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Protect Yourself from the Unknown

Have you ever wondered how cell phones affect the atmosphere?  When you use your cell phone, a radiofrequency (RF) radiation signal is sent out.  How does this affect the world?  How does it affect other signals being radiated between walkie-talkies, radio stations, or even NASA?  Most importantly, how does this RF radiation affect people’s mental and physical health?  Currently, there is no evidence that this radiation that comes from cell phones has any direct effect on human functions and behavior.  However, a government agency has requested limits on phone-emitted radio frequencies.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  The year is still young.  Since so much cell phone use takes place every single day of the year, it is important to learn how to stay protected against any potential threats that may occur.  Millions of people from coast to coast have chosen 2023 as the year to remain shielded against any global threat that might come out of nowhere.  If you haven’t started taking precautions, now is certainly the time.  The Four Healers has extraordinary products that can provide full protection against any potential effects of radiation.  Start protecting yourself today!

Global Issues and Problems

In March 2020, the world certainly changed with the onset of the COVID pandemic.  It was a global issue that shut down most of the world.  The social distancing rules that were administered required people to stay within several feet of one another.  Also, people wore masks to prevent the spread of the virus.  Various parts of the world dealt with the issue differently.  Even though most of the world is back up and open, the effects of the pandemic are still being seen today.  It definitely changed aspects of human behavior in terms of how people relate to one another.  So many people were forced to work from home that by the time businesses started being open again for public business, some individuals wanted to continue working virtually.  This led to the resignation of people from certain jobs to find online work.  One could argue that the COVID pandemic also distorted the code of social norms of how to greet people.  For so long, people were greeting each other with fist bumps that that’s almost the norm with certain people today.  Other people returned to shaking hands and hugging, which confused some.  Regardless of what the origins and causes of COVID were, it’s safe to say that most of the world was not prepared for it.  With this in mind, one could conclude that a lot of individuals want to stay protected against any problems that may arise.  The COVID pandemic popped up so fast and unexpectedly that it’s best to be prepared for the next global issue, whatever that may be.  It may not necessarily be a pandemic involving a virus.  Also, it may not be as widespread as COVID was.  However, I think it’s a safe bet that most people do not want to keep their guard down anymore concerning anything.  As stated, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  An issue could arise that involves the effects of electronic devices we constantly use every day.

Cell Phone Use

Using a cell phone is such a common action that it’s almost second nature to a lot of people.  Cell phones, most specifically smartphones, are a part of society.  It’s a means of communication not only via physically talking on the phone but also by sending others text messages and emails, communicating via social media, performing business, watching entertainment, and anything and everything you can think of.  It’s almost as if a person’s whole life lies within their phone.  There are many people that have criticized the use of smartphones and their effect on society and human behavior.  Just like how some argue that the COVID pandemic caused people to be less social, there are also claims that smartphone use has had the same effect.  Everyone is constantly looking at their phone or sending a message.  Even before COVID hit, many people were trying to make the argument that people did not know how to socialize with people anymore due to the fact that millions of people were communicating strictly via text messages and emails, either for business or personal purposes or both.  The happenings of 2020 and 2021 certainly accentuated these factors. 

Even before smartphones became the thing, cell phones as a primary means of communication had already become commonplace.  Although cordless phones had technically already existed for several years beforehand, it wasn’t really until the late 1990s that cell phone use started to become mainstream in everyday life.  It slowly built from there, and by the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, smartphones came into being.  Other than the aforementioned changes to social behavior and norms brought on by cell phones, there are other concerns about their use.  From cell phones, certain types of radiation are emitted.


