HealthAn improved gut can improve your whole life

An improved gut can improve your whole life

Rebecca finally had enough and resolved to do something about her problem. It took an embarrassing incident in an atmosphere of elegance and wealth to convince her. However, sometimes, that’s what it takes to seek change: a nudge, a moment, or a friendly word of advice from an unexpected source.

It all started on what was supposed to be a pivotal moment for her career. Yet, it proved pivotal for her health; that’s even more valuable than riches.

She was led into the house by the butler (she couldn’t believe there was a butler), and she marveled at the crystal chandelier and the spiral staircase that wound upwards on either side of the grand entrance. This home was spectacular, and it reminded Rebecca of a fairy tale.

Sure, she had seen videos and television shows depicting the lives of the wealthy. However, knowing something exists and seeing it firsthand are two different things. She tried her best to keep her jaw from dropping to the floor.

Rebecca had been invited to a banquet by one of her clients. She knew they were wealthy, but on receiving valet parking, seeing the entrance, and now being seated at an expansive mahogany table – she was resolved to make a serious impression on him. This could change her future, she thought to herself. Little did she know how it would actually change.

After the greetings were exchanged with the other guests and the host made the introduction, food started to arrive. Grand dishes of roasted duck, bacon-wrapped pork medallions, seared beef tenderloin, potatoes, gravy, steamed vegetables, and decadent cakes for dessert.

As each dish arrived and the staff presented it to her, Rebecca would say, “No, thank you.” Her mouth watered as the sumptuous trays were shown to her… yet she resisted with all her might. All the while, she cursed her condition under her breath. The steamed vegetables arrived, and she said yes. Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower were the only foods she saw that would agree with her.

Rebecca felt dejected, left out, and worst of all, she felt like everyone was staring at her for not enjoying the fine food. Long had she struggled with a sensitivity to many types of food. Here it was, spoiling what should have been a significant evening for her.

Of course, nobody was staring at her or judging her for what was on or not on her plate. It was in her mind. And that was just as bad; this problem she faced every day seemed to become more and more noticeable and more challenging to manage.

As Rebecca was set to leave the festivities, her host pulled her aside from the crowd. He wanted to know if something was wrong with the dinner offerings.

“No,” she said, “It all looked delicious. I have a lot of intolerance to foods that I used to enjoy. I can’t eat much bread or anything with fat content, and I have to watch my intake of proteins… so I avoid almost all foods.”

Tears started to well in her eyes…

“Wait here a minute,” he said, “I know someone that can help.” He then walked off through thick wooden doors and disappeared down a hallway.

Rebecca was embarrassed, ashamed, and, most of all, exhausted. It had been so long since she had truly enjoyed a meal. She liked fruits and vegetables but missed fine meats, cheeses, and fresh bread. She longed for a return to her old self.

After a few minutes of waiting, staring at the exquisite woodwork in what she believed to be the library, her host returned. He had a warm look of compassion and a piece of paper in his hand.

“This is the doctor who helped me. Yes, I had similar issues, except mine were mainly with gluten. But I love bread, so I searched for someone to help me.”

With a few dozen “Thank Yous,” Rebecca left. The following Monday, she was able to make an appointment. She entered the doctor’s office, not knowing what to expect. What happened next was not only educational. It transformed how she thought about her digestive system.

The doctor was friendly and approachable, so Rebecca spilled her heart out, explaining the gas, the bloating, the irritability and discomfort, and all the embarrassing problems that she had been experiencing for the last year.

The doctor listened intently, then began explaining what she believed was going on and a possible solution to her problem.

Digestive enzymes and your health.

Your gut is home to trillions of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that all work together to make your digestive system work its best. Digestive enzymes are one of the most essential and critical components of your digestive health.

An enzyme is a catalyst or enabler in chemical reactions that regulate the chemical reaction’s speed without being changed. Enzymes are needed for all aspects of cell metabolism, including the digestion of food.

