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Stand-Up Paddling: The Best Core Exercise (And How You Can Try it at Home  – see below: For Wellness Magazine’s exclusive offer for our readers only)

You’re probably used to seeing stand-up paddlers each summer during your vacation retreats. Effortlessly gliding across the water’s surface. Looking as if they’ve mastered the art of walking on water which might seem to the untrained eye like a relaxing leisure activity. But beyond the Tranquility and perceived calmness of standing on a lake or ocean’s surface during a hot summer’s day, standup paddling (aka SUP) packs a  massive punch. In fact, many physiologists and trainers consider it to be one of the best core workouts!  Intrigued?  Let’s talk about it!

One might not easily consider that such a seemingly simple and relaxing activity could provide such an intense and effective workout, but the physicality of balancing upright on a semi-stable floating board while using a paddle to propel yourself forward can activate an incredibly diverse range of muscle groups if you do it the correct way.  The sport challenges your balance, strength, stability, and endurance all together and works nearly all the muscles in your body from your toes all the way up to your shoulders.

In particular, SUP is incredibly beneficial for the core. Similar to other sports with forward propelling motions, such as rowing and rock climbing, the paddling technique used to propel yourself in SUP should come almost entirely from the core. But, like other sports where the core muscles should play a major role,  relying on other muscle groups can really hinder your enjoyment  and performance, as well as setting you up for possible injury. SUP has a unique advantage for core development in that one can consistently activate the targeted muscles. This makes it an extremely accessible beneficial workout.

So, have we sold you on SUP yet?   We haven’t even talked about how awesome it feels to be out on a calm lake or bay in beautiful weather, feeling like your walking on water.  Now, combine that with it being an awesome exercise, and there’s really no excuse not to give it a go! Well, maybe there is…. not all of us are fortunate enough to live near a lake or ocean suitable for standup paddling.  And for many of us living in colder states,  half the year might be better used for playing ice hockey or taking polar plunges than exercising under the sun on an SUP board.  But what if there was a way to enjoy the benefits of SUP right at home?  You might not be able to bring the sun and water into your living room, but with the right equipment, you can do an equally powerful, efficient and easy core workout routine right at home, even while watching TV!  And if you decide to to get into Standup Paddling, you’ll sure be prepared for the outdoor season once it comes around.


Rowers can practice on rowing machines, cyclists on exercise bikes, runners on treadmills, but what about standup paddlers? Given that SUP is a much newer sport than traditional sports like these, and given the complexity of of the SUP technique (the same complexity that makes it such an incredible workout) home-based SUP style workouts haven’t really been a thing for long.  But times are changing and now The Daily Core is on the market.

A relatively simple exercise machine that takes up about the same floor space as a small treadmill, The Daily Core is the perfect addition to your exercise or other room of choice. There is truly no exercise machine like it on the market for the core!


The Daily Core comes with a simple set of 12 exercises to strengthen your corein addition to it’s total body  SUP  workout.  The exercises are designed to take no more than 10 -15 minutes making this core workout routine  the perfect addition to your normal routine to focus on the core muscles.  The Daily Core has incredibly unique advantages in contrast to comparable core workout machines. Fully utilizing a standing position for all workouts,  The Daily Core has added benefits such as facilitating better posture and overall tone with fewer injuries given the body’s natural positioning.  It also comes with built in safety measures.  The machine’s design and free form nature also means that there are far more workout options available than on most exercise machines which typically only offer one, maybe two or three exercises.  Though there are 12 workouts that The Daily Core recommends incorporating as a group into your daily routine, there are more that you can try once you master the basic set. The options are really endless!

One of the beauties of SUP is it’s simplicity, very few workouts can seem so relaxing and tranquil while still burning calories and building muscles. This is because SUP and The Daily Core works your muscles using form and function as opposed to pure strength.  With the right technique (which you’ll achieve naturally here) your body can build strength without pushing itself beyond it’s limits.  As proper technique is vital to ensuring you get the most out of your  routine with The Daily Core,  The Daily Core  team doesn’t just ship you your new machine and hope for the best.  Not only will they help instruct you to set up the machine should you have any problems,  but also provide an included zoom conference with a personal trainer to answer any questions and coach you with the exercises and aerobic workout.


To help start your journey to better health, wellbeing, and a much stronger core, we’ve brokered a special limited time offer for Wellness Magazine readers only of 50% off the retail price of The Daily Core. Enter the non-advertised  code Wellness50 into the code box on The Daily Core  website  to  get your discount. The 12 exercises recommended by  The Daily Core require only a short session of 10 to 15 minutes. If you’ve already got an exercise routine, you will find The Daily Core to be a fantastic addition.  The Daily Core’s routine is short, easy, and not physically exhausting and with the positive sensation and feedback from your workouts you will want to use it at least 3 times a week, if not more.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can then take your core strength to the next level with the included adaptor to add weight plates or add resistance bands. But remember, these exercises are about technique, not pushing your physical strength so make sure that you’re fully comfortable with the current set before increasing resistance or repetitions.  To maintain proper form, less weight added is often more effective to activate the smaller, less developed muscles within the core muscle group.

If you’re looking for a simple, all in one, solution to maximize your daily workout routine,  build core strength and even pick up an exciting new summer hobby, look no further than The Daily Core. Bringing the core workout power of SUP right to your exercise room, you’ll get the unique chance to experience some of the best core workouts right at home.  It’s a simple and non-strenuous routine that’s easy to learn, quick to master, and will grow with you as you build your strength. And of course, we’d love for The Daily Core to be a supplement to, not a replacement for, actually getting out on the water and stand up paddling.

It’s winter now, so it’s the perfect time to start building your core strength and SUP technique at home with The Daily Core, but when spring comes around,perhaps it will be time to invest in some SUP gear!  SUP is a relatively inexpensive paddle sport and one that you can easily practice on most lake or bays large or small.  If you don’t want to go alone, take a look to see if there are any SUP clubs or meetups in your area; if you live near a lake or the ocean there probably are!

Make the most of this winter by building the perfect core through simple exercises. It starts with an easy click of the button (add link to website here): order

The Daily Core today and add one of the best core workout routines to your exercise room!

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