For years, millions of people worldwide have drunk coffee in the morning. In many ways, coffee has kind of become a part of life. Everywhere you look, there is a coffee shop on a corner. There are all the different types of coffee you can find in grocery stores, and other varieties are being served in restaurants of all kinds. Some people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Of course, not everyone drinks coffee at one specific time. Some people need an additional cup of coffee in the middle of the day to keep them going. Others even like to drink coffee with their dessert during whatever time of day they usually eat dinner. However, coffee drinking has run into some problems over the past few years.

Although coffee drinking has always been a popular pastime for many, specific unfounded criticisms have contributed to people becoming weary of drinking it. Due to the unnatural ingredients in readily available coffee products in grocery stores and the costly and unhealthy nature of coffee shops, people have begun to regard coffee as being entirely unhealthy. This is NOT True!! For a while, people who liked coffee have become concerned that there is never a proper way to showcase how coffee drinking is good for you. Luckily, Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc. has a wide variety of coffee products that cater to the specific needs of all coffee drinkers and are sourced from the wild. This has changed people’s tune on coffee, and people now know that drinking coffee is a good thing.

First, it’s essential to look at the health benefits of coffee.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Increases Energy Levels

Arguably, one of the most well-known benefits of drinking coffee is increasing one’s energy levels. That first cup of coffee that is drunk in the morning is what gives one the stamina they need to get through the day. As mentioned, certain people drink additional cups of coffee in the middle of the day. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone has specific energy levels. Some people get tired more quickly than others. These individuals need that additional cup of coffee, no matter what time of day it is. Let’s face it. People live hectic lives. So many tasks and responsibilities must be fulfilled that they are very draining to the body. Many people have jobs that necessitate manual labor-related duties. This requires physical energy, which can be provided with the right kind of coffee. On the other hand, some individuals work in professions where they must use their brains consistently. Like physical energy, this mental energy can also be provided with the right kind and amount of coffee.

However, drinking too much coffee is not a good thing. The overabundance of caffeine can cause health problems for them. Since everyone’s body is different, every person needs a minimum or maximum amount of caffeine that is contained within coffee. Unfortunately, for years, the types of coffee readily available to the public have not contained the greatest ingredients. Luckily, Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc. considers this, allowing people to consume the right kind of coffee ingredients to obtain the greatest energy.

Better Heart Health

Despite what some people might think, coffee drinking is associated with better heart health. The heart is the vital organ that pumps blood to the rest of the body, thereby providing a person with oxygen and proper functioning bodily systems. Therefore, one needs to care for one’s heart as best as possible. Certain studies have shown that drinking a certain amount of coffee per day can lessen the chances of heart disease and heart failure. Of course, as mentioned, too much caffeine is not good, especially for the heart, and everyone tolerates the caffeine contained within coffee. That’s why it is essential to consume that particular type of coffee that has both natural ingredients and just the right amount of caffeine for your needs.

Helps With Weight Loss

Believe it or not, certain studies have linked weight loss with coffee drinking. As most know, weight loss is one of the main aspects of health and wellness that has been heavily advertised to the public for years. Every time you turn around, the next weight loss plan is constantly being pushed. Unfortunately, many of these weight-loss plans have shown themselves to be very expensive and, in many cases, unreliable. In addition, many individuals have gone about trying to lose weight via very unhealthy methods. Many energy drinks are purchased daily, which, while stating they can help with weight loss, have too much unhealthy sugar and dangerous amounts of the wrong kind of caffeine. With the right type of coffee that is as close to nature as possible, one can lose weight the right way, the healthy way.

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Can Lower Depression

Depression is something that affects millions of people worldwide. There are various reasons as to what causes depression. It all depends on the individual. Regardless of the reasons that one may suffer from depression, it is something that needs to be handled with care. Unfortunately, like with weight loss, how many people have gone about treating depression has not been the greatest. Overeating is arguably the most common thing that people do to deal with depression, and this is not a good thing. Even worse, some people try to hamper their depression by drinking alcohol to excess. The healthy ways to treat depression involve a healthy diet and exercise. Within this healthy diet exists specific types of coffee that can help boost one’s mood and keep them in a positive state of mind.

Can Improve Brain Health

As mentioned, coffee can help people feel better overall. How one feels is very much a part of one’s brain health. In addition, an aspect of the brain’s functions that regular coffee consumption has been shown to assist involves one’s cognitive abilities. These involve the brain’s functions associated with thinking, paying attention, memory, and processing information. The physical and mental energy that coffee provides for the body helps one’s brain stay alert and function properly. Being able to pay attention and remember things well is very integral to approaching daily tasks.

Can Increase Longevity

An often-overlooked benefit of drinking coffee has to do with increasing one’s longevity. Certain studies have pointed to regular coffee drinking as beneficial in helping people live longer. Since coffee drinking can help improve one’s heart health and help with weight management, it is very much intertwined with one’s mortality rate. In addition, certain studies have shown that regular coffee drinking can decrease the chances of succumbing to certain diseases such as colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Due to some misinformation, the popularity of coffee drinking has been somewhat in limbo lately. However, with Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc., people are becoming aware that they can obtain healthy benefits from coffee if they drink specific types of it that come directly from the wild.

Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc.

Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc. is a family-founded, women-owned company that recognizes that there is an intimate relationship between the land and the people and activities that take place there. They began with simple-minded enthusiasm for the world’s best coffee, to a town deeply in need of a fresh hot cup: Ketchikan, Alaska (average annual rainfall 152 inches). While Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc. is primarily a wholesale coffee roaster for discerning coffee retailers, they maintain a website dedicated to retailing directly to coffee lovers who do not have enlightened coffee retailers in their neighborhood.


12OZ BRUIN BLEND® COFFEE is an expresso roast that is a delicious blend tinged with a dark chocolate taste. It is roasted via methods that ensure that its beans are never scorched. Formulated to have a regular, healthy caffeine rate for the average person,12OZ BRUIN BLEND® COFFEE will brighten your day and soothe your thoughts.

Like with any food or drink, everyone prefers different coffee flavors. The problem is that the only place many people have been able to locate multi-flavored coffees is at expensive coffee shops. Not only are these types of beverages super costly, but they are also full of unhealthy ingredients. Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc. allows you to obtain various flavors of coffee at an affordable price that is good for you.


Are you ready to taste the coffee of the Alaskan wild? INTO THE WILD PACK from Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc. includes one bag of 12OZ BRUIN BLEND® COFFEE, one bag of 12OZ EBONY PEARLS™ FRENCH ROAST COFFEE, and one bag of 12OZ WICKED WOLF® COFFEE. Each bag is delicious and consists of suitable types of caffeine for an individual’s needs.


For hundreds of years, coffee drinking has been a popular pastime among millions of people worldwide. However, some misinformation about coffee has caused its popularity to become somewhat stagnant in recent times. The unnatural ingredients in readily available coffee products and the costly nature of coffee shops have turned many people away from drinking them. In addition, there was no excitement around coffee anymore. However, people are learning that with the right type of coffee, one can benefit their health to the nth degree. In addition, with natural blends from Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc., people are discovering that coffee can not only be super healthy but also enjoyable with coffee mixes coming straight from the Alaskan wild.









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