HealthRevealed: Over 40% of Americans have safety concerns about vitamins and dietary...

Revealed: Over 40% of Americans have safety concerns about vitamins and dietary supplements

  • Majority of Americans are taking vitamins and/or dietary supplements to improve their overall health/wellbeing (74%)
  • Interestingly, vitamins and/or dietary supplements are also being used to target and improve certain aspects of health such as bone health (55%), heart health (49%), joint health (46%), immune health (42%) and digestive health (33%)
  • The biggest concern Americans have about vitamins and dietary supplements is how effective (46%) the ingredients in them are
  • Thereafter, Americans are equally worried about the safety (44%) and purity (44%) of the ingredients found in vitamins and dietary supplements
  • Only 28% of Americans have consulted a qualified medical professional (i.e. doctor, dietician, etc.) before taking their desired vitamin and/or dietary supplement(s)


With people more health-conscious than ever before, the use of vitamins and dietary supplements has astronomically risen. So much so, that the dietary supplements market is astonishingly expected to reach over $349 billion by 2026 according to figures compiled by Market Study Report.

Interested in health supplements usage, surveyed 1,484 Americans adults, to find out the main reasons why Americans are taking vitamins and/or dietary supplements.


GolfSupport found that the majority of Americans are taking vitamins and/or dietary supplements to improve their overall health/wellbeing (74%).

Subsequently, 68% use vitamins and/or dietary supplements to fill any nutritional gaps they think they might have. Whilst 65% have vitamins and/or dietary supplements to better control their weight and 61% do so to increase energy levels.

Moreover, it was established that Americans are using vitamins and/or dietary supplements to target and boost certain aspects of their physical wellbeing such as bone health (55%)heart health (49%)joint health (46%)immune health (42%) and digestive health (33%).

From those surveyed, only 28% said they consulted a qualified medical professional (i.e. doctor, dietician, etc.) before taking their desired vitamin and/or dietary supplement(s).

Additionally, analyzed the latest findings from non-profit organization AARP, who surveyed 2,292 American adults to discover the different aspects of vitamins and dietary supplements that concern them the most. found that the effectiveness (46%) of the ingredients is the biggest concern Americans have about vitamins and dietary supplements.

Thereafter, Americans are equally worried about the safety (44%) and purity (44%) of the ingredients vitamins and dietary supplements are made with.

Interestingly, the thoroughness and care taken by the government to review vitamins and dietary supplements in the pre-market stage is a significant cause of concern for 40% of Americans. Despite this, what many don’t realise is that the Food and Drug Administration can only really question the value of a vitamin or dietary supplement once they are available for sale on the open market.

On the other end, 22% of Americans believe not taking enough of a given vitamin and/or dietary supplement will end up having no real benefit to their health. Contrastingly, 28% fear if they take too much of a vitamin or dietary supplement, they will suffer from some sort of side effects.

The 1,484 Americans surveyed by have previously or are currently taking at least one vitamin and/or dietary supplement










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