HealthDog Food for the Soul 

Dog Food for the Soul 


Your dog needs to eat right too.  Did you know?  Most of the foods that dogs consume are not adequate for them to live long, healthy lives.  There’s a way that dogs can eat healthier, more natural foods to help them live more productive lives.  Dog food with specific types of natural ingredients is necessary for them to maintain a healthy diet.  In addition, specific food components help dogs with some of the same things we are concerned about as people.  Healthy dog foods contribute to good gut and joint health.  Communities of people are joining together to feed their dogs the best food so they can have both great physical and mental health.  Much like nutritious food for people helps with mental health, wholesome food for dogs lessens their anxiety.  Healthybud is a company that has dog food with all the ingredients for dogs to live longer lives and maintain good health.

Many dogs have had their health neglected.  It’s not their fault.  However, most importantly, it’s not the fault of most of their owners either.  The types of dog food made readily available at stores do not have the proper nutrients to keep dogs’ health in check.  A lot of dogs suffer from digestive issues and consume more than they should due to this factor.  In addition, dogs are not living up to their full life expectancy as their bodies are being polluted with unnatural ingredients from the foods they eat.  As dogs age, it is very important for them to maintain healthy joints and bones.  A healthy diet can definitely help with this.  There are also many diseases that are taking dogs’ lives way too soon.  The proper nutrients can help prevent this from happening.

Here is a list of the different ways that different supplements and ingredients help dogs’ overall health.

Preventing Sickness by Boosting Immune System

Preventing sickness in your dogs is just as important as avoiding illness for yourself.  It hurts to see your dog down and out.  Watching them lose their regular interests is heartbreaking.  In addition, it gets very expensive to spend money to treat your dog when they get sick.  When your dog gets sick, in a way, you get sick too!!

You can prevent your dog from getting as sick as much by feeding them foods with some of the best ingredients that can’t be found in stores.  Blueberries are a good source of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are good for boosting one’s immune system.  Reishi [10:1 extract} is known for its immune-boosting properties, and ashwagandha is as well.  Start preventing your dog from getting sick just as much as yourself with the proper food ingredients.

Maintaining Strong Muscles

Dogs need to keep their muscles strong, so they can continue to remain active, even well into their old age.  Sometimes exercise is not enough.  Beef and beef organs contain various vitamins and minerals that help strengthen dog’s muscles. The most important thing for both dogs and humans is to consume the most natural type of beef. Healthybud has dog food with plenty of natural beef.  Allow your dog to get fit by eating the right kind of beef supplement.

Improve Gut Health and Digestive Health, Eliminate Parasites in the Stomach

Maintaining good gut health is very much connected to boosting one’s immune system.  In fact, the functions of the immune system start in the gut.  Nutrients with anti-inflammatory responses help to keep the gut healthy and, in turn, boost the immune system.  Tumeric root has anti-inflammatory properties, as do blueberries. 

Proper digestion makes your dog feel better both physically and mentally.  When any living being digests their food properly, it enables them to put all their energy into activities.  Carob Powder contains a lot of fiber and protein.  These nutrients help improve dog digestion by ridding their bodies of unwanted toxins.  In addition to helping fight nausea and an upset stomach, ginger helps with the digestive tract.  Papaya also contains a lot of fibers as well as healthy enzymes.  Dog foods that contain the supplement digestawell pet also help the digestive system.

Lots of the unnatural ingredients that we consume on a daily basis contribute to parasites entering our stomachs.  Certain supplements like pumpkin can help eliminate worms in the stomach.  The destruction of these types of parasites, in turn, will help with both good digestion and a high immune system.

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Relieves Stress and Anxiety In Dogs

Pets often face stressful situations, even in their domesticated lives.  It’s hard for a dog when the owner leaves for the day as they don’t know whether they will return or not.  Even the human conflicts in the household can be sensed.  This often causes anxiety among pets as they don’t know how to react properly around their owners.

You can now help control the stress and anxiety levels of your dog.  Goji berries contain various antioxidants.  The specific types of antioxidants are good for stress relief.  Both goji berries and ashwagandha in dog food are great for relieving your dog’s stress and anxiety levels.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Many dogs’ lives have unfortunately been ended by cancer.  The risk that human beings have in forming any type of cancer is just as high among k-9s.  Oftentimes, a poor dog’s life is cut short due to the dreadful disease, and they don’t live their full life expectancy.  Cancer, no matter what specific type, is something that affects not only the person afflicted but the entire person’s family.  Since dogs are a part of people’s families, this is very true when it happens to them as well.

