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Get a Helping Hand with Health and Wellness

Exercise is an essential part of staying fit and healthy. No matter how healthy one tries to eat, one still needs to stick to some exercise regimen to burn extra fats and calories that cannot be avoided. From lifting weights to yoga to just walking in one’s neighborhood, all forms of exercise help in one way or another. Like dieting, choosing an exercise plan also depends on an individual’s health goals at a particular moment. Some people might try to lose weight, while others may just try to maintain it. Sometimes, an individual might be just trying to stay healthy overall. All these exercise benefits have been heavily advertised over the years. It has been pushed to the utmost degree in the social media era. However, one aspect of physical fitness is still primarily ignored regarding advertising workouts. This involves the alleviation and prevention of pain as well as the ability to maintain stress.

When the COVID pandemic occurred, the whole world was put on lockdown; many people experienced an extreme level of stress and anxiety that they had never been exposed to before. The constant pressures of remaining inside and away from people nagged on people’s brains. Many people sought alternative methods of dealing with stress since in-person conversations became obsolete for a few months. While pursuing these alternative methods, many individuals started using not necessarily the most trustworthy and safe methods. The challenge was finding the correct methods to relieve stress while enabling someone to maintain their overall physical health.

Many individuals have participated in strenuous physical activities throughout their lives. From athletes who abused their bodies through the years to people who have worked jobs that required intensive manual labor, many individuals have caused their bodies to experience various amounts of pain. Like how the COVID pandemic caused many people to experience vast amounts of stress, one could argue that the lockdown during the time in which the virus was most prominent may have caused certain people to experience more significant amounts of physical pain due to their lack of physical movement and exercise. Certain people with these issues may have experienced even more as they were confined to their residences. Like with stress relief, many people sought treatment for their bodies during this time, which wasn’t necessarily the best. It became a huge issue trying to find the right kind of program that could treat both stress and physical pain. Also, it was an issue finding one that was not harmful to any aspect of one’s health. Luckily, Patriot Personal Training is a company that considers the well-being of individuals while providing programs that help with everything from losing weight to helping maintain stress and pain.


Everyone experiences certain degrees of stress in their lives. If one did not, they wouldn’t be human. Some people experience more anxiety than others, depending on their situation. Specific individuals have jobs that are very intense and stressful. What makes life even more stressful is when you have a family. Those who work full-time and care for families have some of the highest stress in their lives. Besides the fact that different people experience varied amounts of stress, it should also be noted that not everyone deals with stress alike. Some individuals are naturally inclined to experience anxiety and depression. In their case, even the most minor amounts of stress can cause them to become very anxious. On the other hand, some individuals can handle large amounts of stress without letting it affect their overall demeanor. However, even these people eventually succumb to the pressures of life.

While there are many explanations for why people experience physical pain, it is often overlooked how stress plays a massive role in it. When one experiences stress, the actual body is stressed. This causes muscle tension, thereby creating vast amounts of joint pain. When one can handle stress properly with the help of various types of exercise, among many other things, they can also help their physical bodies. Preventing joint pain is a huge part of maintaining one’s physical comfort. When one handles stress better, they can not only think better but also get around better physically and experience less pain.

Body Pains

Like with stress, everyone experiences physical pain, which is part of the human experience. It’s how the body reacts to exertion. Over time, though, those exposed to this physical exertion more so than others start to experience ongoing physical pain. Many people suffer from various forms of arthritis over time. As mentioned, certain individuals have participated in sports throughout the years. Whether it’s someone who has made a living as a professional athlete or someone who played a lot of high-contact sports in high school or college, such as football, the pain eventually catches up with them, and they then require something to relieve the physical pain that has been accumulating over time. In other cases, people with jobs that don’t need significant amounts of physical exertion can encounter different types of body pain. For instance, a person who works in an office might have to do a lot of sitting down throughout the day. It’s this sitting down which causes extreme problems to one’s lower body. Many people who work in office cubicles have been known to have problems with their lower backs.

As mentioned, stress is something that is often overlooked in how it plays a role in body pain. However, it should be noted that stress and body pain are the same. When the body is experiencing excruciating pain, this is a stressful situation. The constant negative feeling associated with pain, no matter what specific type of body pain is being experienced, is something that could be considered one of the most stressful situations that one could encounter. With the help of the right kind of exercise program, one can help fight pain and stress all at the same time. This will provide people with a quality of life like no other.

