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Get a Helping Hand with Your Health

Sometimes, you need more than just diet and exercise to help your body reach its fullest potential.  While diet and exercise are extremely important in maintaining one’s health, there is just that extra something that is needed to supplement what you are already doing to take care of yourself.  Think of the word supplement.  There are many supplements that can help you achieve this.  2023 is about to reach its third month.  There is still time to start approaching your health in the best way possible.  However, don’t put it off till it’s too late.  Make this year a good one by being in the best physical condition of your life with the help of necessary supplements added to your diet and exercise plans.  People from the United States to New Zealand have been making their health a top priority this year by adding just something additional to their daily regimen.  You do not want to miss out on this awesome endeavor. The various supplements that should be added include colostrum and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). These help with both bone and joint support and increase your immunity.  The unfortunate thing is that finding supplements like these can be a hassle.  Also, even if they are found, sometimes, there is not enough of the supplement to make it useful to your body.  Luckily, Daily Manufacturing provides natural organic supplements with just the right amount of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and colostrum to ensure that your body’s needs are met in no time.  It’s time to start getting a helping hand with your health as the year 2023 continues to truck along.  Don’t let this year pass you by!!

We are in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere.  Also, before you know it, it will be winter in the southern hemisphere.  The winter months are the time when a lot of people get sick.  Let’s face it.  Getting sick is no fun.  It’s an inconvenient hassle for everyone.  Missing work and quality time with your family is one of the most irritating things in the world.  The COVID pandemic kicked into high gear the consistent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.  Unfortunately, no matter how much you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, you just cannot totally block yourself from nasty bacteria and viruses.  You can continue doing this as it is very helpful.  However, why not add the supplement colostrum?  This will help you provide an invisible shield against sickness, as it will block germs and bacteria that cause nasty diseases.  You won’t have to take sick time from work, and you can enjoy the daily activities that you so love and cherish.  If you are married and have a family, you won’t have to miss important family time.  In addition, if you are single and enjoy daily activities that suit your needs, you won’t have to avoid that due to sickness.  Most importantly, you will stay healthy for the benefit of others.  The pandemic made people health conscious, so it’s vital that we stay germ-free so that people don’t contract things from us, especially during the winter months.

Everyone is encouraged to exercise regularly and eat properly.  It’s part of a healthy routine.  However, as with avoiding sickness, diet and exercise alone can’t help the body fight off the ailments and problems it constantly is fighting.  All the calcium in your diet cannot totally prevent problems with your bones.  In addition, taking yoga classes every week won’t necessarily prevent your body from having joint issues.  It takes a supplement like methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) to help support your bones and joints to the nth degree.  It’s also important to point out that as we get older, the bones and joints tend to weaken altogether.  That’s why it’s vital to boost the benefits of diet and exercise with these types of supplements to feel your best all over your body.  All aspects of your physical health are important, from head to toe.  If we disregard this, we are not doing ourselves any favors.  Wouldn’t you want to continue having that bright, youthful feeling even as you get older?  Even if you are someone who has not felt that feeling in a long time, you can have it once again if you do the right things.   The right things are more than just what you already think is healthy.  As stated, that’s very important.  However, it’s even more important to get a little helping hand.  There are a lot of things in this world that you can do by yourself and that you should do by yourself.  However, there are some things that you just can’t do alone.  A little guidance certainly never hurts anybody, even if it comes in the form of a nutritional supplement.


Colostrum is basically the form of milk from mammals that develops after a newborn.  Although it is found in the milk of many different types of mammals, including humans, one of the best derivatives of it comes from cows.  Of course, it’s not just any cow that has the best form of colostrum.  Cows that are fed healthy nutrients and are not treated with antibiotics or hormones produce some of the most effective colostrum in their milk.  It benefits humans by helping them reach high levels of natural immunity.  A high immune system helps prevent sickness and keeps the doctor away.  We love cows as animals.  Meat eaters obviously love cows.  People who drink milk love cows.  However, people all over the world who want to avoid sickness and disease at all costs are showing their appreciation for cows like never before.  In the year 2023, people are considering cows as man’s best friend just as much as dogs, and understandably so.  A high immune system means you are healthier and better protected.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