So, your digestive enzymes are like little helpers that break down food into their basic structures so your body can use them. Your pancreas creates your digestive enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down the three major components of your food – starches, proteins, and fats. If you don’t have these enzymes or if you don’t have the proper levels of them, your body will not be able to break down food properly.

This could also lead to various gastrointestinal problems, including bloating, irregular bowel movements, gas, weight loss, and food intolerances.

The doctor explained the importance of maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Rebecca listened and was taken aback by how little she knew about her digestion and health.

The digestive tract and your immune system.

It’s now believed that over 70% of the immune system originates in the intestines. Trillions of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms in the gut play a crucial role in maintaining your immune health.

Research has also shown that the colonies of living cells in your gut (the microbiome) can influence the development of and the function of immune cells, including T-cells, which are vital to immune function. And to top it all off, a healthy gut reduces inflammation in the body, which is linked to a host of chronic illnesses.

So, as Rebecca’s doctor finished, she realized how vital her digestive health was to her overall well-being. She started to think back to her feeling sluggish over the last year. Then she thought about the number of colds and respiratory infections she had, which were more than normal. There was no doubt in her doctor’s mind that it was all connected.

The doctor recommended two products, both made by one company, Enzyme Science, right here in the U.S. She said the company stood head and shoulders above other companies offering digestive solutions. Their products are high quality and backed by scientific research.

Their quality protocols exceed the FDA’s cGMP regulations, and they only use the finest ingredients that are sustainably sourced. They never use artificial fillers, binders, or excipients in their formulas, and their products are verified for quality, efficacy, and safety in their lab and third-party facilities.

The first life-changing product she recommended for Rebecca was:

Enzyme Science – Intolerance complex

For those with gluten, dairy, and other food intolerances, to help you enjoy your favorite dishes again.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

A holistic approach to food intolerance. This pill addresses the body’s need for digestive enzymes to ensure complete food digestion. This digestive enzyme complex will provide targeted support for typical food intolerances.

Multiple strains of enzymes work synergistically with your body’s digestive tract. The enzymes stand firm against the harsh environment of your GI tract so that they can do their job.

Enjoy the food you love without the discomfort. These enzymes address issues of intolerance for

  • Gluten
  • Casein
  • Lactose
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Phenols

And since this product is backed by real research, there are tons of real results that speak for themselves. Here is an excellent review from S. Mann:

I am lactose and gluten intolerant. I also suffer from IBS so try to maintain a low fodmap diet. However, sometimes it is hard to completely avoid these type of foods. When I go on vacation I want to be able to enjoy my food. These enzymes allowed me to do just that. Sometimes I would take two if a meal consist of multiple irritants. Usually one would suffice if I am just “tasting “. I will definitely keep a supply on hand.

Yes, it’s time to enjoy the foods you crave without the ill side effects. Try Intolerance Complex from Enzyme Science and feel the difference for yourself.

And if you want to boost the health of your immune system, Enzyme Science has you covered there as well.

Enzyme Science – Enzyme Defense Pro

Scientifically formulated to fortify and strengthen your immune system.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Most effective when taken on an empty stomach, this product is a high-impact blend of proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes. Proteases and your immune system are used in the body to clean out dead and damaged cells.

These proteases enter your bloodstream through the digestive system, helping to clean and maintain your body at a cellular level and helping to tamper swelling response.

Enzyme Defense Pro is backed by science and has only the necessary ingredients, no filler or by-products.

A user by the name of Deep Thinker had this to say:

This supplement manufacturer really seems to know what they’re doing when it comes to enzyme supplementation. I am impressed that they have included both nattokinase and serrapeptase. Research these two enzymes alone and you will be pleasantly surprised. I use them both periodically and now can take them concurrently with the rest of these enzymes.

It’s been proven a healthy gut leads to all sorts of health and lifestyle benefits. So, give your immune system and your gut the best shot at peak health, fight food intolerance, and begin to enjoy life to the fullest.

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