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The best in nature brings out the best in your skin

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “What’s happened?”

Well, you’re not alone. Time and the elements can have quite an effect on our appearance. In fact, it’s impossible to erase or eliminate all the signs of life on our faces.

And it’s of great concern to most people. A recent report states that spending on skincare in the United States will reach $156 billion by 2028. That’s a lot of cash spent on younger-looking and healthier skin.

However, have you ever thought about what’s in those products you’re using? Have you ever read ALL the ingredients? Can you pronounce them all?

The large industrial producers of skincare products tend to take the easy path. They use the cheapest ingredients they can get away with. They produce “just okay” products to sell in mass volumes. And they don’t seem to concern themselves much with their product’s outcome or long-term effect on the consumer.

Today, you’ll learn about a better way to care for your skin. And you’ll discover products that have natural ingredients. Ingredients you can pronounce that create products with rave reviews.

But first, let’s look at why our skin becomes dry. Why does it wrinkle? And what can be done about it.

Why our skin loses its luster.

Why does our skin become wrinkled and dry? And why do fine lines appear – where there were once none? You are not entirely helpless to these causes. Several factors can play into wrinkles appearing on your face. Here are the three most common factors that affect your skin health and appearance.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light: Ultraviolet radiation speeds natural aging and is the primary cause of early wrinkling. Exposing your skin to UV light breaks down the connective tissues – the collagen and elastin fibers. Without these tissues, your skin loses its flexibility and strength; in turn, the skin begins to wrinkle and sag prematurely.

Smoking: Of course, it’s terrible for your skin and nearly every aspect of your body. Smoking contributes to wrinkles by speeding up the aging process and affecting the collagen in your body.

Age: One factor outside our control is that we are all getting older. As we age, our skin becomes more fragile and less elastic. We produce less of the natural oils in our skin as we age, and the fat in the deep layer of our skin diminishes. This leads to loose, sagging skin with more pronounced lines and wrinkles.

Of course, there are other factors that affect your skin’s health. These include stress, diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. However, other than the passing of time, there is something that you can do to enjoy younger-looking and healthier skin.

What can be done?

As with anything health-related, a complete and balanced diet full of essential vitamins and minerals is good for the whole body, inside and out. Couple that with de-stressing techniques and good sleep routines, and you’ll have a strong foundation.

Some other precautions and measures can also be taken.

Protect yourself from the sun: Use sunscreen when outdoors, and don’t be afraid to don a hat, sunglasses, and long-sleeve shirts. Avoid being in the sun during the middle of the day and use a product with an SPF of 15 or more.

Don’t smoke: If you smoke, quit. Even someone who has smoked for years can improve their skin if they stop now.

Moisturize: Dry skin causes plump skin cells to shrivel. This leads to premature lines and wrinkles. By moisturizing, you can trap water in your skin. This can help mask fine lines and creases; the improvement in your skin may not be seen overnight. However, a regular moisturizing routine will make a noticeable difference.

Take control of your skincare.

Science has repeatedly proven that if you look your best, you will feel your best. Your mind is more at ease when you are comfortable with your appearance. So, taking active care of your skin will help your overall well-being.

Staring into that mirror and hoping the signs of aging and the elements would disappear from our faces does not work. You should take active measures to look and feel your best to get results.

By forming a skincare routine and using only high-quality products, you can combat the daily assault on your skin.

Although plenty of mediocre products have questionable results, one company has created all-natural skin-care products with rave reviews.

Lenus Handcrafted

The year is 2014, and the place is San Diego, California.

It’s at this place and at this time that Laura, a former runway model and mother, decided that she needed to remove commercial skincare products from her life. She realized that the big industries don’t have your best interests at heart, and they certainly were not using the best ingredients.

Laura began researching the process of creating plant-based skincare products. It wasn’t long before she had fallen in love with how these products were manufactured. The hand mixing, selecting ingredients, and, of course, the results she was having made her realize that this was her future.

Eventually, Laura developed 40 different formulas to address individual skincare needs. She has continued to make her products by hand in her home lab and now serves clients all over the United States.

Laura is committed to producing only the finest skincare products using only the best available all-natural ingredients. Her products are never tested on animals and will never contain:

  • Synthetic fragrances                                    
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Harsh chemicals                                           
  • Synthetic colors
  • Sulfates                                                      
  • Mineral Oils               

Here are two of Laura’s most popular products and a few of the great reviews from customers just like you.

Lenus No. 18 – Regenerating Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

This luxurious cream relieves dehydrated skin and supports collagen production, helping your skin maintain a smooth and supple appearance.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Hyaluronic acid helps your skin form elastic and collagen fibers. This allows your skin to retain more moisture. Combining hyaluronic acid and botanical oils also protects the skin from free radicals by boosting antioxidant levels.

Lenus No. 18 also has lavender and 14 other essential oils, including:

Frankincense – Rose Geranium – Blue Chamomile – Yellow Mandarin – Tangerine – Ylan-Ylang – Cypress – Yarrow – Rosemary – Clary Sage – Petit Grain.

All these oils are well known for their healing and protective properties. When combined with Hyaluronic acid and other natural moisturizers, you get a potent, all-natural moisturizing and protecting cream that will visibly change your skin for the better.

Here is what Deena had to say about this beautiful cream:

Such a wonderful moisturizer that has a lightweight feeling but always leaves my face and neck feeling moisturized all day! I’ve been using this product for years and it’s my favorite out there! And the smell is amazing as well!

Teresa also had some very pleasant comments:

This cream is actually the reason I started ordering Lenus products. I received a 1 oz sample of it (which lasted months, btw), and I fell in love with how soft and healthy my skin looked as I used it. It has a beautiful light smell as well, which I really enjoy before going to bed. It doesn’t take a lot to cover your whole face, maybe a dime/nickel size amount, so it lasts a long time! So far this and the eye cream and oil are my favorite lenus products 🙂

There are 19 reviews of this product on the Lenus website, and everyone gives five-star praise to this hand-crafted cream.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to clean your skin well before moisturizing with a product like this. For that purpose, Lenus has you covered as well.

Lenus No. 69 Mild Creamy Cleanser

No, you don’t need harsh chemicals to get a deep clean. In fact, you can clean your skin and get the benefits of botanicals and raw honey with this formula.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

A smooth blend of aloe, raw honey, fine bamboo exfoliating powder, cleaning oils, and a touch of Castille soap. This cleaner gently removes the layer of dead cells and balances the skin’s sebum production, which fights redness and acne.

This cleaner is:

  • Mild and gentle
  • Creamy with fine exfoliating granules
  • Safe for all skin types

Its aromatherapy blend of oils is anti-acne, balancing, and antibacterial, giving you a smooth, freshly clean after each use.

Ashley called this “The Best” and then went on to say:

This face wash is amazing. It leaves you feeling incredibly clean but never tight or dry. The smell is so uplifting it always makes me think of a spa visit.

Arya went on to add this comment:

The smell of this cleanser is divine. While creamy, the bamboo exfoliant provides just the right amount of scrub to wake me up first thing in the morning.

Hit the link and read all the great reviews for yourself. If you’ve been looking for a way to get a deep clean and help moisturize and heal your skin, this is just the product for you.

So, as you go about your day, and your skin takes a beating from life and everything that gets thrown at it, know that you don’t have to turn to chemical-laden products brought to you by the commercial skincare industry.

A small company, now located in Encinitas, California, is handcrafting, hand bottling, and perfecting some of the finest skincare products available. These products are all-natural and created with one thought – your healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.

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