Radiation involves the transmission of electronic waves.  In other words, the signals that are sent can’t be seen by the human eye.  With so many electronic devices used every day, there is a lot of radiation going on every single second of every day.  The types of radiation certainly differ, depending on the type of device that is being used.  For instance, radiation from an X-ray machine is different from radiation from a microwave.  Although radiation is extremely vital to so many modern processes, there have been some side effects discovered.  Certain types of radiation have been shown to cause burns on the body.  In addition, other types of radiation have been proven to contribute to certain types of cancer among living organisms.  That’s not to cause people to become totally opposed to all types of radiation because, as stated, it’s necessary in this electronic world of ours.  Also, it’s only real distinct kinds of radiation that ultimately contribute to these harmful conditions.  However, with so much radiation taking place every day and so many different types of it floating around in the air, it is extremely important for people to educate themselves.  Even more important is staying protected from any potential thing that might occur from the frequent use of various types of electronics.  One could argue that some of the most radiation in the world comes from cell phones.

Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation

The main type of radiation that is emitted from cell phones is radiofrequency (RF) radiation.  This is a distinct type of radiation that is different from the kind associated with things like X-rays.  Since cell phones, most specifically smartphones, are a common thing in society, RF radiation is more widespread than ever.  We are exposed to it constantly.  There are concerns among many professionals that overexposure to these electromagnetic forces can cause harm to one’s health.   Unlike other forms of radiation, there has not been any evidence found in studies that suggest that RF radiation contributes to deficiencies in the physical and mental health of human beings.  However, since many scholars and professionals still continue to express concern combined with the fact that a government agency is already placing certain restrictions on electronic use, it’s important that people start protecting themselves from the unknown.

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Microwave Radiation

Although technically different than RF radiation, microwave radiation (MW) is of the same type as both are non-ionizing.  In the electromagnetic spectrum, the frequency rate of RF radiation stops where MW radiation actually begins.  Having said that, one could theorize that microwave radiation can possibly be mixed in with cell phone use.  Since so many people around the world constantly use smartphones and since MW radiation is close to RF radiation, then the chances of being exposed to this could arguably be just as high.  It’s been shown that constant exposure to MW radiation can contribute to problems with the skin.  Studies have taken place that have tried to link this type of radiation to cancer.  Although nothing has been proven as of this writing, the fact that there’s been so much investigation into this should raise concern for many.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently established maximum limits on the energy, or radiation, that cellular or cordless phones can emit.  Along with the concern among people about the health effects of both RF and MW radiation, these regulations should instill a sense of caution in people.  Even with the stipulations that were put out by the FCC, there is still much radiation floating around from everyone using cell phones constantly.  It’s up to people to take action to protect themselves from harm, no matter what.

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Start Taking Action Now so You Won’t Have to In the Future

I’m sure you use your cell phone a lot.  It’s probably the first thing you look at when you get up in the morning and the last thing you look at before you go to sleep at night.  Much of your daily life and activities probably revolve around your phone.  Therefore, it’s important to become aware of any and all concerns that may arise about the effects of using them.  Besides yourself, millions of people the world over are living via smartphones too.  Wouldn’t you like to be ready and protected than be caught off guard by something?  There have not been verified health issues concerning the radiation emitted from cell phones yet, but there still is great awareness of some possibilities.  The FCC’s decision to regulate the amount of energy submitted by cell phones is a red flag for people that waves in the air, while super beneficial to us, may also come at a great price.  Don’t let that price you pay be your health!

There’s a saying that what you don’t know won’t hurt you.  However, in this case, what you don’t know can definitely hurt you.  No one really knows at this very moment what the full effects of radiation from cell phones are on the body.  It’s best to shield yourself from anything that may unpleasantly enter your life out of nowhere.  One could argue that the COVID pandemic did that to many people.  Are you looking to stay protected from the possible harmful effects of radiation?  The Four Healers have Stealth Radar Shield and Zap Oil.  We are only four months into the year 2023, and it’s time not to let health concerns pass by before it’s too late.  Finally, you can use your smartphone, or cell phone, for all of your daily rituals without feeling any guilt whatsoever.  Join the community of great people becoming more responsible about their lives.  Act now!









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