and manage our stress in a positive way.

About author :

Priscilla Selgas is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor in Florida. Her work includes backstage care at some of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s top rock venues and arenas providing therapeutic bodywork for bands and musicians. She is a Freelance Writer and currently practices in Miami. Connect at: PennedbyPriscilla@gmail.com

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