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Embrace the Earth to Embrace Your Health

The earth is made up of the most magical items, whose natural state enables them to assist with all of our health needs.  Whether it is taking care of one’s skin or respiratory health, the natural plants of the world hold a superpower like no other.  All sorts of skin conditions, including eczema, have been shown to improve with the assistance of plants and plant oils.  On the other hand, one’s respiratory system can be assisted with the use of specific herbs.  The problem is that most people over the past few years have not partaken in the natural ways of healing.  They’ve resorted to the use of hospitals, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medicines as the primary way to address health issues.  In the year 2023, everywhere, people are becoming knowledgeable about healing with what comes from nature.  They are also spreading the word from person to person so that many people become knowledgeable of the most effective methods of treating the body.  However, even seeking natural ways of living has left many people empty-handed in their search for the right products.  Luckily, Quintessential Life has items with the most natural herbs to help the body fulfill its goals of great health.


Human skin is a very important organ as it’s the largest organ of the human body.  It acts as a shield against external factors that can be harmful to the interior body.  Certain types of bacteria are not welcome, with the skin serving as a barrier.  The internal organs are safely nestled in the skeletal structure of humans, with skin playing the role of protector.  Skin keeps this practice going as it renews itself constantly with the replenishment of skin cells.

Skin Health

Taking care of one’s skin is a huge priority for a lot of people.  The skin on the body is a noticeable feature of someone.  This is why so many people are extremely conscientious about how their skin looks to others.  Some people remain conscientious about it from the time they are teenagers until the very end of their life.  While maintaining one’s skin features should be a big priority among a lot of people, it is important not to disregard one’s overall skin health.  This is just as essential.

Skin Conditions


Some of the most well-known skin conditions are not only noticeable, but they also indicate unhealthy skin in an individual.  For instance, eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a condition that is usually noticeable via a specific kind of rash.  Along with this rash, eczema is usually accompanied by dry, itchy skin that, when scratched, only intensifies the condition.  As far as skin health, it’s an indicator that one’s skin has been in contact with irritants.

Dry Skin

One of the symptoms of eczema that can even stand on its own is of having dry skin.  There are various factors that play into someone developing this.  In some cases, overexposure to the sun, especially during hot summer months, can lead to overly dry skin.  Other times, reactions to items that are placed on the body’s exterior, like bath soap, can be a contributing factor.  Even if a person does not develop dry skin because of these two factors, they still can due to a deficiency of important vitamins that help the skin stay healthy overall.

Malnourished Skin

When there is an extreme deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals in the body, one’s skin can appear worse than dry; it can appear to be malnourished.  A sickly body shows itself when the skin is pale and unhealthy looking.  Healthy skin is glowing and radiant.  Therefore, one should seek to have their skin as healthy as possible.  With healthy skin, one will look healthy at the same time.

Treating Skin Conditions

Just like with dieting and exercise, people have succumbed to various fads when it comes to skincare.  Creams and lotions have come and gone.  Also, various methods when it comes to diet have been suggested to reduce causes of eczema and other skin conditions.  However, sometimes these methods have proven to be inefficient.  Natural solutions that come straight from the earth itself are needed to see the miracle of skin problems disappearing.  It’s up to people to step up to the plate and make the decision to pursue the natural ways of healing.

Respiratory System

While all systems of the human body are important to our very existence, the respiratory system is perhaps one of the most vital.  It is through this system, which consists of various organs, that people can breathe.  Breathing is essential to life itself.  When one comes into this world, one draws their very first breath.  Before one leaves this earth, they draw their very last.  Speaking of the earth, when caring for one’s respiratory system, it is important to supplement oneself with ingredients that come directly from the earth itself.  There are many problems that people succumb to in relation to their respiratory system.

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Respiratory Problems


When it comes to breathing and respiration, there are many problems people tend to encounter.  Right now, both the northern and southern hemispheres are experiencing a transition between two seasons.  It’s during this type of transition that one’s respiratory system tends to be prone to congestion.  It’s a build-up of mucus that contributes to runny and stopped-up noses.  People also experience unpleasant feelings of fullness when congestion occurs.

