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Age is Just a Number! The Right Way to Moisturize Your Skin for Lifelong Radiant Skin

As we age, many of us enter a kind of “acceptance” stage of life, where we grudgingly accept that our bodies aren’t what they used to be. We don’t have the same energy; our mind isn’t what it used to be; and our youthful beauty, from the hair to the skin, is waning. And with this, we often fall into a cycle of despair. Trying to take care of our bodies and lead a healthy lifestyle is futile, so why bother? And thus our health further deteriorates, and the cycle continues.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! By living a healthy lifestyle connected to nature, and treating your body and skin the right way, it is possible to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle through our middle years! Not only that, we firmly believe that with the right lifestyle and care, you can make your body even healthier and your skin even more youthful and radiant than it ever was back in your 20s. Let’s dive into a few simple ways that you can keep your skin as youthful and radiant as it ever was, no matter how old you are or how you’ve cared for your skin in the past. It’s never too late to start doing things the right way!

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Want Fresh Skin? Keep Your Skin Moisturized!

Moisturizing your skin isn’t just about making your skin look nice and shiny, so you can look fresh in a cocktail dress at a dinner party. It’s an important part of proper skincare, taking care of the largest organ in your body and your body’s first line of defense. In order for your skin to provide the necessary protection against unwanted toxins, environmental factors, and bacteria, it needs to stay fresh and craves moisture.

Even if your skin doesn’t feel dry, keeping it well moisturized is key to maintaining your skin’s natural regeneration and exfoliation processes. In other words, keep your skin fresh and glowing! Your skin is a living tissue after all, and despite how you might think of your skin as “old and wrinkled,” the cells that make up your skin are rarely any older than a month! Yep, that’s because your skin cells are constantly replenishing themselves in a cycle that occurs every day. That’s why we say there’s no such thing as “old” skin – just skin that isn’t replenishing fast enough!

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Well-moisturized skin doesn’t only replenish faster and thus looks more radiant and youthful, but it’s also much better at doing its job! Moisturized skin is more active at fighting off germs that might want to enter your body, and produces a more optimal balance of natural oils, which avoids breakouts and discoloration.

Before putting something on your skin or into your body, it’s important to choose carefully and think about your overall health (which you should always be doing, of course!). There are synthetic chemicals out there that have been proven to have moisturizing effects on your skin, but most of these chemicals have not been thoroughly tested, and long-term side effects are still largely unknown. Staying healthy is about keeping your body pure and natural, so if this is the only piece of advice you take from us here, please make sure that what you’re putting on your skin and in your body is natural and from the earth!

VL Pure Skincare LLC
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There are some excellent natural skin moisturizers on the market, and one that we can recommend is VL Pure Nourishing Moisturizer. A true splendor for your skin, this skin cream is crafted from the same natural moisturizing oils and waters that your body uses every day. This allows it to work together with your skin’s natural moisturizing process to deliver that crucial extra level of moisturization into your skin, giving you fresh, glowing skin that will make you look a decade or two younger!

The key ingredient in VL Pure Nourishing Moisturizer is hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that the body produces every day and uses to retain moisture. It is what’s known in chemistry as a humectant, or a water-absorbing substance that attracts and retains moisture from its surroundings. And it’s really damn good at it – studies have shown that hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water!

There are only a few other ingredients in VL Pure Nourishing Moisturizer, all of which are 100% natural and well-tested over decades, even centuries, of use in skincare. Those are squalane, jojoba oil and apricot, which combine in your skin with the hydration of hyaluronic acid to add a layer of oil to your skin, which is as essential as the moisture. With the right moisture and the right oils, your skin will look youthful again in no time!

For best results, it is recommended to use the Nourishing Moisturizer once or twice a day, ideally in the morning and/or evening after washing your face with VL Pure Cleanser. Simply apply a thin layer over your skin allowing it to dry naturally. Then, let the wonders unleash! You should begin to see results in a matter of weeks.

Pay Attention to Those Eyes!

Maybe we don’t notice it because we can’t see it, but the area of skin around our eyes is actually one of the most sensitive and fastest-deteriorating parts of our skin. You’ve probably seen dark circles under your eyes when you look in the mirror after losing sleep and brushed them off as just a sign of fatigue, but dark spots around the eyes are essentially the same as bruises elsewhere on the body. Just much more common and harder to catch!

Just like bruising, dark spots around the eye are caused by leaking capillaries, or tiny blood vessels. Largely due to its proximity to such essential organs like the brain and eyes, the area of tissue around the eyes has among the highest concentrations of blood vessels in the body, making the capillaries around the eyes incredibly tightly congested. Much like on a highway with bumper-to-bumper traffic, this means that even the slightest disruption can lead to an accident. It is because of this that the skin around here will often blacken after loss of sleep or social stress, and it’s why we often end up with a “black eye” after banging our head.

When capillaries get congested, blood can’t get where it needs to go fast enough, so the body sends special enzymes to clear the red blood cells that are blocking the route. It does this by oxidizing the red blood cells, which turns the red blood cells a bluish-green color, giving your skin that “black and blue” mark. The longer it takes your body to deliver the necessary oxidizing enzymes, the longer you’ll end up looking all blue, and the longer it’ll take for your blood to start flowing freely again.

While there’s no way to stop your capillaries from congesting, we can aid our body’s natural process of clearing them with some simple oxidizing compounds. One excellent cream you can try is VL Pure Refreshed Eye Cream, which combines a few natural oxidizing agents to create a skin cream that will clear up dark spots faster than ever.

VL Pure Skincare LLC
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The main ingredient in VL Pure Refreshed Eye Cream is arnica, a natural herb similar to sunflower that has been used for centuries to treat bruising and discoloration. The cream combines arnica with three other oxidizing compounds, soybean protein, rice bran protein, and superoxide dismutase, to create a compound that, when used correctly, can give your skin that extra boost it needs to quickly clear up jammed capillaries and restore the fresh color to your skin.

VL Pure also adds their moisturizing formula to the eye cream to ensure that the skin around the eyes stays moist and healthy. The same hyaluronic acid does wonders here as well, and this is essential, as the skin around our eyes is one of the most vital pieces of our skin. And we normally overlook it!

Apply a small layer of VL Pure Refreshed Eye Cream once or twice a day around the eyes, ideally after washing your face while your skin is still damp. Don’t just rub it in where you see discoloration; apply it in a circle all around your eyes to ensure that this vital area of your skin will remain well moisturized, healthy, and clear of discoloration. And perhaps even more importantly, your blood will keep flowing naturally to your body’s most important organs!

Organic Treatment for a Healthy Mind and Body

We’ll say this again because, yes, we really think it’s that important! If you’re putting something in your body or on your skin, it should come from nature and be a compound that your body is used to seeing. While it can be hard in this day and age to maintain a natural body with the world trying to force all these new synthetic drugs on us, there are fortunately a number of excellent sources of all-natural skincare products out there, like VL Pure.

VL Pure’s products are not lab-developed chemicals patented after decades of research. They are simple ointments made from the same organic materials and compounds that your skin uses every day, combined with a few (yep, just a few!) essential oils that have been known for decades and even centuries to do wonders for our skin. All products are manufactured in-house right here in the US and are FDA-approved. And being 100% natural, they are also safe and produce zero side effects.

So take control of your body and skin today, and start treating it with the natural care it needs to start looking youthful, fresh, and radiant again. Yes, it is possible, it can work, and it will!

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