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Feel Energized and Relaxed All at the Same Time

Did you know that drinking specific items with smaller amounts of caffeine can actually give you more energy and are better for your overall health?  You may never have heard this before.  That’s fine if you haven’t because not many people have until just recently.  In 2023, people are becoming better informed concerning the everyday beverages that they drink.  We live in a world where people have consumed lots of coffee and energy drinks over the years so that they can wake up and stay alert during the day.  However, this can cause some serious side effects and be harmful to your health and well-being.  This year is the year that people have chosen to drink healthier items that give them a super amount of energy without the caffeine and unnecessary ingredients from regular coffee.  Doing this has enabled them to feel more positive and energetic while at the same time boosting their health.  However, these specific beverages can’t be found just anywhere.  You would have to go to many different stores and waste valuable time trying to find the right amount of ingredients to combine as one.  Thankfully, Allura Superfoods has items that give people everything they need to obtain and maintain a great energy level, all the while helping their bodies!  It’s time to stop going back in time with ways of energizing the body.  Let’s focus on the present moment and make the future a healthier world for people whenever they start their day or need that extra midday boost to keep them going.

Coffee Drinking

Drinking coffee has been a popular activity for people all over the world for centuries.  For a lot of people, drinking coffee is one of the first things they do when they start their day.  Whether someone works a traditional day from morning to evening or if they work a night shift at their job, consuming that first cup of coffee upon waking up is a huge tradition.  A lot of students in college, grad school, and medical school drink coffee as they often are super busy and require a certain amount stamina to complete their assignments in addition to their everyday life duties. Some individuals, even if they drink coffee in the morning, need another cup of coffee at midday to maintain enough energy to keep going forward.  For other groups of people, drinking coffee is a tradition while eating dessert following a big dinner.  Regardless, coffee drinking is a big business.  Coffee shops pull in lots of money year-round.  We live in a world of coffee drinkers.

Negative Effects of Coffee Drinking

Physical Health

Being that coffee drinking is so popular, like anything, it can be extremely addictive.  The caffeine that comes from coffee feels almost like a necessity for people just to survive, which should not be the case.  Some people drink way too much coffee.  However, even when someone just drinks a limited amount of coffee, it can still have bad effects on their health.  The high amounts of caffeine that are found in coffee can do more than just provide some energy; they can also contribute to a fast heart rate and feeling dizzy.  These are conditions that, if left untreated, can contribute to worse problems.  Coffee also causes dehydration.  The addiction to coffee is also associated with insomnia and restlessness, which defeats one of the main purposes of drinking coffee in the first place.  Oftentimes, when drinking it with dessert or late in the day, it’s hard for some to fall asleep.  They end up staying up all night, which is bad for the body.  That makes the addiction to coffee even more severe.  It’s a cycle that people should do their best to avoid.  Most recently, people are deciding to drink a specific type of beverage that helps give them more energy without as much caffeine and the bad side effects associated with it.

It’s important to note that as many years have passed, coffee has taken on many different forms and styles.  These various forms of coffee have often included abundant amounts of bad sugar and other ingredients that are not beneficial to one’s health.  It’s bad enough that coffee already has harmful elements associated with it due to high amounts of caffeine.  This extra sugar and artificial ingredients only make the negative effects of coffee on the human body even more intense.  One could argue that the components of coffee being so distorted has contributed to obesity in the world.  Coffee shops, in addition to selling high-sugar coffees, also sell desserts and pastries that have bad fats and sugar.  Eating that, along with the high-sugar coffee, is a recipe for disaster for the body.  Just like how caffeine and coffee, in general, are so addictive, coffee shops are very addictive as well.  People spend so much of their hard-earned money on beverages at coffee shops, along with other items on display, because they are addicted to sugar and also find these establishments very convenient.  It’s the issue of finding something that is convenient, supplies adequate energy, and is good for the body all at the same time.

