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Your Health Can Be Lead with Very Tasty Bread

There’s the saying that ‘Bread is the Staff of Life.’ Bread and water are two of the basic things associated with human consumption. For thousands of years, people worldwide have eaten bread. The concept of eating a sandwich is a popular pastime for many. Sandwiches have always been everywhere, whether it’s someone’s lunch or a midday snack. However, bread is not only used for sandwiches. It makes up breakfast items like croissants and pastries. There are many different types of bread. The problem is that people nowadays are scared to consume it.

For decades, many diet plans have been proposed via commercials and advertisements advising people on the best way to eat. Many of the diet plans have included staying away from bread altogether. There are indeed many types of bread readily available that are not beneficial to the human body. They are loaded with the wrong kinds of carbohydrates that contribute to unwanted weight gain. In addition, these breads are tough to digest and tend to leave people feeling unpleasant. However, because the idea of avoiding ‘all bread’ has been pushed to the public, people are scared to even say the word bread. There are breads out there that have the right carbohydrates and are easy to digest. Unfortunately, many of them have not been made readily available in stores, and the ones that have been are costly. Fortunately, the idea of rejecting all bread for the sake of one’s health and the lack of availability of suitable types of affordable bread is ending. Wildgrain has the healthiest sourdough bread and croissants that don’t leave you feeling bloated or your bank account drained.

Benefits of Eating Sourdough

Easy to Digest

Arguably, one of the most significant benefits of sourdough that sets it apart from other types of bread is that it is easy to digest. As mentioned, many of the types of bread that are out there cannot be easily digested. Let’s face it! It’s difficult to feel comfortable and energized when it’s hard to digest food. We need to feel relaxed and approach daily tasks with confidence. In addition, we need to have adequate amounts of energy to ensure that these tasks are carried out efficiently. Many people have jobs that have many manual labor-related duties. It takes significant amounts of physical energy to complete them. Conversely, many individuals have professions that warrant them using their brains. This is where mental energy is beneficial. Regardless of what type of energy is needed, proper digestion is one of the key ways to obtain it. One can help their digestive system by eating sourdough and, therefore, get the energy needed to deal with life. The fiber in this type of sourdough helps feed healthy gut bacteria, which can help maintain a healthy digestive system. There’s also a correlation between the gut and the brain. When one’s digestive tract is working correctly, a message from the gut is sent to the brain that allows people to feel better emotionally. Conversely, when one is in a good state of mind, a message is sent to the gut that helps the digestive system.

Help Boost One’s Immune System

The healthy gut bacteria that contribute to a solid digestive system also contribute to a robust immune system. The immune system provides a shield for the body, protecting against unwanted germs and bacteria. No one likes getting sick. It’s a huge inconvenience that causes people to miss time at school or their jobs and, therefore, fall behind in their work. In addition, sickness causes people to miss out on quality time with their friends and family. With a robust immune system, people can avoid the chances of becoming ill and missing out on life. What better way to obtain this type of immune system than via consuming healthy types of bread that are also tasty?

Helps One Maintain Blood Sugar

One of the biggest problems people face from many of the breads made available in stores and restaurants is that they tend to cause a spike in blood sugar. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is very important for a variety of reasons. For one thing, having enough of the right kinds of sugar in the blood helps general bodily functions. It does this by keeping the bloodstream flowing correctly. The environment surrounding the blood needs to remain stable for the various functions of the body to be ad. The body’s cells need just the right amount of blood glucose (blood sugar) to be fueled but not too much to avoid overloading the bloodstream. In addition, healthy blood sugar levels in the body can help prevent problems associated with the heart. Although it might not seem like it to most people, high blood sugar levels can contribute to one developing heart disease. The heart is the vital organ that pumps blood to the entire body and keeps it going. This blood that is pumped from the heart needs to flow with a steady amount of sugar, not too much or too little.

Whole Wheat Flour

One of the main ingredients of sourdough is whole wheat flour. Despite what some people have tried to make others believe, wheat benefits one’s health.

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Helps with Weight Control

One of the most common features that has been pushed in dietary products surrounds the concept of maintaining weight. Everybody is indeed made differently, and all come in various shapes and sizes. However, when one becomes considerably obese, it can contribute to health problems. For one thing, it can cause people to be susceptible to heart disease and diabetes. As mentioned, the heart is the organ that keeps people alive by pumping blood to all areas of the body so it can function properly and people can breathe oxygen. That’s why weight control is so greatly cherished. However, over the years, the ways that people have pursued to lose or maintain weight have not been the healthiest or the most affordable, for that matter. Many weight loss products that have been made readily available to people have been proven ineffective and very expensive. In addition, they contain many unnatural ingredients that can cause one to be susceptible to certain types of illnesses. Consuming wheat flour is a healthy way for people to maintain decent body weight levels. It contains plentiful amounts of fiber that help the body feel full quicker. When one feels full quicker, they are less likely to overeat, which is one of the most significant contributors to weight gain.

Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

An often-overlooked benefit of eating whole grains is how it helps regulate one’s blood pressure. Keeping one’s blood pressure in check is very essential to healthy living. When one’s blood pressure is too high, it can make one susceptible to having a heart attack or stroke, which, in many cases, can be fatal. On the other hand, when one’s blood pressure is too low, it can deprive the body of oxygen, which we need to survive. Fortunately, foods that have whole wheat flour can help keep one’s blood pressure appropriate regularly and prevent the chances of succumbing to specific health problems.

As mentioned, bread with the right kind of ingredients usually has been hard to find and is very expensive. However, Wildgrain has allowed people to be able to obtain tasty sourdough and croissants that have all the right ingredients and are also affordable.


Wildgrain was founded by Johanna and Ismail Salhi, who were looking for clean and high-quality carbs for their family. They spent months replacing stale supermarket bread, pasta, and pastries with their homemade recipes. These recipes focus on clean ingredients and artisanal processes that provide essential nutrition benefits.

Sour Dough Bread

Sour Dough Bread from Wildgrain is easy to digest and rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The natural fiber in it helps people feel full quicker and, therefore, prevents the chances of overeating. This is beneficial in helping manage a healthy weight. Also, the antioxidants in Wildgrain’s Sour Dough Bread can help avoid the chances of becoming susceptible to certain diseases.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to types of food. Never is this more apparent than when it comes to bread. Some people prefer croissants and pastries, which are very popular breakfast breads. However, like with sourdough, one must eat croissants that have the correct type of nutrients.


Wildgrain’s Croissants are just as delicious as they are healthy. Of the many useful ingredients included in these Croissants is Whole Wheat Flour, which is beneficial in helping people regulate their weight and blood pressure. Great for breakfast or brunch, Wildgrain’s Croissants are full-bodied, flaky, and crispy on the outside, with melt-in-your-mouth goodness on the inside!

Start Enjoying Tasty Bread and Don’t Feel Bad About It Either

Bread has been a delicacy of many people for thousands of years. As the years have progressed, so have the types and uses of bread. However, with time, the types of bread that have been made readily available in grocery stores and restaurants have gone through a process that has deprived them of healthy nutrients. This is in addition to the fact that they are costly. Wildgrain has been making people’s lives easier while providing them with the tastiest breads around. Their Sour Dough Bread and Croissants are both mouthwatering and beneficial to one’s physical health. Now, you can start enjoying tasty bread without feeling bad.









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