Methods of Treating Pain and Stress


Cupping is a very unique form of therapy. It is a kind of decompression therapy that involves placing heated glass cups on one’s skin. This, in turn, creates a type of suction meant to encourage a particular flow of energy. There are various benefits to the cupping process. For one thing, it helps improve one’s circulation. Proper circulation in the body is a perfect method for maintaining one’s overall physical health. Without circulation, blood and oxygen could not flow properly throughout the body. We need blood and oxygen to keep all the body’s organs functioning properly. Therefore, it is essential to maintain good circulation to support an excellent quality of life. Cupping is also known for helping reduce toxins in the tissues. Reducing toxins in the body helps benefit so many aspects of one’s physical and mental health that it is almost ridiculous. It helps with weight loss, better digestion, a better immune system, and more positive thinking, to name a few.

When it comes to helping people with stress, cupping is one of the best therapies for assisting those who suffer from anxiety. The relaxation that is provided to the muscles from coping helps reduce various symptoms associated with anxiety. Since anxiety is something that affects so many people worldwide, it is highly beneficial to have a type of treatment like cupping that is healthy and doesn’t cause harm to the body.


Flossing is a technique that helps people lessen the amount of physical pain they are in. When I say flossing, I’m not talking about flossing one’s teeth. I’m referring to a compression technique on the skin whereby the muscles relax. Besides helping decrease the amount of physical pain that one experiences, flossing also helps increase one’s mobility and accelerates the recovery process from damage to the body. It has been theorized that one of the reasons that flossing helps with one’s mobility is how it helps the fascia. This is a connective tissue that covers muscles and organs in the body. When one has an injury or something that has caused a degree of reduced motion, fascia tends to lessen. Flossing can help maintain the fascia steadily, increasing one’s mobility. Most importantly, flossing helps one decrease the amount of pain that they are experiencing.


You’ve heard people say that stretching is just as important as proper diet and exercise. There’s a reason that people say this. Stretching benefits the body in many different ways. First and foremost, it helps relieve the tension in one’s muscles. A lot of this tension is caused by stress. In other cases, it is caused by repetitive ranges of motion over long periods. Stretching enables the body to obtain better mobility and decrease tension, no matter what has contributed to it.

 It’s not only helpful in helping one’s physical body; it’s also about helping one’s mental status. Stretching doesn’t just help relieve physical stress on the body; it helps one think more clearly and positively. When we stretch, we release endorphins. This release of endorphins causes people to feel better and get put into a better headspace.

Patriot Personal Training

The founder of Patriot Personal Training is Eric Schuda. While serving in the United States Marine Corps for four years, Schuda found his passion for exercise and became the most physically fit that he’d been in years. In 2014, he opened his own gym to help people reach their goals. Schuda’s aim in working with you is to help you become the best version of yourself.

Stretch Therapy

  • Improves Total Body Health and Wellness.
  • Helps One Improve Mobility.
  • Helps One Improve Flexibility.
  • Helps Relieve Stiffness.
  • Helps Increase Blood Circulation.

Cupping & Flossing

  • Cupping is Decompression of the Skin and Muscle Tissue
  • Cupping Helps Increase Circulation, Release Toxins in the Tissues, & And Relieve Anxiety.
  • Flossing involves Compression of the Skin and Muscle.
  • Helps Increase Mobility, Accelerate Recovery, and Decrease Pain.

Get Your Body Back Into Motion

Wouldn’t you like to be able to relieve stress and prevent bodily pain simultaneously? Aren’t you long past due to trying to make your life easier and, most importantly, healthier? The assistance of both Stretch Therapy and Cupping & Flossing from Patriot Personnel Training have proven that there is more to personal training than just diet and exercise. Keeping one’s stress levels low and helping keep one’s physical pain at bay are huge priorities among many people, and rightfully so. The less stress we have, the better we feel overall. Also, when stress levels are maintained, there is a chance of experiencing less physical pain. When one is stressed, their muscles tend to tense up. Therefore, keeping stress levels low helps tackle this type of tension.

If you want to increase your mobility, improve your body’s circulation, and relieve much pain and stress, look no further! You will no longer have to worry about trying to keep yourself feeling great because you will feel great consistently. With the help of programs from Patriot Personal Training, one can fulfill their dreams of having a life free of so much pain and anxiety. Since it’s the holiday season, why not give yourself the gift of this spectacular life and don’t forget to share it with others? Let’s make 2024 the year your body has been put back into motion.









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