HealthYour Gut Tells You What’s Right About Your Health

Your Gut Tells You What’s Right About Your Health


Take care of your belly and feel nice and healthy!  You may not have heard this phrase before.  Sure, you’ve been told to keep your stomach looking good or take care of your stomach health.  However, it’s important to know that good gut health relates to a high immune system and good health.  The new year of 2023 is tracking along, and people the world over are now practicing the important methods of keeping their gut health in check and, therefore, helping the vital functions of their entire body.  Indeed, it is often forgotten just how important it is to have good gut health.  The gut is connected to all aspects of the human body.  One of the important aspects of great gut health is having a healthy digestive system.  A good digestive system contributes to overall great well-being, both mentally and physically.  When you feel better, you think better.  Maintaining high levels of immunity is something people strive for constantly, especially during these cold winter months.  Ever since the COVID pandemic started three years ago, keeping a strong immune system has been more important than at any other time in the history of the world itself.  There are much simpler ways to take care of one’s immune health that a lot of people have been unaware of until now.  It’s 2023, and it’s the right time for people to start avoiding unwanted sicknesses and diseases in the easiest ways possible.  Even though both good gut and immune health are very much connected to each other, oftentimes, people only consume things that help one more so than the other.  The challenge people have involves locating specific supplements that will help take care of all of their healthcare needs.  Luckily, Prenutra has easy-to-use supplements to take care of both your immune and gut health, as well as various aspects of both your physical and mental health.  Let’s keep this new year and new beginning going by joining the masses of people doing things the simple and convenient way to help their health and pride.

When talking about having good gut health, we are also talking about the ways of the digestive system and the specific things that enter it.  A prebiotic called galactooligosaccharide (GOS) goes through a distinct process as it travels inside the digestive tract.  After it is consumed, galactooligosaccharide (GOS) goes through the digestive tract and eventually enters the lower intestine.  The lower intestine is the area where it encounters the beneficial bacteria needed to boost immunity.  The good bacteria act as a shield, providing liners to the gut to keep the bad stuff out.  Also, short-chain fatty acids have developed that act as a strong reactor to various other things to keep us healthy. Basically, the good stuff gets in, and the bad stuff can’t enter.  The beneficial bacteria grow when galactooligosaccharide (GOS) is put in the body, and the bad bacteria are blocked.  Keeping these bad bacteria out and feeding the good bacteria contributes to a healthy immune system.

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The unfortunate thing is a lot of what is eaten in most diets is lacking in the proper nutrients to keep immune levels high.  The nutrients that enter people’s bodies are not feeding the short-chain fatty acids for the proper benefits.    Therefore, there are too much bad bacteria in the body and not enough good bacteria.  This is known as dysbiosis, which affects millions of people.  Dysbiosis can also lead to a variety of health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, heart issues, and irritable bowel syndrome.  In addition, it is associated with the coronavirus and even colon and prostate cancer.  When people suffer from dysbiosis, the only way they can treat it is through specific prebiotic fibers like galactooligosaccharides (GOS).  However, it is hard to find in most diets.  Also, it is quite a challenge to find specific supplements that contain this prebiotic fiber to fuel good bacteria, thereby increasing the immune system.  People tend to take the easy way out and use antibiotics.

Many studies have shown the problems with using antibiotics.  In certain cases, using antibiotics for various health needs can only make the problem worse.  In addition, they are very expensive.  It’s best to know that when you use something to benefit your health that there are no additional side effects or problems associated with what you are consuming.  Antibiotics have been associated with the artificial way of doing things in addition to being personally abused by people. Isn’t it time to get well and stay well the natural, easy way?

As stated, good gut health leads to a high immune system.  Once the COVID pandemic hit a few years ago, the general populous became more cautious than ever about steering away from germs.  Whether constant hand washing or mask-wearing, preventing oneself from sickness was in.  This has stayed consistent even three years later.  In many ways, this over-awareness of preventing sickness can be beneficial.  Let’s face it.  Getting sick is a very unpleasant inconvenience.  When you are sick, you have to miss work or school.  In addition, you can not participate in the day-to- day activities that you greatly cherish.  Some of the general practices of avoiding sickness have been adjusted into everyday living in a larger quantity. While hand washing is certainly important, natural ways of keeping one’s immune level high are more important than ever.  Even with the various foods that are readily available, there are just not enough nutrients that can be accessed quickly to cover all the areas needed for immunity.  Imagine feeling good due to a good digestive system and keeping the feel-good feeling going by avoiding sickness.

