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When Aesthetic Nails Meets Good Nail Health: Nail Fitness

Long, decorated nails are very beautiful and fashionable. But it can take some time to achieve long nails. Moreover, artificial nails may help add length to your nails with the options of acrylic and gel nail extensions, but they can be damaging to your nails.

Starting from preparing the nails for artificial nail application down to retouching to removal, there can be so much damage done to the nails. There’s all the filing that can make the nails thin, weak, and brittle; the chemicals that can also weaken the nails; and especially the frequent touch-ups that can do a lot of damage to the nails.

And when it comes to removal, it involves soaking the artificial nails in acetone for 10 minutes or even more, which is very drying to the nails and irritating to the skin. It would also involve more filing and scraping, adding more stress to the nails.

Your nails’ health matters too. Good-looking, healthy, natural nails are better than damaged nails due to artificial nails that would make you want to have them redone, which would cause more damage. You don’t have to compromise your nails’ health to make them aesthetic.

That’s where Nail Fitness can help you. They can provide a safer way to add length to your nails, so you can have a nice, healthy blank canvas for nail polishing: through a high-quality, effective, non-toxic nail grower and strengthener. And maybe this natural approach to getting long, aesthetic nails can be a healthy step to a better, new you.

Nail Fitness was the outcome of the desire of a then-licensed manicurist, now entrepreneur, named Derek Berg, to provide a superior nail growth product that would achieve healthy, natural, long, and strong nails. It’s a small family-owned and operated business that started as a concept when Berg noticed how damaging artificial nail applications can be to the nails when he worked as a manicurist, and he thought there ought to be a better option for adding length to the nails. It’s one of the many businesses that he ventured into after leaving his manicurist career: first, a mobile nail supply business and then several salons and a beauty supply location with his wife, Wendy Berg, who was a former manicurist and stylist.

As Berg delved into the mobile nail supply business, he noticed that there was a growing trend for the healthier option of natural nails. Being experienced and knowledgeable in the nail industry, he believed he could come up with a product that would be superior to the nail strengtheners of the major brands that he was selling. It was in 1999 when Mr. and Mrs. Berg finally established Nail Fitness with the help of a leading chemist.

Solving Many Nail Problems

In addition to providing a safer way to add length to nails, Nail Fitness can also help with other nail problems. It can also:

  • Strengthen and rejuvenate nails that have been weakened and damaged by acrylic and gel nail extensions.
  • Resolve nail problems due to health challenges and medications such as cracks, ridges, and indentations.
  • Stimulate nail growth for nails that seem to not grow.
  • Nourish and strengthen nails that are prone to breaking.
  • Hydrate and nourish dry, peeling nails due to excessive washing and use of sanitizer.
  • Promote overall nail health.

Packed With 5 Proteins and Minerals Good for the Nails

Nail Fitness harnesses the powers of 5 proteins and minerals that can make nails longer, stronger, hydrated, healthy, and looking beautiful. Moreover, it boasts a 15-free formula, meaning it’s free of the 15 usual toxic chemicals present in nail products.

  • Keratin

An essential protein for the overall health of nails, keratin is what the nails are mostly made up of, which makes them strong, protects them from wear and tear, and promotes nail growth. Moreover, it can also provide hydration to the nails, which also helps prevent them from getting dry and brittle.

If there’s a lack of keratin in the nails, they can become weak and brittle, making them prone to breaking and splitting. And they wouldn’t be able to grow as normal. Supplying keratin to the nails can help make them stronger and help you achieve your long nail goals.

  • Calcium

Calcium is also essential for the nails to grow strong and healthy. Especially since it helps in producing the keratin that the nails need, keeping the nails thick, hydrating the nails, and in nail growth.

A low amount of calcium can also negatively impact nail health, resulting in thin, brittle, dry nails prone to breaking, splitting, and peeling. By sustaining the nails with calcium, you can keep them strong and healthy while adding more length to them.

  • Gelatin

More popularly known as a snack, gelatin is also a treat for the nails because it can also help make them strong. It’s a protein sourced from the collagen extracted from animals’ bones, cartilage, and skins that is known to have strengthening and healing properties for different parts of the body including the nails.

For decades, gelatin has been used as a home remedy for brittle nails. It can improve nail structure and has moisture-absorbing properties that can help keep nails hydrated.

  • Wheat

Wheat is rich in magnesium, which is a mineral essential in the production of proteins needed by the nails. Moreover, a lack of magnesium can result in vertical ridges in the nails. So with the help of wheat, the nails can become stronger, healthier, and longer as well as be prevented from getting unsightly vertical ridges.

  • Soy

Soy is rich in protein that is necessary for the production of the nails’ much-needed keratin. It’s also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that have many benefits for the nails. These include: providing lubrication and moisture to the nails that give shine to them, strengthening the nails, reducing inflammation in the nail bed, and preventing them from becoming dry and brittle.

Lastly, zinc is also present in soy, which aids in the healthy growth of nails. Lack of zinc can cause the nails to degenerate and get white spots. But with the help of soy, this can be avoided.

Guaranteed High-Quality

Nail Fitness is all about quality and upholds high standards. To maintain superior product quality, they bottle their formula in small batches. This allows them to have better control over product distribution and to prevent the bottles from collecting dust in their storage.

Easy Application With Quick, Wonderful Results

The application of Nail Fitness is very easy. It can be done with a few simple steps. But regular use is the key.

It’s advisable to use after removing your acrylic or gel artificial nails to help make them stronger or repair any damage they endured. It can also be used with nail polish, but quicker results can be achieved without it. Improvement in the nails can usually be seen on the first week of use.

For Treating Soft, Thin, Weak, Peeling, or Damaged Nails

  1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry.
  2. Give each of your nails two coat applications of Nail Fitness.
  3. Keep reapplying one coat of Nail Fitness on each of your nails every other day or as necessary.
  4. After two weeks of using the product, remove it using a non-acetone remover.
  5. Then repeat the process.

For Using Nail Fitness With Nail Polish

  1. Apply Nail Fitness as the basecoat.
  2. Apply the nail polish.
  3. Apply Nail Fitness as the top coat.

Once it’s applied, it will leave a smooth finish, as it can fill the ridges and imperfections on the nails. It also serves as a protective layer to prevent further damage to the nails.

Preserving the smooth protective layer formed over the nails is the natural bonding agent that is citric acid to prevent chipping and peeling. And it also comes with a UV sunblock that’s quick drying and non-yellowing.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Professional Nail Product Made Accessible for You

The company has been distributing bottles of Nail Fitness to manicurists for professional use for more than 20 years. But eventually, they were made available to consumers.

Given that Nail Fitness has been trusted by professionals for decades, you can be guaranteed that this product can deliver great results for your nails. Moreover, the popular demand for it prompted the company to set up an online shop on their own website to make it easily accessible.

Although artificial nails allow you to have instant long nails for nail polishing, your nails would suffer from them. Going for a more natural approach to adding length to your nails by using a nail growth product like Nail Fitness is a much safer option.

If you still prefer artificial nails, then you do you. Nevertheless, Nail Fitness can still come to the rescue after artificial nail removal to help keep your nails healthy.

If you would like to make the healthy switch from artificial nails to growing nails naturally or if you have a nail problem, click the link above to buy a bottle or bottles of Nail Fitness. There are options for buying 1, 3, and 6 bottles, with the bundle options coming at discounted prices.









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