ShapeFind a Mind-Body-Health Balance for Summer

Find a Mind-Body-Health Balance for Summer

Spring has finally arrived here, with sunny skies and blooming flowers. The change in temperatures for some, however, may be causing orthopedic conditions like arthritis to flare up. For sufferers of joint and muscle pain, and anyone who is interested in improving their overall health moving into the summer months, the orthopedic specialists at Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute offer some helpful tips.

Musculoskeletal health is about more than just bones and joints,” explains Dr. Michael Greller. “Having good orthopedic health is dependent upon an individual’s overall wellness–both body and mind–including sleep, nutrition, and stress management. AOSMI provides a comprehensive array of services that can meet an individual’s total health needs with one multidisciplinary team.” Dr. Greller is an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in advanced, minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures including ACL, rotator cuff, and meniscus surgery.

“We encourage our patients to take the same holistic approach we do to their treatment,” Dr. Paulvin explains. “As the summer months approach, we reinforce the importance of staying hydrated, getting outdoors, regular physical activity, mindfulness, and relaxation, among other strategies.”

Specific recommendations include the following.

1. Monitor Hydration. Make bottled water a regular accessory, like a purse or wallet, when leaving the house. In the summer, it is very easy to become dehydrated, particularly while engaging in physical activity–even just taking a walk down the street. The Institute of Medicine found that men should be drinking at least 13 cups, and women should be drinking at least nine cups of water each day.

2. Stay Active. Speaking of physical activity, it is recommended that adults get at least two hours and 30 minutes of exercise each week, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Reach this quota with activities you enjoy, such as gardening, hiking, or playing team sports with friends. Strength and flexibility are especially important to orthopedic health.

3. Rest Up. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that adults sleep between seven and nine hours each night in order to promote optimal health and overall wellbeing. Having a set time you go to sleep each night, limiting caffeine intake, and incorporating a “wind-down routine” into your evening are a few ways to promote healthy rest.

ABOUT AOSMI  AOSMI tailors treatment in order to deliver the best possible results with the least invasive interventions. Well-known in Central Jersey for thorough, individualized treatment, the team provides weight management, sports medicine, and pain management services, in addition to a full array of orthopedic treatment. For individuals who are experiencing pain or fatigue, or who would like to learn more about AOSMI’s orthopedic and holistic approach to health management, contact the team on their website









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