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Mental Health

As previously stated, a rapid heart rate can be directly linked to drinking high amounts of coffee.  Rapid heart rate is often associated with high anxiety and stress levels.  There have been cases of people experiencing bad anxiety as a result of their bodies being highly caffeinated from drinking coffee.  In some of the most severe cases, people have had bad panic and anxiety attacks due to these circumstances.  Besides the bad effects on the heart, this causes one’s mental health to be negatively impacted.  Anxiety and stress are things that a lot of people suffer from the world over.  There are different levels of anxiety and stress seen in various people.  Regardless of what level of these one exhibits, it is important for people to keep stress and anxiety under control with healthy products.  Unfortunately, too much caffeine from coffee accentuates these factors and makes them worse.  Maintaining good mental health is just as important as keeping one’s physical health in check.  We need to be in a proper mindset to adequately perform both physical and mental duties throughout a given day.  Feeling overly anxious and nervous makes it very difficult for people to concentrate and carry out daily tasks.  When this becomes an ongoing occurrence in someone’s life, it can really throw them out of whack.  The addictive nature of coffee only adds to this, as people feel they have to have coffee no matter what.  It’s important that people learn about specific beverages that have ingredients that serve as a great alternative to coffee.

Substitute for Coffee

For a beverage to act as a proper substitute for coffee with health benefits to the body, they require specific ingredients.  Many of these ingredients are superfoods that can provide the body with high amounts of energy without the side effects of a lot of caffeine.  Also, some of them, due to their very elements, help one stay energized and relaxed all at the same time.  It’s the perfect combination that people are looking for. 

Here is a list of superfoods that can help one achieve this:

  • Cacao powder.
  • Matcha.
  • Beet Root.
  • Cordyceps.
  • Reishi.
  • Lion’s Mane.
  • Turmeric

These ingredients help one’s physical and mental health.  One remains calm while, at the same time, is supplied with proper amounts of energy to get more finished throughout the day.  There are no bad side effects or caffeine crashes.  Superfoods like cacao powder also add to the taste of coffee substitutes, making them even tastier than any high-sugar Frappuccino that you have to spend an arm and a leg on at a coffee shop.  Other ones, like matcha, have elements that boost one’s energy while, at the same time, helping the body stay focused and relaxed. 


Shilajit is a superfood that contains a lot of minerals and other beneficial nutrients.  When a drink is supplemented with shilajit, it helps one improve their energy level healthily, increase levels of mental focus, and also help with lowering levels of anxiety and stress.  In addition, some people have reported seeing benefits to their skin from using products with shilajit with the reduction of acne and breakouts.  Shilajit acts as a healthy and energetic boost to one’s life when added to coffee or tea.  The problem many people encounter, though, is finding shilajit.  It is very rare and difficult to locate.

Allura Superfoods

Allura Superfoods was born out of a desire to improve quality of life by utilizing the abundance of goods that nature has to offer.  Shaina, the founder of Allura Superfoods, had been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks and was looking for a way to get rid of coffee and high amounts of caffeine.  After doing much research on the ingredients and mushroom powders and supplements, Shaina came up with a unique blend that was the perfect substitute for coffee, along with being beneficial to her overall health.

Boost Blend

  • Helps alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Contributes to glowing skin and stronger hair.
  • Healthy substitute to coffee or caffeinated diet.
  • Contains Cacao, Matcha Tea, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Beetroot

Mineral Shilajit

  • Helps improve energy levels.
  • Helps improve mental focus.
  • Helps lower stress and anxiety.
  • Contains Wildcrafted Pure Shilajit Resin.

Start Feeling Alive and Well Again by Drinking Something Different

Wouldn’t you like to start getting enough energy to handle the day while feeling relaxed at the same time?  In 2023, people are ditching coffee and joining the awesome community of people drinking convenient items which are even more powerful and also help your health.  Thorough research has taken place that proves that various superfoods combined help form healthy energy for the body.  This healthy energy is beneficial to both one’s physical and mental state.  People are becoming more productive citizens by having just the right amount of energy to tackle any and all tasks that life puts in their way.  It’s a healthy kind of energy that doesn’t cause anxiety and a rapid heart rate.  This newfound stamina is accompanied by a feeling of calm and relaxation, so one can think straight.  It’s definitely a supernatural feeling that many people have been missing out on until recently.

If you are looking to substitute coffee with a healthier alternative that provides a better form of energy for the body, then look no further.  Items containing beneficial elements are available from Allura Superfoods.  Instead of paying so much money for highly caffeinated coffee that may contribute to anxiety and other health issues, you can now rely on a drink that will help both your body and mind.  Finally, you can feel good about your favorite tasty beverage rather than living with shame.  Are you interested?  Allura Superfoods has the Boost Blend and also Mineral Shilajit.  Boost Blend is a superfood power blend loaded with awesome ingredients.  Mineral Shilajit can be added to whatever your drink of choice may be, including the Boost Blend.  Now is the time to join the millions of motivated individuals around the world devoted to a better way of living with just the help of an everyday beverage.









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