BeautyFind the Fountain of Youth with Natural Skincare

Find the Fountain of Youth with Natural Skincare

You can find the fountain of youth if you search for it correctly.  The right way to search for the fountain of youth is a natural way.  Using creams with plant-based ingredients helps you get that youthful look and keep it.  Did you know? Natural ingredients help prevent wrinkles and also hydrate dry skin.  Also, chemicals derived directly from plants have great nutrients that help one’s skin look and be healthy.  The anti-aging effect of the skin can only be achieved by using substances with specific vitamins and minerals.  In addition, maintaining the long-lasting glow of healthy skin is related to using the most natural products.  Many of these natural substances, with their powerful ingredients, help the physical body too.  The Blue Crane has natural plant-based products that help you find the fountain of youth.  It’s time to start getting rid of wrinkles and start the anti-aging process of your very own skin.  People the world over are beginning to take better care of their skin the right way, the natural way.   In 2023, why not help yourself look and maintain a youthful appearance while also taking care of your health?

Two of the main issues facing many people in regard to their skin are getting rid of wrinkles and keeping the skin hydrated.  These are two of the biggest factors that contribute to aging.  Those with dry skin sometimes start developing wrinkles at a young age.  However, those that don’t have dry skin lose the production of beneficial oils as they get older.  It’s a challenge to keep the skin hydrated for people of all ages, no matter their skin type.  Useful ingredients help reduce future wrinkles from occurring and help cover up those that already exist.  Imagine being able to use something simple to keep your skin hydrated year-round, especially during the dry winter season.

Trying to look younger has become an obsession for both men and women the world over.  Images of flawless models on television and in magazines have reinforced this idea that one must look younger constantly. We strive to rid ourselves of all wrinkles and blemishes as we get older. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain a youthful appearance.  The problem is that people are not seeking to maintain a youthful appearance the right way.  They are using products with ingredients that are processed and sometimes cause further damage to the skin.  The right way to maintain a youthful appearance is a natural way.  Substances with ingredients that come directly from plants help you look younger and healthier and also keep your skin healthy.  Beauty doesn’t have to fade as you get older, and neither does your health.

One’s skin is the largest organ of the human body.  Therefore, it is extremely important to keep it healthy and good-looking.  The skin acts as a shield against unwanted elements and parasites that can harm the body. In addition, it’s what makes up our appearance.  When one takes proper care of their skin, they protect themselves from diseases that affect both the skin and the human body itself.  Since the skin is a part of showcasing our appearance and beauty, taking proper care of it also helps one look younger and healthier.  However, it all comes down to using the right kind of substances with the most natural ingredients.  It’s not just keeping the skin younger looking, it’s also about maintaining clear skin and avoiding blemishes that can affect people at any age.  The right products help your skin’s health and your inner health.  Therefore, taking care of your skin helps you maintain your inner and outer body, so to speak.

Here is a list of natural plant-based ingredients that help you and your skin find the fountain of youth:

Vegan Squalane

Squalane is a type of molecule with antioxidant properties.  It allows for the very hydration of human skin.  Therefore, it helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and lines.  Even when someone is in their 20s, their body’s production of squalane begins to slow down tremendously and then gets even slower in their 30s.  Once the squalane production slows down, wrinkles and signs of aging begin to show and become more visible.   However, there is an ingredient known as vegan squalane that helps skin stay hydrated and prevent wrinkles, even during the time that squalane production is weakening in the body.  Vegan squalane is found in natural plant-based anti-aging products like Anti-Aging Facial Serum from The Blue Crane.  Even for more mature skin, products with vegan squalane help it maintain softness and, therefore, look younger.  Vegan squalane comes in handy during the winter months when the skin dries and wrinkles easier. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Much like vegan squalane, hyaluronic acid contributes to the hydration of one’s skin.  Therefore, it helps in acting as a moisturizer.  Hyaluronic acid retains water.  Some people have dry skin their whole lives and start developing wrinkles young.  Even for those with oily skin, the secretion of oil lessens as they age.  Therefore, substances with ingredients like hyaluronic acid are very useful in preventing wrinkles for people of all ages, regardless of their skin type.

Red Raspberry Oil

Red raspberry oil also acts as a moisturizer for the skin.  More importantly, red raspberry oil helps soothe the skin and protect it.  It contains lots of vitamin A & E.  These have essential anti-aging benefits as they help prevent damage to the skin since they reduce inflammation.  Sun damage is also a very big concern for a lot of people.  The damage that the sun’s rays do to the skin, especially during the summer months, has contributed to the aging of the skin and people looking much older than they actually are.  With the help of substances with red raspberry oil, you can enjoy the sun without having to worry about it aging you.

