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Thriving through Energy

Many people will say that the lack of energy they feel day to day is the reason for not doing the things they truly want to do. After so much time spent on work and family life, it is often the sloppy seconds that remain for the other stuff, such as socializing, leisure activity, and the all-important self-care that we need to function in the modern world.  

However, it is possible to find the energy for all that you wish to do in your day! It doesn’t need to feel like a constant uphill struggle when you concentrate on balance and moderation within the key areas of your life. Life cannot be all work and no play, and vice versa. 

Creating Balance 

For instance, we often forgo the gym workout or exercise class because we feel low on energy; in truth, a workout of some sort revitalizes you so that you acquire more energy, and not less. A low-moderate exercise session provides a kick start to your metabolism and fires up your body on a cellular level. And exercise through the wintertime, in particular, can help to ward off feelings of lethargy; just like the sun, it can energize you. 

Energy comes from food, so it stands to reason that if we aren’t eating enough of the good stuff, we will feel it immensely. A good diet should be balanced with an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals that help to protect the body at a fundamental level. 

Energy-giving foods can mean the difference between you getting to the gym or slouching in front of the television! A poor digestive system can mean that you don’t absorb the nutrients you have from food as well as you should, this is why digestive function and gut health is so important. If you aren’t absorbing vitamins and minerals appropriately, then your energy levels will continue to fall short of what is needed to live well. 

Energy-giving foods

To help you on your way to better energy so you can thrive in life, here are a few energy-giving foods! 

  • Bananas! Bananas are a great source of energy, they are high in potassium which contributes to lower blood pressure, balance levels of sodium within the body, and helps to regulate nerve cell function. 
  • Fatty Fish. Fatty fish is high in Omega 3 fatty acids but they are also high in Vitamin B which helps to balance energy and hormone levels. 
  • Eggs! Eggs are a superfood. They contain several vitamins and minerals, high in protein, and raise levels of good cholesterol for the body. 
  • Apples! We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”! Apples are great for your gut health and your heart. 

It’s not easy to get all your nutrients from food, but a good diet alongside supplementation where needed can help you find a healthy balance. The Herban Shaman has a mission to help their customers thrive by sharing their love, respect, and knowledge of plant wisdom through their supplements.

The Herban Shaman is a modern nutritional supplement company based in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. They offer traditional herbal medicine with a twist! Old-school formulations are honored while modern scientific research is respected and utilized- this achieves the very best of both worlds for their supplements. 

The Herban Shaman specializes in harnessing the power of some of nature’s most beneficial ingredients and delivering it to end users in the form of high-quality supplement capsules. The company goes to great lengths to ensure the high integrity of its formulas and finished products.

“The Herban Shaman products are formulated with natural ingredients and are certified organic. They are also GMP-certified and 100% vegan. We aim to formulate all our products with no hormones, no artificial additives, and no GMO ingredients”- The Herban Shaman 

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a staple ingredient in The Herban Shaman products. The company selects specific mushroom varieties valued for their health benefits from organic farmers. The company combines different types of mushrooms in its formulas to provide specific benefits. For instance, Maitake mushrooms support a healthy immune system response, while Chaga mushrooms support the cardiovascular system and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The Herban Shaman products contain these and several other health-boosting mushroom varieties.

Currently, The Herban Shaman offers five different mushroom-based supplements that support healthy function in various body systems and organs. Here is a peek at two from their range: Mushroom Brain Support and Mushroom Energy Support. 

Mushroom Brain Support:

“Our proprietary blend of mushrooms and herbs can be used to support cognitive health, concentration, and memory. This supplement can also support healthy cognitive functioning”- The Herban Shaman 

  • Energy & Stamina – Cordyceps and Ginkgo mushroom ingredients support energy and endurance. Cordyceps may support healthy cell function.
  • Organic & Natural – All-natural mushroom ingredients that are not only healthy but are also vegan-friendly so you can focus on getting healthy

Here is some info on how the ingredients in Mushroom Brain Support can be used to support cognitive health, concentration, and memory.

  • Lions mane contains compounds such as Hericenones and Erinacines, which may support brain health. Some research has found Lions mane to be able to improve the function of the hippocampus, which is the brain region associated with memory.
  • Cordyceps is used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a restorative herb as well as to help increase energy and stamina. Cordycepin found in Cordyceps is an anti-oxidant and may support cellular oxygenation.
  • Ginkgo supports circulation which can play a role in concentration, mood, and memory
  • Gotu Kola has been used traditionally as a general tonic to support memory, concentration, mood, and energy. In fact, in India, it is said that elephants have such great memories due to Gotu Kola being a part of their diets.
  • Bacopa contains compounds known as Bacopasides, which can cross the blood-brain barrier and can support mood, cognition, and memory. Bacopa has been shown to support overall cognitive function, particularly memory. 

Mushroom Energy Support:

“Our proprietary blend of mushrooms and herbs can be used to support energy production, mitochondrial health, and cellular health”- The Herban Shaman

Energy Mushroom Support is a synergetic blend of mushrooms and adaptogenic botanicals that can support mitochondrial and cellular health with some further added benefits as below! 

  • Cellular Health – Cordyceps may support the body’s production of ATP, which is essential for energy, and is used in TCM as a restorative herb.
  • Energy & Stamina – Reishi and Ginkgo mushroom ingredients support energy, endurance, healthy blood glucose levels, immune health, and gut health.
  • Organic & Natural – All-natural mushroom ingredients that are not only healthy but are also vegan-friendly so you can focus on getting healthy

    Here’s some more info on how this blend works to help you! 
  • Cordyceps may support the body’s production of ATP, which is essential for energy and is used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a restorative herb. 
  • Reishi, known as the herb of spiritual potency, can support healthy blood glucose levels, immune health, and gut health, which can then influence cellular health and overall energy levels.
  • Ginkgo can support blood circulation and it also possesses strong antioxidant properties.
  • Rhodiola is an adaptogen that can assist the body in adapting to physical, chemical, and environmental stress which can influence energy levels. Rhodiola contains polyphenols and compounds such as rosavin. 
  • Maca may modulate hormones, such as testosterone, which can influence energy.
  • Eleuthero acts as an adaptogen tonic that may support energy production, endurance, and athletic performance.
  • Chinese Ginseng may support the central nervous system and the HPA axis, which can be affected by stress. CoQ10 carries electrons through the electron transport chain (ETC), which produces ATP. CoQ10 has been shown to modulate mitochondrial function, which is responsible for roughly 90 percent of the body’s energy production.

The Herban Shaman prides itself on premium quality, non-GMO organic mushrooms, which are free of hormones. Mushrooms are directly sourced from organic farmers and manufactured at a GMP certified facility in the USA.

The Herban Shaman invites all interested individuals to learn more about its high-quality herbal supplements by visiting the company website. Website visitors may place their orders directly online or call the company for assistance.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease.

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