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Eat Desserts to Manage Your Sugar

Desserts can help you stay healthy!!  This is a phrase that you more than likely have never heard before.  You’ve probably thought of desserts as being associated with everything bad about your health.  I’m sure you’ve heard people tell you that all desserts are bad for you and make you put on weight and increase the risks of diabetes.  But, did you know??  There are some special types of tasty desserts that have been sweeping the world that are also very good for you.  People can now replace desserts that are bad for them with others that have an even better taste and are also beneficial to their health.  These special types of meal replacements are so filling to the body that they prevent people from craving sweets and high-sugar desserts that contribute to obesity, diabetes, and other health issues.  People should know, though, that they can’t locate these items just anywhere.  The Good Fat Company has super yummy desserts that are as helpful to the body as they are tasty.  2023 is the year that people are eating the right kinds of desserts because they actually want to for the first time in their lives.  Don’t miss out on continuing to eat desserts but do it in a way that is super healthy.

Good Fats

You often hear that a low-fat diet is the key to a healthy life.  While it is true that it is strongly recommended to avoid certain types of fats, it’s now been shown that fat, for the most part, is not the real issue behind a bad diet and being overweight.  It is very important for one to distinguish between good fats and bad fats.  Good fats are found in a lot of animal fats, fish oils, raw almonds and nuts, and many other things.  These healthy fats, when consumed by the body, go to various tissues and organs.  The brain, nervous system, hormones, joints, eyes, and muscles all benefit in the end.  Also, healthy fats play a part in lowering cholesterol and producing energy for the body.  Arguably, one of the most overlooked facts about healthy fats is that they help the body regulate its blood sugar levels and prevent one from craving an overabundance of sugar.  This is an interesting point because it’s actually sugar that contributes to health problems more so than high fat intake.  This is found in various sweets and sugary foods that are always readily available in stores.

People’s Love of Sweets as Desserts

As mentioned, this may be the first time you’ve ever heard of eating desserts to stay healthy.  That’s probably a good thing because most of them are not beneficial to the body and its important functions.  However, one cannot deny that a good majority of people love foods that have a high amount of sugar in them.  Everything from cakes and pastries to ice cream and frozen yogurt has positioned itself as a favorite pastime of people the world over.  When people say the word dessert, they think of food that is eaten after the main course of a meal.  Generally, this is when most ‘desserts’ are served right after the main part of lunch or dinner.  However, sweets and what we call ‘sugary foods’ are eaten by some people at any time of the day.  In the morning, high-sugar pastries and scones tend to be popular.  Also, some people drink high-sugar coffees like Frappuccino. Different seasons of the year also indicate the popularity of different types of sugary foods.  During the summer months, when the temperatures are high, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and custard are eaten by millions of people.  On the contrary, when it is cold outside during the winter, people often resort to consuming hot fudge and warm pudding.  One could also say that eating sweets is a celebratory aspect of society.  For instance, cakes are served at weddings, sweets of all kinds are consumed during the holiday season, and candy is devoured at Halloween.  Sweets are very much a part of the culture of many people the world over.  The problem with this is that these types of high-sugar foods are not good for you and lead to various issues for your body.


Arguably the biggest stigma associated with overeating foods with a lot of sugar is obesity.  While there are various arguments from health professionals about how much eating sweets has to do with obesity, most studies do indicate that the overconsumption of sugar can very well contribute to weight gain.  Insulin is produced by sugar in the body.  Oftentimes, people consume more sugar than what is suited for their bodies.  In this case, the insulin stores this excess sugar as fat.  While the body does need a certain amount of fat, this overconsumption of sugary foods causes too much fat to be stored.  Obesity affects many people.  There are so many different diets that people follow to try to burn fat.  However, many of these diets do not contain foods that are tasty in addition to burning fat.

High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is one of the most obvious problems people encounter when eating too many sweets.  This is not a good thing as it contributes to harmful effects on various areas of the body.  Besides being linked to obesity, high blood sugar also has a very close connection to diabetes.  In addition, high blood sugar, or high blood glucose, can cause inflammation.  It’s important for people to look for the right kind of meal plan that has all the right ingredients that will prevent ongoing health problems.  2023 is the year that people are educating themselves about what types of nutrients and ingredients are both nutritious and tasty at the same time.  Once they become more knowledgeable, they can finally eat with no shame.


