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Beans Mean Great Health and Then Some

Cool beans! It’s a saying often associated with something pleasant in one’s life. However, beans are a cool thing to eat, too! There are many different varieties of beans available for consumption. In addition, they can be added to many other types of foods to form some of the tastiest entrees around. The health benefits of beans are endless. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma surrounding the consumption of beans that has temporarily halted their popularity as a food.

Despite the availability of beans at grocery stores and restaurants, people have been widely hesitant to consume them regularly. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, most beans are high in carbohydrates. Over the past few decades, many dietary plans that have been heavily advertised have pushed the idea of a low-carb diet. However, they don’t mention that certain types of carbs are ok. In addition, some factors make people desiring to consume the most natural foods possible. Some people have claimed that beans are not part of a natural diet, which is not valid in all cases. The problem is that many of the types of beans and bean-related foods readily available have been processed to the point that the nutritional value that can be obtained from beans is diminished. This further contributes to the stigma around beans, which has caused people to turn away from eating them. 2024 is the year that this is changing as Remix Snacks is providing bean products that are not only super tasty but contain all the suitable types of benefits of beans that prove the stigmas around them wrong.

First, it’s essential to look at all the nutritional benefits of beans that can be obtained from specific types of foods, such as those available from Remix Snacks.

Nutritional Benefits of Beans

High in Fiber, Which

Helps Digestive Health

Arguably, one of the most well-known benefits of the right kind of beans is that they are high in fiber. Consuming adequate amounts of fiber is good for one’s digestive health as it allows people to have regular bowel movements. This allows the waste that forms in our bodies, which can be very toxic, to be released. A healthy digestive tract also helps other functions of the body. When the body’s digestive system works properly, its immune system is more robust. The immune system provides a protective shield for the body against unwanted germs and bacteria that can cause sickness. Getting sick is an unpleasant inconvenience that results in people missing out on life. Why not help your digestive system and, therefore, prevent the chances of becoming sick simultaneously?

Helps Heart Health

Beans, Beans, They’re Good for Your Heart! You’ve heard that childish phrase many times. However, there’s a great degree of truth to it. Fiber is very beneficial to one’s heart. The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood to the rest of the body, therefore keeping the body alive. That’s why consistently caring for the heart is so integral to one’s well-being. Fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels, which is essential to maintaining excellent heart health. In addition, it also helps reduce one’s blood pressure. When one’s blood pressure is extremely high, it can make it harder for the heart to pump blood. Eating the right kind of beans or bean products can assist one with maintaining their blood pressure levels and, therefore, help their heart pump blood to keep the body functioning correctly.

Helps with Weight Management

For years, thousands of weight loss plans have been advertised to the public as the next big thing. Not only have many of these plans proven to be ineffective, but they have also been costly. With exercise and proper nutrients, one can lose weight the right way. Although most people may not generally associate beans with helping one lose weight, they play a helping hand in weight management. The fiber that these beans contain allows people to feel full quicker. When one becomes full fast, there is less chance of them being tempted to overeat. After eating small meals and feeling full, people have the upper hand in losing or controlling their weight.

Beans Contain Iron, Which

Helps with Hemoglobin Production

The iron that is contained in beans helps with hemoglobin production. What is hemoglobin, you may ask? It is a protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body. It takes oxygen from the lungs and carries it to all the body’s tissues, allowing them to function correctly. When the body becomes anemic, there is a need for regular consumption of foods such as beans to provide the body with adequate amounts of iron and, therefore, boost hemoglobin production so that the body’s blood flow and oxygen level are steady.

Helps Enhance Physical Performance

Since iron helps transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, it’s evident that it helps provide people with significant amounts of energy, enhancing their physical performance. This is a very essential factor when it comes to exercise and even daily living. Whether a professional athlete or just someone trying to keep themselves in shape, they must have enough physical energy to complete exercises correctly. Suppose one attempts to exercise without adequate energy. In that case, they not only do not complete the physical activity to their fullest potential, but they also do not reap all the benefits of physical activity that they could. It’s not exercise, though that’s part of physical performance. Even the responsibilities of life are a factor. The lives that people live are full of many required tasks. Not only do they have obligations regarding their professions, but many are tied down with family responsibilities. Taking care of young children is a job in and of itself.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

High in Protein, Which

Helps with Muscle Repair

When most people hear the word ‘protein,’ they think of meat, poultry, and fish. However, specific types of beans are great sources of protein. This protein is excellent for muscle repair. No matter what type of exercise or physical activity one partakes in, the muscles, having been exerted, need to be repaired properly. Protein from beans helps with muscle growth but also helps muscle tissues repair and restore themselves after strenuous physical activity.

Helps Boost Metabolism

As mentioned, beans contain fiber, which helps people feel full quickly and, therefore, prevents the chances of overeating. This is very beneficial when it comes to losing weight or overall weight management. However, the protein in the correct type of beans helps to boost one’s metabolism. Having a high metabolism is essential for proper weight management. Unfortunately, like with many aspects of losing or maintaining weight, people have gone about boosting their metabolism incorrectly. Expensive energy drinks, designed to assist in increasing one’s metabolism, are consumed daily, which is not good. These types of drinks contain dangerous amounts of caffeine that can cause problems to one’s heart and make them nervous and irritable. It takes the consumption of the right kind of nutrients, such as beans, to boost one’s metabolism naturally.

As mentioned, the false stigmas surrounding beans have halted their popularity. Remix Snacks is changing people’s views on beans, as they are realizing that they are not only delicious but also help people in ways they never imagined.

Remix Snacks

Remix Snacks is a dietitian-led company passionate about educating consumers on their food choices, as well as minimizing any negative impact on the environment. By incorporating beans into snacks, they’re decreasing the stigma associated with beans and giving consumers a more nutritious snack option to choose from. In addition, Remix Snacks seeks to reduce food waste by using upcycled ingredients. By obtaining nutritious bean products that are not harmful to the environment, you will have finally found the snack you’ve BEAN looking for!

BEANIES – Bean Puffs

BEANIES – Bean Puffs from Remix Snacks are a delicious snack high in fiber and protein. With a delicious, satisfying crunch, they are great for your health just as much as the environment. BEANIES – Bean Puffs are made with upcycled ingredients, so they do not negatively harm the environment.

Regarding snacks, some people prefer those that are sweet-tasting rather than salty. Obviously, for health matters, one would want to pursue an item that has a natural sweetness to it and is not comprised of unhealthy sugar. Remix Snacks has got you covered on this!

BEAN BARK – Chocolate Snack

Are you looking for a healthy chocolate to snack on that is also high in fiber, protein, and iron? Then, look no further than BEAN BARK – Chocolate Snack from Remix Snacks. They allow you to indulge without guilt.

Cool Beans for Everyone

There are many different types of beans and bean dishes for people to enjoy. However, over the years, some misinformation has been spread about beans, resulting in a drop in popularity as a regularly consumed food. Luckily, Remix Snacks has taken it upon itself to prove people wrong about beans, as their products are both super tasty and allow people to obtain all the health benefits from beans that you can think of. In addition, they use upcycled ingredients that do not cause waste to the environment. Therefore, it’s cool beans for everyone. Why not start enjoying tasty bean snacks that help your health and the world itself? Beans, Beans! They’re Good for Your Health, the More You Eat, the Happier the Earth!









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