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Your Health Travels from Inside to Outside

Beauty is on the inside, and so is your health.  However, your health is on the outside as much as your beauty.  2023 has only just begun, and it’s time people start changing the mottos they’ve been following about what they think is healthy. We live in a world that cherishes looking young and staying beautiful.  There is certainly nothing wrong with this at all.  The problem is that people forget that you should yearn to feel good just as much as look good.  People also resort to looking and feeling healthy in a way that is not only not healthy but can only make you feel bad.   In addition, it is important to remember that health and beauty are one and the same.  Two of the biggest areas of inner health that correspond with our outer presence and overall attitude are related to both our digestive and respiratory health.  When we are able to maintain our gut health, our everyday behavior tends to stay positive as we feel better.  Good respiratory health, on the other hand, helps people breathe better, which in turn, helps with the performance of their daily routines.  Good digestive and respiratory health can be obtained with proper supplements.  However, many of the accessories that are out there come in only pill and powder form.  Oftentimes, the body can not fully absorb the proper nutrients needed to maintain health and beauty from these types of supplements.  Luckily, 108 health and beauty has special types of formulas that allow the body to absorb all of the required nutrients needed to maintain inner health, which, in turn, supports its outer beauty.  It’s time you made 2023 the year that you feel just as well as you look.  Join the masses of people who look after their health in the same way they look after their beauty.


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Obviously, everyone has their own opinion of what is beautiful and what is not.  While taking care of one’s appearance should be a priority, it should be noted that there’s always going to be a critic out there that does not think the way you provide maintenance to your facial features and outer body is the right way to go.  As far as maintenance of the inner body, there will be just as many critics concerning that as well.  However, the critics of the inner body only have limited amounts of evidence to draw people to as opposed to critics of the outer body.  The health of the inner body, which is inner beauty, is assisted in a certain way that cannot be equally criticized.

The ways in which so many people try to maintain their beauty is through unnatural processes that only cause further harm to their overall health.  The idea of maintaining beauty is generally seen as taking whatever means necessary to disguise or hide aging features and unwanted showings of the face or body.  However, outer beauty can be properly assisted with taking care of one’s inner health.  By consuming the right kinds of nutrients, the physical body has greater health.  The better your health and the better the body absorbs proper nutrients, the better your appearance will be.  This applies to your body structure, skin, and overall exterior.

Healthy Digestive System

A healthy digestive system basically helps you feel better.  When one can properly digest their food, it makes them feel livelier and more energetic.  They are able to perform both mental and physical duties better.  For example, someone who spends most of the day working with their minds, such as writers, journalists, or lawyers, can think better with a healthy digestive system.  On the other hand, people who work with their hands, like mechanics, technicians, and builders, can also perform their functions better with a strong digestive tract.  In addition, good gut health is tied to a healthier immune system.  In relation to one’s beauty, gut and digestive health indeed contribute to how we treat our outer appearance as well.  However, maintaining a healthy digestive system is quite a challenge for people all over the world.   No matter how healthy one attempts to eat on a daily basis, they are still going to encounter unnatural ingredients from things consumed.  Oftentimes, it takes something just a little bit extra to boost one’s system.  Certain formulas can help the body absorb what is needed to allow for proper digestion.

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Healthy Respiratory System

When we breathe properly, we not only feel better, but we also think properly.  Respiratory health is tied in with all aspects of your outer health just as much as the inner.  Just like how the physical body feels better when it can properly digest food, it also has the same sensation when the respiratory tract is functioning well.  People can perform their daily tasks better and be more productive citizens.  Also, being able to breathe well can affect our mental attitudes in approaching these tasks.  A healthy respiratory system contributes to a positive attitude.  This positive mindset can also influence how we tend to our physical appearance.  First and foremost, the happier feeling that comes from breathing better helps the expressions on our faces.  The more positive an expression is on one’s face, the healthier one can appear to be.  In addition, the healthier your insides are, your outward appearance can greatly improve.  When you absorb healthy and natural ingredients with a useful formula, it helps your body maintain beauty and youth.