Macadamia Nuts

Raw nuts are considered good fats that highly benefit organs and tissues of the body.  One particular type of nut, macadamia, is extremely healthy.  They have lots of magnesium, which has been shown to contribute to great heart health.  In addition, macadamias can have positive effects on one’s digestive and cardiovascular health.  Specific foods like these are very important to consume to make sure aspects of one’s health are properly covered.  However, most people don’t have the patience to look for certain categories of things like nuts or measure them properly for adequate consumption.  That’s why it’s much easier to consume something that has proof of certain ingredients, like macadamia nuts.

Wellness Magazine Master Club


One of the main ingredients of chocolate is raw cacao butter.  Cacao has a long list of benefits to one’s health.  It has high levels of antioxidants, which help the body fight off diseases and toxins.  In addition, cacao has less sugar than milk chocolate.  Arguably, one of cacao’s strongest qualities is its ability to help reduce the risk of diabetes.  Elements that are found in cacao powder, for example, help increase insulin sensitivity. 

Monk Fruit

A small round fruit native to Southern China, monk fruit provides an alternative source of sweetening that is much better than sugar.  The sweetener comes from the fruit itself and has no calories whatsoever.  In addition, monk fruits have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  These help the body not only fight off infections but raise its immune system.  A high immune system in the human body prevents sickness from occurring as often.  All things considered, monk fruit extract in any type of food or supplement is going to help the body in more ways than one. 

Keto Diet

For individuals seeking to control their blood sugar levels, finding the right kind of diet can be a challenge.  Many regular regimens that are suggested don’t always produce the greatest results.  It’s all about educating yourself about the benefits of different ways of eating.  The keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet, is a well-known low-carb diet that has been shown to be very beneficial for people. This involves the body burning stored fat for energy.  In addition to helping people lose weight, the keto diet has been shown to help people lower blood glucose and help people with type 2 diabetes.  People are just now learning about the effectiveness of this plan.

The Good Fat Company

The Good Fat Company was founded by Terry Duperon, Dr. Darren Schmidt, and Sherri Rodgers.  Terry once proposed an organic, non-GMO bar concept to Darren.  However, Darren felt there needed to be something more from a bar to recommend to his patients, that something being fats.  These fats were healthy fats, not unhealthy fats.  With a clear understanding of the health benefits of a consistent diet of good fats, the team was passionate about raising awareness and bringing good-fat education to people. 

The Good Fat Company’s products contain only the healthiest types of fats, hence the name.  Hand-made products that blend low carbs with healthy fats are a top priority of the company.  The Good Fat Company has not only educated people about good fats, but they have also helped people come to the realization that eating healthy can be tasty and fun.

Ketodamia Bar

  • Helps Body Burn Fat.
  • Contains Cacao Powder.
  • Contains Cacao Butter
  • Contains Macadamia Nuts.
  • Contains Monk Fruit.

Cocoa Mousse

  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • Contains Cacao Powder
  • Made Without Sugar
  • Keto friendly

Junk Food is Now Fresh

Isn’t it time you enjoy eating just as much as staying healthy?  In 2023, people from coast to coast are educating themselves and learning that eating nutritious foods doesn’t have to be a forced action; it should actually be a pleasure.  Different ingredients that have super health benefits have been found that sweeten up food even more so than unnatural sugars.  Also, people are educating themselves about good fats over bad fats.  This knowledge has created the ability to get full sooner so that people don’t overeat as much.  Besides acting as substitutes for sugars, these newfound elements enable the body to feel fulfilled with smaller portions of food. 

If you are someone wishing to lose weight, control their sugar intake, and be able to eat desserts with no regrets, then look no further!  Healthy treats are available for you from the Good Fat Company.  Finally, you won’t have to worry about consuming too much sugar when eating that specialty after your meal.  Why not eat something you love that just as equally loves your own body?  It’s the pleasures in life that should be both enjoyable and guilt-free.  Are you interested?  Try the Ketodamia Bar and Cocoa Mousse from the Good Fat Company.  They also carry Pumpkin Spice Mousse and Keto Strawberry Cheesecake.  It’s the tasty foods you love in a form you would have never previously thought possible.  Now is the time to start enjoying life again!









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