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If you love a garden but also worry about the physical strain, or if you are in search of ways to promote a healthier lifestyle, and want combat specific, chronic, health issue, best-selling garden author ( Grow A Living Wall, 101 Organic Gardening Hacks) and speakers Shawna Coronado has good news for you. THE WELLNESS GARDEN (Cool Springs Press), is Shawna’s newest book that details exactly how she has learned to use her garden as a key tool in her battle with osteoarthritis and other chronic pain issues. This inspiring and highly practical book shares Shawna’s life-changing garden experience and teaches you how to create your own Wellness Garden—and gain the healthier lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Shawna’s real-world experience dealing with severe degenerative osteoarthritis and pain led to this wonderful resource. With the help of her nutritionist and doctors, she overcomes the debilitating pain by changing her lifestyle to incorporate better nutrition and exercise, while still making gardening a central focus.  “ There is no place I feel better than I am surrounded by plants and nature. Gardening and spending time outdoors is, at least in my mind, the single most wonderful thing a person can do to feel well,” states Shawna. “ That’s what this book is all about: defining and finding your own personal wellness and   living mindfully with nature to reduce symptoms of common health conditions”

Photo courtesy of Shawna Coronado

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and over 115 million Americans are gardeners. Yet many think their chronic pain will limit their gardening endeavors. The Wellness Garden shows the benefits of growing and eating produce with specific health benefits, how to use ergonomic tools and methods to redefine garden chores as beneficial exercise, and how to redesign your garden as a space for beauty and relaxation. In addition, there are nutritional charts; plant lists, composting tips as well as lifestyle and exercise information. It’s a guidebook for readers to adapt for their own use with smart tips and guidelines on:

Therapeutic Gardening – Reducing anxiety, depression, and pain is possible with outdoor green activities; Coronado shows readers how to make that happen. She teaches therapeutic garden design solutions, fragrance gardening to alter mood and utilization of wellness gardens as a socialization tool to connect readers with the community that surrounds them. Discern ways to become physically and emotionally stronger through gardening.

Growing the Wellness Diet & Lifestyle – Learn which vegetables and herbs are more nutritive and vitamin filled. Discover diet tips for anti-inflammatory living. Get kitchen gardening methods, which can help elevate beds and container gardens, thereby reducing stress on the bod. Garden anywhere no matter how small or inconvenient space is. Find your health through diet, growing, and wellness living.

Incorporating Exercise in the Garden – Coronado teaches techniques for exercising in the garden and outdoor green space, which reduce stress on the body but increase health and well being such as walking, yoga, and joint stretching techniques. She shows readers garden tools and physical techniques for using the tools, which reduce chronic pain symptoms. Discover less pain by incorporating movement into your lifestyle.

The Wellness Garden explores and teaches Shawna’s successful techniques to help readers explore and discover new ways to improve their lifestyle so they can feel better every day. As Shawna explains, “ Your gardening hobby can be translated into an experience that changes your life for the better.”

Ready to give it a try?  On Friday, April 20, 2018, especially for Wellness magazine, Shawna Coronado will offer a sneak peek from The Wellness Garden: Grow, Eat, and Walk your Way to Better Health, just for you: REDUCING ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION WITH GARDENING AND GREEN ACTIVITIES  Excerpted from The Wellness Garden by Shawna Coronado of ShawnaCoronado.com 

by Shawna Coronado of ShawnaCoronado.com

About author
Shawna Coronado is a successful author, blogger, photographer, and media host with wellness lifestyle living, organic gardening, and anti-inflammatory cooking who campaigns for social good. Along with her gardening and green-lifestyle initiatives, Shawna is concerned about promoting and teaching healthy living. She was diagnosed with severe Spinal Osteoarthritis, this diagnosis has led her to educate audiences about beneficial diet, food, and health practices through her organic living media. She dreams that this will enable more people to be active who suffer from similar conditions. Her successful wellness lifestyle photographs and stories have been shown both online and off in many international home and garden magazines and multiple books. 

She has appeared on national television and radio with features on PBS, WGN News, FOX News, NPR, and more. She was featured as a Chicago Tribune “Remarkable Woman”, has been named one of the Top 10 bloggers in the nation in a Better Homes and Gardens feature, a Top 8 Gardener to Follow on Twitter, and the #1 Garden Blogger on Twitter by Cision. You can learn more about Shawna at http://www.shawnacoronado.com.









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