Better Immune Systems

Having a healthy immune system is very much dependent on the health of other systems of the human body.  This includes the health of the respiratory and digestive systems.  Good gut health helps boost the immune system.  When the body digests food better and allows proper nutrients to be absorbed by the gut, the immune system can function at a higher level. We are currently in a transitional phase between two different seasons.  Oftentimes, the body does not respond well to these seasonal changes causing us to get sick.  Getting sick is one of the worst inconveniences.  If you want to avoid getting sick, you need to take care of your immune system.  Besides good gut health, a healthy respiratory system is also a part of having a high level of immunity.  When there are fewer toxins in the lungs, other functions of the body can work better, including your immune system. 

As is also the case in addressing one’s digestive system, maintaining a strong immune system is very hard for people the world over.  Even with the consumption of lots of necessary vitamins and minerals, there is always that need for something extra to help the body reach its goals.  People need that extra boost to ensure their immune systems and all other symptoms of the body reach their highest level so that they can be fully protected from illness.  It’s important that the body absorbs enough of the required nutrients to ensure that the immune system stays where it should be.

Maintaining Mental and Spiritual Health

When your physical health is good, your mental health has a better chance of being the same.  As stated, when you feel better, you think better.  Good digestive health causes a clearer mind and outlook on life.  Similarly, when your respiratory health is in check, you are able to make better judgments concerning important decisions.  Spiritual health, while related to mental health, is a part of your perception of yourself and your importance to the world.  Feeling better not only contributes to thinking better but also helps form a healthy spirit.  It’s not just the actual physical insides; it’s also the emotional being that starts to feel better.  Helping your health makes for a better body, mind, and soul.


In order to keep one’s gut and respiratory health in check, and their immune systems for that matter, the proper supplements are necessary.  Most of the supplements, however, that are supposed to specifically address these issues are in a form that does not react well with the body.  Supplements that are in pill form sometimes can’t be digested properly.  Powder supplements are messy, and people’s fondness for their taste tends to change.  It takes a certain type of formula in which the body can easily absorb all of what is needed to keep its important functions working the right way. 

108 health and beauty

108 health and beauty draws on thousands of years of ancient wisdom passed down through Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to strengthen and personalize this interconnectivity of health and beauty.  When their founder Yogi Cameron was looking for ways to bring Ayurvedic medicine to the mainstream market, he discovered Liposomal Nano technology as a diverse and comprehensive delivery system.  Yogi Cameron’s main aim was to bring the formulations that the physicians of the past five centuries had designed and introduce them to people.

It’s the natural way of healing the body that is part of the many supplements available from 108 health and beauty.  They are helping in many areas of people’s lives.  Most specifically, they are helping the body, mind, and soul.  Too many people take the unnatural way of helping both their health and beauty; it’s time people changed their habits.  Health and beauty are one and the same. 


  • Helps the Respiratory System.
  • Virus and Infection Defense

Lighten Triphala

  • Helps the Digestive System and Supports Good Gut Health

Start Taking Care of Your Health In Order to Take Care of Your Beauty

Isn’t it time you took the natural, healthy way to take care of what’s inside just as much as what’s on the outside?  In reviewing ancient forms of medicine and treatment, it has been proven that health and beauty can be helped all the same.  2023 is the year that people are becoming more educated on the ways in which to address their physical health, which, in turn, helps address their beauty and appearance.  Also, when helping these two aspects of their being, their emotional health is improved significantly.  A healthy gut and digestive system, along with being able to breathe properly, contribute to better ways of living.  A higher immune system also helps one prevent sickness and undesirable ailments.

If you are looking to have a healthy gut, good digestion, a strong immune system, and healthy respiration, then look no further.  Formulas with the right kind of ancient ingredients are available from 108 health and beauty.  Instead of having to go from store to store to purchase product after product to address both your health and beauty, why not take something that covers both?  Also, why not take something that not only helps your inner and outer health but something that will assist with your spiritual and emotional well-being?  The year is still young, but don’t let it slip up on you.  Are you interested?  Try Purify and Lighten Triphala from 108 health and beauty.  They also have Fortify Ashwagandha De-Stress.   Join the millions of people from coast to coast who are taking care of their health just as much as their beauty.  Take care of your body, mind, and soul.  Get started today!









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