Now is the time to start preventing the risks of cancer in your dog.  Help them live their full life expectancy.  Tumeric root has anti-cancer properties.  Dog food with tumeric root and reishi helps offset some of the risks of dogs getting cancer.  Now, your dog can eat food that contributes to a longer life.

Helping Improve Joint Health

Many dogs suffer from arthritis, especially as they get older.  Just like how it gets the owner of a dog down when they see them sick, it just as equally gets them down when they see them struggling to move.  Bad joint health in dogs can also contribute to obesity.  When dogs cannot move around as easily, they start to put on weight.  This, in turn, leads to other health problems.  Why not tackle arthritis in your dog and make them healthier overall?

Green-lipped mussels contain a lot of omega fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals.  When dog food contains this supplement, it contributes to good joint health for the k-9 that is consuming it.  Bovine collagen has been proven to be a good protector of joints.  Certain types of dog food contain grass-fed bovine collagen. 

Helping Improve Bone & Heart Health

Since dogs do not have as long a lifespan as humans, they start having problems with their hearts very early on.  Bad heart health in dogs can be attributed to obesity and lack of staying active.  Sometimes, this lack of staying active comes from bad joints and bad bones.  As stated, certain nutrients in dog food help improve the health of joints in dogs.  In addition, there are other nutrients that help dogs have healthier bones and hearts.  Foods like bananas are rich in potassium and help support the healthy bone and heart health of dogs.  Banana supplements can be put into dog food to assist you with taking care of the health of your dog.  Kale, which is also high in potassium and other nutrients, can be extracted too to help dogs with these health matters.  Besides strengthening muscles, beef products help improve the overall heart health of dogs.


Healthybud is an award-winning pet wellness brand helping dogs thrive by bringing powerful, unique healing ingredients & superfoods to their diet.  Founded by three millennial pet parents passionate about wellness, Dana, Kyle, & Adrian work alongside vets, nutritionists, & renowned universities to reinvent the modern-day pet pantry.  Their products can be found online in over 500 stores across Canada and the United States.

It’s a touching story as to how the original idea for Healthybud was formulated.  One of the people that formed the company, Kyle, lost his dog to cancer in 2019.  It was discovered afterward that the dog’s diet was one of the primary factors in its passing.  That was the original motivation to form a company that would help dogs live healthier and longer lives. 

Healthybud seeks to provide the most natural products for dogs to consume on a regular basis. 

Many of their products help with a variety of factors that dogs face.  The natural ingredients help with dog’s gut health and digestion.  In addition, they help fight against the onset of cancer and other types of diseases.

In addition to helping save the lives of dogs the world over, Healthybud is devoted to giving back to the community.  They partner with many different dog shelters and rescue organizations to serve the needs of dogs beyond just their diets.  Whenever someone purchases anything from Healthybud, 50% of the profits are donated to rescues and shelters.  Now is your chance to become a part of the community of people coast to coast who are nourishing their dogs with the right type of food.  Also, now is the time to start giving back to organizations that help save the lives of thousands of dogs, all while keeping the life of your k-9 friend going strong.

Beef Meal Patties

  • Supports Good Joint Health in Dogs
  • Supports Good Cartilage Health
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Contains Bovine Collagen
  • Contains Green-Lipped Mussels
  • Contains omega-3 fatty acids
  • Contains pumpkin and gender
  • Contains Banana

Turkey Meal Patties

  • Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety of Dogs
  • Supports Good Digestive System for Dogs
  • Supports Good Gut Health for Dogs
  • Contains Blueberry
  • Contains Banana

It’s Time to Help Save Your Dog’s Life

Dogs are your best friends.  They are there for you when no one else is.  They don’t judge you or criticize you for your behavior.  We need to start taking care of our dog’s health just as much as our own.  They don’t live as long as we do.  Since gods are such an important part of our lives and help make them better during their short stints on earth, now is the time to make sure their health is in check.  The most important thing is that our dogs eat the most natural food with the most beneficial nutrients.

If you are looking to help your dog live a healthier and longer life, then look no further.  Dog food with nutrients that help prevent cancer, help relieve stress and anxiety, and support healthy joints and digestive systems, are available from Healthybud.  You can now support your dog in the best way possible.  Are you interested in this awesome dog food?  Check out both Beef and Turkey Meal Patties from Healthybud.  They also have various meal toppers, treats, and bundles. 









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