When people say the word chemical, it sometimes brings up negative images.  Constant news stories showcasing a scenario where harmful chemicals played a role in bad results circulate every day.  However, did you know that the word chemical doesn’t have to evoke that bad feeling inside of you?  The chemical known as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) supplements one’s bone and joint health.  People from all over the world are benefitting from this chemical.  Their bones are stronger, and their joints are healthier.  Individuals who may never have exercised before are adding methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) to their exercise routines to help their bodies in ways they never thought possible.  For those who are experienced runners or weightlifters, the side effects of this activity on their joints are being offset by this supplement.  Also, people with brittle or weak bones see themselves getting stronger every day.  It’s good to eat food with lots of calcium to support the bones in your body.  It’s also good to do yoga and other exercises that strengthen your joints.  However, supplements like methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) provide that extra support that you can’t get anywhere else.


If you can spice it up, you can live it up!  Many different types of spices are being added to everyday foods to provide people with the right kind of benefits.  Red pepper has a certain nutrient that helps the body fight pain more so than anything you can find in a store.  A lot of people spend too much money on over-the-counter drugs and spend too much time looking for them too.  Wouldn’t you just rather use simple, easy-to-find supplements or accessible spices to fulfill all that you want and need?  Besides the benefits of red pepper, cayenne pepper is a useful spice as it has nutrients that contribute to a higher metabolism and overall energy.

Daily Manufacturing

Daily Manufacturing has been making dietary supplements for use by health professionals and select retail stores and individuals since 1979.  Jim Daily Jr. started the business in collaboration with Dr. Carey Reams, and Dr. Jim Daily III is now President.  Daily Manufacturing has always used spices as supplements and recommends that their customers use them as part of a healthy diet but also as supplements when needed.

The natural products provided by Daily Manufacturing serve as both an alternative to expensive medicine and as guidance to people, as they cannot obtain all of the needed health benefits just from diet and exercise alone.  Besides natural spices that help increase one’s metabolism and fight off pain, Daily Manufacturing has much-needed supplements that are used to fight off sickness and protect one’s bones and joints.  Wouldn’t you want to get all that you need in a simple way?

MSM Vitamin C Blend

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 1000mg per ¼ tsp.
  • Provides Bone and Joint Support
  • Made from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade
  • Organic form of Sulfur
  • Inflammation Management

Milk Colostrum

  • Increases Immune System with Natural Ingredients
  • Colostrum 300 mg in one capsule
  • Taken from Naturally fed Cows with no antibiotics or hormones

“Start Supplementing Yourself with the Right Supplements”

Isn’t it time to accept that helping hand that has been reaching out to you all these years?  It’s the helping hand that enables you to reach your fullest potential.  All these years have gone by without you allowing this special assistance to come into your life.  Now is the time to let it into your life and let this year be the year you join the hundreds of people reaching their fullest potential.  The right kind of supplements can help you strengthen your immune system like never before.  Also, one can protect their bones and joints no matter what their physical fitness level or experience.  It’s a universal type of assistance that benefits everyone, anywhere.  If you wish to change the way you feel in all aspects of your body, you must not be stubborn and think that diet and exercise are the only things essential to your needs.

If you want to boost your immune system, strengthen your joints and tendons, and increase your energy and metabolism, then look no further!!!  You can supplement your body with supplements from Daily Manufacturing.  Instead of searching far and wide and spending ridiculous amounts of money on over-the-counter medications that may not have all of the needed elements, why not just resort to simple, easy-to-use supplements that have all of what you need and more?  Finally, you can use a natural product that provides you with natural results.  Are you interested in these supplements to finally guide you to the fullest potential of your health?  Check out their MSM Vitamin C Blend and Milk Colostrum.  You will protect yourself from sickness and take care of your bones and joints.  There are also other products from Daily Manufacturing that have helpful nutrients taken from spices. Daily’s Curcumin is a great source of turmeric and black pepper.  It’s the most natural way of finding assistance.  Let 2023 be the year you cross the finish line of good health!

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