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Fill in the Natural Gaps of Your Health

You might tell yourself that having a natural diet means that your body receives all its necessary nutrients.   Indeed, eating organic foods and maintaining a natural lifestyle are important parts of healthy living.  However, no matter how clean someone eats, there is always going to be something missing.  It has been discovered that sometimes just seeking a natural lifestyle, while very crucial to health and well-being, may prevent the body from receiving certain key nutrients and minerals that are necessary to maintain a full, healthy life.  While it may sound contradictory, it’s true.  People in 2023 are learning about what they have been missing in their search for a healthier self.  The majority of the natural supplements that are readily available are not only overpriced, but they also lack some of the most necessary health essentials.  Arguably, one of the most vital things that people lack is iron.  This is a big problem because being deficient in iron causes many health problems.  Besides necessary nutrients and minerals that tend to fall under the radar in most natural lifestyles, maintaining adequate bodily functions can also be neglected.  A lot of people who assume they are healthy based on their current diet and lifestyle may have urinary problems.  It doesn’t matter what a person’s age is; urinary issues are inevitable in a lot of cases.  It’s quite frustrating for people that expect all their efforts at natural living to give them everything they need.  People have not been able to locate the right product that covers everything and acts as a convenient comrade to living.   Well, now you won’t have to worry about that anymore.  Herbatech Supplements has items with necessary nutrients that people miss daily.  In addition, their items help with keeping certain bodily functions for a healthier and more comfortable life.  The year is still young, and it’s not too late to create a new you with endless possibilities!!


When someone says the word iron in relation to health and wellness, they sometimes think of the phrase “pumping iron.”  This is in reference to lifting weights.  For some people, this can sound intimidating and make them hesitant to pursue certain fitness activities.  However, iron shouldn’t be a scary word.  In fact, it is a positive word.  I’m talking about the word iron in reference to the essential mineral the body uses to regulate many of its natural functions.  It’s a positive entity that helps people live better on a daily basis. 

Importance of Iron

So, why is it that iron is such an important mineral?  Without iron, the oxygen in one’s body could not be carried in the blood properly.  The body uses iron to keep up the production of hemoglobin.  In the red blood cells lies this molecule.  Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.  In addition, myoglobin is produced from iron.  Myoglobin works in carrying oxygen to muscles.  Simply put, without enough iron, one’s oxygen level is not sufficient.

How Iron Enters the Body

Iron is found in foods like red meat, nuts, dried fruit, oats, and vegetables like spinach and broccoli.  Cells in the area of one’s gastrointestinal tract absorb iron when these aforementioned foods are consumed.  With this process, iron then goes through a transport process, going through the bloodstream and eventually being transferred to the liver.  It’s an important process that we often overlook.

Effects of Iron Deficiency on the Body

Feeling Fatigued and Having Trouble Breathing

There are various signs of a lack of iron in the body.  The first is feeling extremely fatigued and tired.  This is because, with a lack of iron, adequate amounts of oxygen are not transported to the various regions of the body.  This makes one feel extremely tired and unable to carry out the necessary tasks of everyday living.  Also, many times, when people are dealing with iron deficiency, they have difficulty breathing properly.  As stated, hemoglobin is produced from iron.  Without an efficient level of hemoglobin in the red blood cells, adequate amounts of oxygen are not able to be transported properly.  When this is the case, when one attempts to move around and do things, they have extreme issues breathing properly since the body is not supplied with enough oxygen.

Heart Palpitations

The low levels of oxygen being supplied to the body during times of iron deficiency can contribute to extra heartbeats or the case of the heart skipping a beat.  These are known as heart palpitations.  The heart is what pumps blood to the body and sends oxygen.  Heart palpitations are an unpleasant inconvenience that interferes with comfortable living.


Having bad headaches is another thing associated with iron deficiency.  When combined with having trouble breathing and moving (the other effects of iron deficiency), it makes for an extremely uncomfortable and overbearing feeling for the body.  People seek to avoid getting into this type of situation, which, when left untreated, can actually lead to life-threatening consequences.  It’s important to learn just what causes people to lack proper amounts of iron in their bodies.

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Reasons for Iron Deficiency


As with most essential vitamins and minerals, no matter how well one eats, it is sometimes almostimpossible to obtain everything that one needs. In general, people who eat a lot of meat tend to havehigher iron levels than those that don’t. Vegetarians usually have an extremely hard time maintainingdecent amounts of iron. However, even when one eats lots of food items thathave plentiful amounts of iron, the body can only absorb so much of it. It takes something extra to helpoffset this problem for both meat eaters and vegetarians seeking to have good iron levels.