Only prebiotic fibers like galactooligosaccharides (GOS) can react properly with the beneficial bacteria to give you that incredible immune system to prevent yourself from getting sick.  Other fibers that are prebiotic include fructooligosaccharides (FOS), inulin, and human milk oligosaccharide (HMO).   As vital as these prebiotic fibers are to a strong immune system and countering dysbiosis, they are very hard to find in readily available foods. Human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), for instance, is only found in breast milk, while galactooligosaccharides (GOS) and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) can’t be obtained in proper amounts from food to be beneficial.  Instead of searching for hard-to-find foods and using expensive antibiotics that may only make your situation worse, why not take just take something simple that covers all of your health needs?


Prenutra is a company comprised of prebiotic supplement specialists.  They apply microbiome science to improve gut and immune health, using highly effective prebiotics that are easy to use and taste great.  The company was founded by Jon Brock.  After Brock’s father had his knee replaced, he was prescribed the antibiotic ciprofloxacin.  However, things only got worse as his father ruptured his Achilles tendon. This, combined with the effects of Parkinson’s disease, caused Brock’s father to never walk again.  Years later, Jon Brock was experiencing Traveler’s Sickness as he was consistently traveling internationally.  As a result, Brock was prescribed ciprofloxacin, coincidentally the same drug that was prescribed for his father.  Jon looked at the warning labels of the drug, and that’s when it hit him that ciprofloxacin may have very well contributed to his father’s permanent disability. 

After the discovery of the issues associated with the antibiotic, Jon Brock took it upon himself to find alternatives to antibiotics.  The alternatives he discovered were prebiotics.  Through research, Brock found that prebiotics like galactooligosaccharide (GOS) can help prevent traveler’s sickness.  After taking galactooligosaccharide (GOS) while traveling, he found that he did not get sick.  Incidentally, his wife would not take galactooligosaccharide (GOS) while traveling and would get sick. The difference that the prebiotics made was more evident than ever.  Also, through additional studies, Brock found that prebiotics act as a beneficial factor in strengthening one’s immune system and maintaining good gut health.  Prenutra became the company to provide a natural, convenient way to keep people’s immune systems high while taking care of their stomachs.

In addition to providing health-boosting supplements, Prenutra was also started as a way to raise funds for charity.  For someone who found a way to fight sickness associated with travel, you can imagine that Jon Brock has done a lot of traveling over the years.  Through his travels with his wife, they found the sad amounts of poverty that encompass so many areas of the world.  As a result, Prenutra decided to give back by setting itself up as a California Social Purpose Corporation, with its social purpose written into its charter.  When you use Prenutra’s supplements, you benefit your health, prevent yourself from getting sick, and give back to the community.

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“It’s Time to Soothe the Tummy and Feel Better All Over”

Wouldn’t you want to feel good and think good, all while preventing sickness?  Take care of your stomach and take care of your life.  It can be accomplished.  Great gut health will lead to great immune health. It’s much more convenient to maintain this the simple way.  We are in the middle of winter, and germs are spreading everywhere.  Stay protected from these nasty germs with a high immune system.  The new year of 2023 is still young, and there’s definitely still time for you to start making sure all of your health needs are covered.  You won’t have to resort to going to various stores to buy product after product.  In addition, you won’t have to take risks associated with antibiotics.  You can become a new person in this new year by handling your health the all-natural way. 

If you are looking to boost your immune system, maintain a healthy digestive system, feel good, and think good, then look no further.  Prenutra has individual supplements that cover all these desires we strive for on a daily basis.  Prebiotics play a huge role in your health, but they are definitely hard to find.  You are in luck with Prenutra, as their supplements are stocked with plenty of prebiotics to keep you covered every single day of the week.  In addition, Prenutra provides a safer alternative to things that may only make your health even worse rather than much better.  You can finally get what you want and what you desire in the easiest way possible.  Check out Prenutra’s Daily Tummy Defense.  In addition to being super delicious and contributing to good gut and immune health, Daily Tummy Defense helps prevent constant food cravings.  Therefore, you can maintain a healthier weight in 2023.  Join the masses of people from coast to coast who are feeling better and, most importantly, living better.  Time to take over the world!









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