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According to Wikipedia, energy is “the capacity of a system to produce heat, light, or motion.” Like all life, humans need energy to move, think, and keep warm. Without energy, we feel lethargic, easily irritated, and quickly get cold and run down.Energy. Some people have an abundance of it. But many don’t. For many people, it can seem like an elusive phenomenon. Remembered from childhood but eroded by everyday living as an adult.

We know that to get good energy, we need a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But sometimes, we need more time to prepare our meals than is available, and quick options are tempting. Even when we use the best-sourced foods, certain nutrients that are particularly important in keeping our energy levels high and our brain focused and active are often missing. Optimal intake of these vital energy-giving vitamins and minerals can be tricky, even if you eat a balanced diet. Not consuming enough can lead to various forms of stress for our bodies. Which in turn leads us to be mentally stressed. Which in turn leads to too little sleep and various health problems.

Stress means we have a too high level of the hormone cortisol, which has several unpleasant consequences, such as a lack of energy or an inability to focus or think clearly. If it goes on too long, these basic stresses can lead to depression, low immunity, and a general feeling of being out of balance.


If this is you, what can you do about it? Whitney Johns Nutrition is fast becoming the go-to for smart people who want to optimize their energy and wellness. Whitney Johns set up Whitney Johns Nutrition to help women and men live healthier, more rewarding lives and be their best selves.

Nowadays, Witney is a successful entrepreneur, fitness model and personal trainer and is on her way to becoming a professional boxer. But this wasn’t always the case. As a teenager, Witney suffered from chronic pain. Her family didn’t have the resources to send her to doctors and specialists, so she started her own research. Her research took into diet, supplements and how the human body works. Out of this, she formed her three pillars of living and enjoying life to the fullest, which are fast becoming recognized as the pillars of a healthy, energetic life.


Gut health is an often overlooked aspect of health and wellness. But it’s one of the most crucial. Without the strong foundation of a healthy gut, your body will not be able to function in the way it was designed to function.

Your gut plays a significant role in the following:

  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • elimination
  • Production of essential nutrients
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Providing energy.

Your gut is also home to a diverse community of microorganisms essential to your health. Poor gut health can result in a range of side effects, including:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Muscle soreness
  • Stiffness
  • decreased range of motion
  • Inflammation
  • chronic pain.

The gut and the brain have a close working relationship. If your gut is not working well, it can contribute to a foggy feeling in the brain, a lack of concentration, and more serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. An out-of-balanced gut can send signals to the brain, causing it to give you hunger pangs and cravings that lead to eating food that is not good for us or too much food. This can lead to gaining unnecessary weight, and so the downward spiral continues. On the other hand, if the gut is healthy, it functions as one of the systems that helps regulate hormones through the gut-brain axis and can keep you healthy throughout the year and fight off viruses on your behalf.

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Mental health plays a crucial role in optimizing health and fitness. In today’s world, many people struggle with various forms of mental stress. Unfortunately, too much stress can take a negative toll on your health.

Stress can affect:

  • How you feel
  • How you think
  • How you behave
  • Your overall well-being
  • Your cardiovascular health
  • Your immunity
  •  Your weight.

Mental health also directly impacts your motivation to engage in physical activity. People with good mental health are more likely to be motivated to exercise and make healthy choices, while those with poor mental health often struggle to find motivation and are more prone to feeling defeated. Mental health also determines your ability to get quality sleep, your self-esteem levels, and even your eating habits.


Hormone health also plays a significant role in optimizing health and fitness. Hormones are chemical messengers the endocrine system produces that regulate many bodily functions.

Hormones play an essential role in:

  • metabolism
  • energy levels
  • The body’s ability to balance the ratio of fat cells to muscle cells
  • Muscle growth
  • How your body recovers from strenuous physical activity
  •  Ensuring proper muscle growth and development
  • Response to stress 
  • Getting enough restorative sleep
  • Protecting bone density and overall skeletal health.
  • Sexual health
  • General wellness.

Maintaining hormone health is crucial for optimizing health and fitness. A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep, can help maintain hormone health. But often, more is needed.


All three pillars are interconnected. They should be a top priority in generating the energy needed to be happy and well. Trying to achieve a complex goal, such as health, fitness, and overall wellness, will always fall short with isolated approaches. Optimal health comes from an integrated approach to the whole bodily system. Taking all these elements and nurturing each pillar is vital to experience the best possible wellness and happiness.


At this point, Whitney Johns Nutrition comes in. Whitney’s research into optimal health led her to produce supplements she couldn’t find elsewhere. Supplements that consider all three pillars.

‘Having been in the fitness modelling industry and the professional bodybuilding world for many years, I’d seen a lot of gimmicky products. Things like fat burners, pre-workouts, proteins, and all sorts of supplements that either don’t work or worse, might cause harm and stunt your progress,’ says Whitney. ‘It’s critical to look at your lifestyle and support your body with targeted supplementation.’

This is possible thanks to Whitney John’s sophisticated multi-supplements with specific nutrients. The beneficial consequences are better stress management, a more stable energy supply and a sharper focus and concentration.It also means that hormone-related complaints and disorders are far less likely to occur. Do you want to live life to the full? Try Whitney Johns Nutrition Hormone Support and Brain Activate to be the best version of yourself.









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