Just like how it is becoming well-known that living a natural lifestyle sometimes leaves out importantnutrients, it’s also becoming common knowledge that exercise, while extremely beneficial to the body,contributes to the loss of iron. Basically, when strenuous exercise is performed by the body, iron itself isused. Then, when one sweats profusely during the exercises, a largeamount of iron is released. There’s no doubt that exercise and diet are two of the biggest componentsof having great health. However, one must understand that even things that are a part of living a betterlife have their limits too.

Loss of Blood

Iron is directly associated with red blood cells, so it certainly makes sense that losing blood causes iron deficiency.  A person can lose significant amounts of blood from acute ulcers and hemorrhages.  Some people, on the other hand, have conditions that cause them to lose substantial amounts of blood.  It’s these people who are especially in need of supplements to keep their iron levels in check.  Also, there are various types of people that tend to have higher risks of developing iron deficiency.  Really young people like babies, toddlers, and teenagers tend to have this problem.  Pregnant and menstruating women are known to have trouble maintaining decent iron levels too.

Supplementing with Iron

If someone determines that they are in need of using iron supplements, they will begin to see improvement in various areas of their lives once they take them.  For one thing, they will feel less fatigued, and they will also be able to concentrate on something better.  In addition, one’s endurance will improve, and one will sleep better at night.  One’s immune system will also improve from iron supplementation.  Keeping the immune system high is especially important during this time of year of seasonal changes as the body becomes more susceptible to sickness.  Supplementing with iron prevents the chances of heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, headaches, and a variety of other things associated with iron deficiency.

Urinary Health

Although it may seem unpleasant to think about, urinary health is an important part of our lives.  When one urinates or defecates, the body releases things it doesn’t need.  As one flushes the toilet, they, in turn, flush these things away.  It’s the natural order of everyday living. To make sure people are maintaining good urinary health, it is up to them to use proper supplements.  Whether someone is young or old simply doesn’t matter.  Urinary problems affect people universally and have no bias when it comes to age.  Just like how the natural way of life, which is definitely the best way to live, sometimes neglects the body in maintaining high levels of iron, urinary problems can’t be avoided no matter how hard someone tries.  It takes something special with extracts from cranberries.  Certain components from cranberries help prevent bacteria from staying in one’s urinary tract linings.  However, where can one find a supplement with this?

Herbatech Supplements

Herbatech Supplements was founded under the ideology that everyone should have the option of living a natural lifestyle.  Founded in 2019, they didn’t love what they were seeing online and on shelves in the dietary supplement space.  They realized that just because certain people were supposedly living a natural lifestyle, that didn’t mean that they were receiving all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Herbatech Supplements seeks to fill in these gaps and afford people the opportunity to be their best selves.

Iron Gummies

  • Helps Supply the Body with Adequate Amounts of Iron
  • 3.2 mg of Iron Per Serving
  • Contains Vitamin C, A, B, and Zinc

Cranberry Gummies

  • Helps with Urinary Tract Health.
  • Contains Cranberry Puree

Leave no Stone Unturned When It Comes to Living Healthy

Wouldn’t you want to finally be able to take your health to the next level?  Isn’t it time you made sure that your body gets everything it needs no matter what the circumstances?  In 2023, people all over the world have stopped being complacent when it comes to educating themselves about further health developments.  With this newfound knowledge, people are becoming a newer and better version of themselves that they may have never previously thought possible.  People are aware now, more than ever, not only of the importance of iron to their bodies but also of just how much iron their body has been missing.  In addition to people educating themselves about what they have been missing in terms of nutrients and minerals, they have also taken action concerning bodily functions that must be regulated thoroughly.  It’s time to fill in the missing gaps to go to the next level of health and wellness!

If you’re looking to get all of the iron you need to keep oxygen traveling all throughout your body and also finally take action when it comes to important bodily functions, then look no further.  Iron products and items designed to help urinary health are available from Herbatech Supplements.  Now, you will have all the bases covered when it comes to your healthy, natural way of life.  Your oxygen levels will reach their peak, which will, therefore, help you breathe better and perform daily functions like never before.  It will be like breathing new life into yourself.  Are you interested?  Try Iron Gummies and Cranberry Gummies from Herbatech Supplements.  They also carry Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and Elderberry Gummies.  It’s time to join the cause of taking your health to the next level.  We can do it together!









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