Eat WellBetter Beginnings Create Better Food

Better Beginnings Create Better Food

Hop on a plane, drive a car, or take the train. Remove yourself from the populated areas, and head to the countryside. What do you see? As you travel from urban areas to the less populated spaces, you will notice a lot of agricultural lands. Crops, cattle, sheep, goats, and fruit orchards, use about 911 million acres of land in the United States alone.

Massive industrial operations require huge machinery and all manner of chemicals to produce the food that most people eat. This food production feeds most people, day in and day out. The majority of the food you see in the supermarket and chain stores comes from farms and ranches that feel the only way to be productive – is to use pesticides, chemicals, and hormones.

Most operators do not know any different, as farmers and ranchers learned from the previous generation and the ones before that. However, there is another way! It’s not a “new trend” nor a “modified” one and best of all it originates from the beginning of food production as we know it. What we are referring to is simply, a natural and balanced way to produce the food we eat!

It starts under the surface.

All foods – except seafood – begin in the soil.

Stop for a second and think about it. Crops rise from the soil; individuals consume these crops. Animals raised for meat consume plants, grasses, and grains that have sprouted from the earth. Fruits draw their nutrients from the black gold that lies under the surface.

Healthy soil should contain a vast array of unseeable life. One handful of healthy dirt can have billions of organisms. These organisms work in concert with plants, providing optimal growing conditions and maximum nutrients. If the soil is not correct, then the food it produces will lack the vital nutrients it should hold.

Quality soil, like a quality foundation for a building, provides the basis for nutrient-rich food—the billions of microorganisms in the soil form an intricate part of a healthy ecosystem. This ecosystem under our feet is called a microbiome, an entire civilization of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Like that building’s foundation, it requires many systems and much effort to produce. Quality soil must be nurtured, cultivated, and protected.

All these living organisms play off one another to create ideal water and nutrient retention. Nutrients stored in the soil are passed to the roots of plants and transferred above ground, creating a finished product.
The higher the quality of the soil, the better the quality of the food that relies upon it.

The destruction of a civilization.

Sadly, modern agriculture practices do not give much thought to soil health. Year after year, applying chemicals makes it impossible to keep the microbiome that houses much-needed bacteria, fungus, and protozoa that creates healthy, nutrient-rich soil. Thus far, in the evolution of large-scale farms – soil conservation – not soil health- has been advanced. While this advancement is necessary, most farms and ranches overlook the critical component of maintaining viable, organism-rich soil.

Effectively killing the microscopic civilization needed for rich soil, farmers and ranchers have found it necessary to double down on applying fertilizers. Consider a significant study that was recently published. This study from the World Bank found that if agricultural practices do not change by the year 2050, nearly all the mass-produced food in the world will be devoid of the nutrients we need. That is a sobering thought.

There is another way.

Naturally forming one centimeter of soil in a mild climate takes no less than 200 years. For that soil to accumulate enough material and create a fertile microbiome takes 3000 years. Farmers and ranchers can renew soil yearly with thought, planning, and persistence. It will stay fertile and full of the vitamins and minerals we need. This practice is called regenerative/sustainable farming: a pesticide, chemical fertilizer, and hormone-free way to produce food.

When it comes to raising livestock, this involves rotating herds of animals and allowing the grass, forage, and soil to renew. Thus, the stress is reduced on the ecosystem that the animals and land create.

This balance also creates a natural carbon capture where the carbon emitted by the livestock is used by the plants they consume. While the natural cycle continually replenishes the soil and maintains the healthy microbiome needed for our food’s optimal production. The harsh reality is that less than 1% of U.S. agricultural land uses sustainable/regenerative practices. This lack of diversity can make finding high quality sustainably sourced food difficult.

You have choices!

Within that 1% of farms using sustainable/regenerative practices, there are some excellent choices for healthy, all-natural, hormone and additive-free meat. U.S. Wellness Meats is a farmer-owned regenerative/sustainable practice company. They have provided high-quality, grass-fed, hormone-free beef and all-natural meats for over twenty years.

Here are two excellent products to consider when considering healthier, nutrient-rich meat. Raised and produced the way nature intended.

Beef French Ribeye

This delectable well-marbled cut of meat will become a new favorite—100% grass-fed and grass-finished with no hormones, growth agents, or antibiotics.

This steak, sometimes called the Tomahawk steak, has super tender, rosy meat packed with flavor. The fact that it is grass-fed, grass-finished only makes it better.

This meat provides nearly twice as many vital nutrients as grain-finished beef. These cattle are raised using only sustainable practices; they are humanely butchered and carefully selected. You will come back again and again to this fantastic cut.

Others who have tried this steak have not been disappointed, nor will you!

“One of the best I ever had..” – Joshua

“I’m spoiled for other steaks..” – Kathryn

“Out of this world…” – Diane

You will not forget the first bite of this beautiful cut of premium beef.

Sugar-Free Pork Bacon Slices

This bacon is nitrite and MSG-free. Naturally, dry cured with sea salt and smoked with hickory wood, it’s an entirely natural alternative to the additive-filled bacon in the supermarket. Pop a slice of this pork goodness into your mouth, and you will not return to standard bacon.

Diana stated in a recent review that this bacon is “One of a kind goodness.”

Or, take it from Carolyn, who said – “Best bacon ever..”

You will taste the additive-free difference in this all-natural product.

Make sure to order plenty. It will not last long once your friends and family taste it.

Healthy food from healthy farms.

The importance of sustainable farming practices cannot be understated. Healthy living soil, free of chemicals that produces excellent natural forage, creates fine meats.

Start thinking about where your food comes from differently. Think of the entire process involved – from conception to plate – it makes a difference to you, your family, and the planet. It all starts from the ground up!

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