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Bring Life to Your Skin Care Routine With These Products From Luxxy Body

Regular, proper skin care is the key to healthy, radiant skin. But if your skin care routine has started to feel like a boring, tedious chore, or if you’re a skincare enthusiast always looking for the best products to pamper your skin with, then read further to discover new products that can spice up your skin care routine.

Both aforementioned scenarios are understandable, as skin care does take some time and effort and sometimes change is needed for the best. If you check out these products I’m going to share with you, they just might be the products that would change the way you see and do skin care and bring about a better, new you.

What I’m talking about are the “Beautiful” Skin Soufflé and Honey Love Moisturizing Body Scrub from Luxxy Body. Luxxy Body is a company that provides holistic self-care products designed with the users’ well-being in mind, ensuring a pleasant user experience along with effective self-care solutions. Their “Beautiful” Skin Soufflé and Honey Love Moisturizing Body Scrub are a great combo that must be used together for a skin exfoliating and moisturizing routine that delivers desirable results with the luxury of nutrients provided in a way that’s pleasing to your senses and delightful to use.

But what do these products exactly do? Find out as we delve into their details.

What Is a Skin Soufflé?

If you’ve never seen or heard about skin soufflé before, let me explain to you. Skin soufflé is one of the three main types of skin moisturizers, aside from lotion and cream. It has many terrific characteristics that set it apart from other skin moisturizer types and make it very desirable.

One is its texture. It has a very interesting texture for a skincare product, as it’s like whipped cream. It’s light and fluffy, which can be very fun and enjoyable to use.

Lotion, on the other hand, is a thin liquid substance that makes application straightforward. While the cream is thicker and can provide intense moisturization for severely dry skin.

Moreover, skin soufflé has a nice, smooth, luxurious feel when it’s applied. It’s easily absorbed once rubbed on the skin, as this airy substance would turn into a smooth oil as though it’s melting on the skin. And it’s non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog the skin’s pores.

Another distinctive, appealing characteristic it has is its smell. In addition to being pleasurable on the skin, it’s also very aromatic. It comes with added fragrances that add to the enjoyment factor and help you relax.

Third, but most important, is the wonders it can do to the skin thanks to the natural ingredients it’s loaded with. It can help make the skin healthier, moisturized, and soft. It also leaves a protective barrier for the skin.

Lastly, it doesn’t have an aftereffect. Unlike many creams and lotions, skin soufflé doesn’t leave a greasy, sticky feel after application.

Remember to Exfoliate First

Exfoliation is very beneficial for your skin and must be done regularly. But it is most important when you’re going to apply a skincare product on your skin, such as a moisturizer, serum, cream, etc. That’s why it was mentioned earlier in this article that  “Beautiful” Skin Soufflé and Honey Love Moisturizing Body Scrub must be used together.

But if you don’t know what exfoliation is, let me brief you. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells to maintain radiant, smooth skin. This can be done either with an exfoliation tool, such as an exfoliating shower puff, pumice stone, or an electric exfoliating brush; or with a body scrub.

Exfoliation is a must, especially as we age because dead skin cell shedding and skin cell generation tend to get slower. This can cause the dead skin cells to accumulate, which can result in a dull, dry, and flaky appearance. Through exfoliation, you can get rid of these unsightly dead skin cells and speed up the skin cell shedding and generation process.

More than that, exfoliation can also benefit your skin in many other ways, such as unclogging the pores to prevent blackheads, whiteheads, and acne; lightening dark spots and evening out the skin tone; improving blood flow, which results in minimized cellulite, improved skin elasticity, and enhanced overall skin health and radiance; the list can go on. But now, let us focus on how it is beneficial and important before applying a skincare product to your skin.

Dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin can impede the absorption of your skincare product. The product may just end up on the surface of your skin.

By exfoliating first, you can get rid of the obstructive dead skin cells and other impurities in your pores that can interfere with your skin care routine. And the product you use will be absorbed better and be able to work more effectively in your skin.

Let’s Get the Skincare Party Started!

Now that you have been familarized with skin soufflé and exfoliation, let me introduce to you the life of your skincare party, the Luxxy Body’s “Beautiful” Skin Soufflé and Honey Love Moisturizing Body Scrub.

Beautiful” Skin Soufflé

Doing your skin care routine doesn’t have to be a boring, tedious chore. With “Beautiful” Skin Soufflé, it can be made more fun and enjoyable. It’s a luxurious, fun-filled moisturizer that, according to Luxxy Beauty Skin Care, “captures the essence of celebration and joy in every jar.”

As a holistically designed skincare product, it teems with natural ingredients good for your skin accompanied by glorious fragrance notes that indeed give off a festive mood. And it brings enjoyment to product application with its interesting whipped cream-like texture. It can give your skin the moisture and nutrients it needs while uplifting your mood.

The most potent moisturizing ingredients from nature have been used in the creation of this product to achieve healthy radiance for the skin. These include cocoa butter, shea butter, tucuma butter, mango butter, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, camellia oil, babassu oil, passionfruit oil, rice bran oil, vitamin E, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, and beeswax. Moreover, they’re free of harmful parabens and phthalates.

A variety of luscious scents make up its fragrance notes to please your olfactory sense. These include the iced champagne, pineapple, and orange as top notes; juicy apples and light floral as middle notes; and sugar crystals as the base note.

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Honey Love Moisturizing Body Scrub

A perfect match with the “Beautiful” Skin Soufflé, Honey Love Moisturizing Body Scrub delivers your skin exfoliating and nourishing needs before moisturizing with the skin souffle in a holistic approach. It harnesses the cleansing and rejuvenating powers of dead sea salt and pink Himalayan salt to reveal silky soft, glowing skin. And it bursts with the delicious aromas of honeycomb essence, buttercream and caramel, and bergamot blossom.

The salts can give a satisfactory feeling as they rub against your skin and effectively clean off dead skin cells and other impurities. While its added fragrances can soothe and uplift your spirit.

In addition, it also provides the nourishment that the skin needs to maintain moisture, remain supple, and fight signs of aging with organic oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. Providing trusty skincare ingredients along with sensory pleasures, this holistic skincare product will leave you feeling refreshed inside and out.

By using “Beautiful” Skin Soufflé and Honey Love Moisturizing Body Scrub, the ordinary tasks of exfoliating and moisturizing your skin can become a wonderful, holistic experience that’s luxuriously satisfying both for your skin and spirit. Click on the links above to purchase these two great products and bring life to your skin care routine and revitalize your skin.









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