Cold and Flu

One could argue that both the flu and the common cold are two of the most widespread things that occur in regard to one’s respiration.  Colds generally happen during the transition between two seasons.  However, colds can actually occur at any time of the year.  They involve a minor infection in one’s upper respiratory tract.  Colds are generally accompanied by a runny nose, sneezing, and sometimes a sore throat and headache.  Although many colds don’t normally last more than a week, some of them tend to linger, and it creates an extremely annoying situation for someone trying to go on with their daily tasks and life. 

Even more intense than the common cold is the dreaded flu.  There are different classifications of flu viruses.  Regardless of the specific type, flu viruses are regarded as acute respiratory viruses.  When someone has the flu virus, in addition to exhibiting symptoms associated with the common cold, like a runny nose, they can also have a bad fever, a cough, and may even have nausea and diarrhea.  Flu shots are readily available all over the country.  The problem is that even when people receive a flu shot, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they won’t get the flu.  It sometimes takes some additional herbs to give better protection to the body.


There are some people in the world that suffer from asthma.  This is a disease that affects one’s lungs.  Asthma is a long-term condition that involves a person’s airways narrowing and becoming inflamed.  Extra mucus is also produced.  There are various stages of asthma, as some individuals have mild asthma while others have more extreme cases that can lead to life-threatening scenarios if the condition is left untreated for a significant amount of time.  Asthma is long-term and can’t be totally cured. It’s important for individuals that have asthma to understand what level of the condition they have.

Treating Respiratory Problems

Certain people treat the common cold with over-the-counter products like syrups and dissolvents.  Sometimes, though, depending on the severity of the cold, one may get a prescription from a doctor.  Being that the flu entails more intense symptoms than the common cold, people generally get a prescription from a doctor when contracting it.  Regarding those who have asthma, inhalers are usually prescribed.  There are different types of inhalers depending on the level of asthma that one has.  Although there is no cure for asthma, there are ways of maintaining it.  One of the ways of maintaining it, along with the cold and flu and any other respiratory problem for that matter, is through natural methods of healing.  The herbs that come from the earth itself have healing powers that are almost supernatural in a sense.  The closer to nature, the closer to becoming extraordinary.  However, the problem that a lot of people encounter is finding the right products that are as natural as they are advertised to be.  In the past, many items advertised as natural turned out to have a lot of preservatives that only harm the body rather than help it.  Luckily, the new year has seen a following of real natural works.

Quintessential Life

Maintaining optimal health has been a significant achievement for Quintessential Life, and a major contributing factor has been their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  When Quintessential Life began originally as a small family apothecary, they encountered many illnesses and found that natural remedies using herbs and essential oils were able to provide relief and healing.  For Quintessential Life, one of the aspects of being healthy involves the supplementation of natural health products like essential herbs and oils. 

Dermis Miracle Oil

  • Healing Oil for all Skin Challenges.
  • Helps Especially with Eczema.
  • Contains Many Essential Oils.


  • Helps clean and restore the respiratory system.
  • Good for treating cold, flu, and asthma
  • Contains Many Natural Herbs.

The Earth is Part of Us

Why not start living the way of the earth?  Wouldn’t you like to live the natural way, but in a natural way that is also a trusted way?  2023 is the year that people are educating themselves about what natural living really is, rather than just going from store to store to purchase the first thing they see that is advertised as natural that is probably overpriced and not as effective as stated.  People all over the world are now becoming knowledgeable about what is natural and what is not.  The specific herbs and oils that are essential in taking care of the body are now part of common knowledge.  If you want to start taking care of yourself better and in the most natural way possible, now is the time to take action while the year is still young.

If you wish to take the route of healing various skin and respiratory issues with items that are straight from the earth itself, then look no further!!  You can now heal yourself with essential oils and herbs with the help of Quintessential Life.  Now, you can see the magic and mystique of natural healing for the first time in your life.  You will no longer be led astray with false promises.  Now, you will be able to see the miracle of healthy skin and a stronger respiratory system.  Are you interested?  Dermis Miracle Oil and Phlegm are both available from Quintessential Life.  They also carry items that help with your digestive and cardiovascular systems.  Keep the year going strong by becoming a stronger person the old-fashioned way.  It’s the way of the world!  It’s the way of the earth!









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