The anti-inflammatory properties of red raspberry oil also help with helping with skin afflictions.  It can soothe the problems associated with acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin problems.  In addition, skin irritation can be reduced as well.  You can handle several skin issues all at once with the help of just a few simple ingredients.

Mango Butter

Mango butter contains lots of vitamin C.  This plays a big part in contributing to collagen production.  Collagen is an important protein that plays an important role in keeping your skin look good.  It helps the skin look younger and more vibrant.  Like squalane, collagen production starts to lessen over time, even at the start of one’s 20s.  If one uses products with mango butter, they can increase their collagen levels and regain or maintain the youthfulness of life.

As has been heavily reported through the years, vitamin C helps boost one’s immune system.  Besides just ingesting substances with vitamin C, if one’s skin absorbs vitamin C, this can also help with a strong immune system.  With a stronger immune system, you don’t get sick as often.  Most people hate getting sick.  It is an unpleasant inconvenience that prevents people from working or partaking in their favorite everyday activities.  Even using skin substances with vitamin C can prevent you from getting sick.  We are currently in the winter season when a lot of people get sick.  Why not get a head start in 2023 and keep yourself protected from sickness?

Wellness Magazine Master Club

The Blue Crane

The Blue Crane company is a proud small business based in South Africa and produced in the U.K.  They produce natural plant-based products that help people look and maintain youth and beauty.  In addition, their product’s natural ingredients contribute to the overall health of people’s skin and physical bodies.  The Blue Crane hand picks and personally tests every skincare they sell.  Only the most effective serums, oils, and creams are good enough for your skin.  The Blue Crane seeks to provide only the best as well as the most natural.

The backstory of how The Blue Crane company got started is very interesting.  The founder of The Blue Crane was once attending a yoga/wellness retreat.  The group she was with started making paper cranes as a means of meditation and staying present.  This occasion was the catalyst for how the company was formed.  In Asian cultures, cranes embody peace, happiness, good fortune, and longevity.  The color blue represents depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, confidence, intelligence, and wisdom.  With the meditative and peaceful activity of making cranes combined with the symbolic meaning of cranes themselves, an idea came for a company that would help people maintain peace and wisdom within their physical body and overall health.

The Blue Crane strives to create products that benefit not only the physical health of their customers but their mental health and overall well-being.  This is done through natural plant-based products.  The evaluation process of substances helps employees with The Blue Crane determine if products contain the right kind of ingredients for the right purpose.  In addition to organically based products, they seek to provide customers with items that will not cause harm to the environment.

As stated, The Blue Crane creates products derived directly from plants.  Their products are designed to be used by both men and women and people of all ages and skin types.  The Blue Crane can help you discover and maintain youthful skin.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum

  • Boosts Youthful Appearance
  • Helps Reduce Wrinkles
  • Helps Cover Wrinkles
  • Boosts Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Helps You Have Glowing Skin
  • Contains Vegan Squalane
  • Contains Raspberry Oil
  • High in Vitamins A & E
  • Natural Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Facial Cream

  • Anti-Aging Cream
  • Boosts Youthful Appearance
  • Helps Reduce Wrinkles
  • Helps Cover Wrinkles
  • Helps you have Glowing Skin
  • Helps Hydrate Skin
  • Contains Vegan Squalane
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid
  • Contains Red Raspberry Oil
  • Contains Mango Butter
  • Contains Vitamin C, Which Boosts Collagen and the Immune System

Isn’t it time you not only found the fountain of youth, but you found it the right way?  It’s a new year.  It’s time to rediscover that person you really are by reclaiming your young self.  Even if you are young, now is the time to learn how to maintain your youth.  You’re not going to be young forever.  The right way to find the fountain of youth is a natural way, using plant-based products with the most natural ingredients.  Various nutrients have helped people hold back the hands of time in regard to their appearance and health.  You can help all aspects of your skin as well as help your self-confidence and bodily image.

If you are looking to help your skin look younger and healthier as well as prevent the aging process, look no further.  You won’t have to worry about helping yourself look young with something that may harm your health.  You are doing things the natural way.  Plant-based ingredients increase your skin health and your overall health.  Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum and Facial Cream are available from The Blue Crane.  In addition, they also have helpful powders, capsules, nuts, and almonds for your convenience.









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