LifestyleHelp Animals Eat Better, and You’ll Help Yourself and the Whole World

Help Animals Eat Better, and You’ll Help Yourself and the Whole World

Cows need to eat right too!!  You’ve been told hundreds of times to follow a balanced diet to maintain a healthy life, and this is certainly true and should be followed daily.  However, the diet of animals as a whole is often overlooked in society.  Never has this been more apparent than in the health of livestock.  Healthy livestock contributes to healthy farms.  If one is a rancher, one probably follows this motto.  Indeed, the livelihood of cattle is very important to maintaining a farm.  Keeping calves, sheep, goats, and other farm animals well-fed and productive is very conducive to success in agriculture.  However, it should be noted that it’s not just the ranchers that should benefit from well-fed stock.    It’s really everyone from the rancher to the consumer.  We are entering the third month of 2023, and the year is still young and prosperous.  People the world over are not only taking the next step to taking care of their health, but they are also taking into account the health of the livestock that help contribute to productive farmlands and nutritious meats.  Maintaining good gut health is just as important for an animal as it is for a human being.  The healthy digestive system of livestock contributes to more fertile land and healthier meats that people consume.  Keeping the diet of cows, sheep, and goats healthy is certainly easier said than done.  It takes a diet supplied with lots of vitamins and minerals and specific types of fiber to help them have a good digestive system.  Unfortunately, the exact kind of feed that has all of the required nutrients is hard to locate in farm food stores and is usually very expensive if it is located.  Luckily, SweetPro has just the right products to make sure livestock are fed the exact types of nutrients to keep their overall health good.  When the health of the livestock is top-notch, everyone benefits.  Get proactive and start helping your fellow animal just as much as yourself.

Aside from the diet of animals being overlooked, the importance of agriculture to our everyday lives is ignored even more.  With the mass urbanization of the world, the hard work of rural society often flies under the radar.  When you go to a grocery store and purchase fruits, vegetables, and grains, it’s the hard work of farmers that makes the availability of these items possible.  The meat that we buy at the deli and the beef that is consumed from the vast amounts of fast foods we buy also originate from animals on the farmland.  Without farms, basically, we don’t eat.  Sometimes the products used on crops and to feed livestock have caused harm.  Simply put, these products have gone through a process that eliminates the natural elements of crops and subjected cattle to consuming unnatural ingredients.  It takes away the very idea of meats and vegetables coming from the natural soils of farmland.

Livestock Gut Health

As far as the livestock that consumes the foods that have been processed, when they do, it contributes to bad gut health.  As has been shown with the bad gut health of humans, the bad gut health of animals often results in a low immune system.  A flawed immune system oftentimes leads to sickness.  This lowers the stock of the livestock itself as their meat is not as healthy and can cause further harm to humans when consumed.  That’s why it’s not only important to consider the hard work of ranchers and farmers but also vital that people that are ranchers and farmers ensure that they are staying stocked with the right kinds of products that contribute to natural farmland and a healthy breed of animals.  People remain concerned about their immune systems, especially during the winter months.  However, let’s not forget that the immune systems of livestock should be considered as well.  It is their health that, in many ways, contributes to our own.

Healthy Livestock Benefits Ranchers and Feeders

As stated, everyone benefits from healthy livestock.  It may sound complicated, but it’s actually not.  When cows or sheep are healthy, the rancher, in turn, sees them reach their fullest genetic potential.  Therefore, they remain a productive commodity for the economic benefit of the rancher.  Also, the rancher saves money on labor costs and other necessities.  With all these benefits that healthy cows provide for the rancher, these, in turn, are passed down to the feeder of the animals.  The feeder is provided with healthier animals.  One could argue that healthier animals are much happier.  Therefore, healthy animals lead to a happy farm or ranch.  The positive emotions from both humans and animals are very much related to physical health, just as they are to mental health.

Healthy Livestock Benefits Consumers

Besides the positive benefits to ranchers and feeders, a healthier diet for cows translates to healthier meats for consumers.  Livestock that is supplied with the right kinds of vitamins and minerals and proper amounts of fiber for good gut health, in turn, supplies people with a healthier product to purchase.  The health of the animal, and therefore the human being, are both kept in check.  It’s the full circle of positivity.  The cows, sheep, and goats are fed a healthy diet.  Therefore, the rancher wins, the feeder wins, and the consumer wins.  You could say that everybody wins!!  The everyday consumer’s life is made even more productive by the efforts of the rancher and feeder that they oftentimes dismiss.  An invisible bond is formed between the rancher and feeder in relation to the animal and then the customer.

Healthy Livestock Benefits the Land

It’s important not to forget one of the most important beneficiaries of a good livestock diet.  A farm is made of well, land.  Due to this, the land should reap the rewards of all agricultural practices on the farm, whether they relate to the maintenance of crops or, in this case, animals.  The healthier digestive system of livestock, which is produced by a diet composed of specific fibers along with vitamins and minerals, contributes to more fertile land.  With a better digestive system, the livestock’s manure, just like its inside organs, is healthier.  It may sound nasty to think about for some people, but it’s very true.  Fertilizing the land is extremely important to keeping agriculture maintained properly.  Besides the animals having healthier stools, the benefits go deeper than that.  Droppings from livestock attract flies and other insects like dung beetles.  Dung beetles are associated with fertile soil.  Furthermore, it helps them when the feces from livestock are softer, which is a common result of healthy stools.

The given amount of ranching and farming supplies often vary, depending on the status of the overall agricultural economy of a country or region.  Regardless of how in demand the feed for livestock is in a given season, finding the right kind of food with the specific types of nutrients that are necessary to keep a cow’s health at its best can be quite a problem.  During a downturn in the production of agriculture, the right kinds of food are difficult to locate.  Even more so, the cost of specific kinds of foods with particular types of ingredients is very astronomical.  However, there is a company that provides everything that you need in your livestock feed at a great price.  In addition, everything is readily available at your convenience.


Harvest Fuel Inc, dba SweetPro Feeds, was established in 1991 in North Dakota.  They produce Vitamin, Mineral, and Digestive Aid supplements for livestock. In addition, SweetPro is known for having pioneered the use of Distillers Grains (DDGS).  Although used in feedlot and dairy settings, until SweetPro’s non-molasses DDGS block became available for rangeland applications, the benefits of feeding Distillers Grains were unavailable to these non-bunk-fed livestock.  SweetPro aims to provide the most natural feed for livestock for the benefit of everyone.

SweetPro products act as a supplement for livestock, providing them with a fiber-based diet that contributes to great gut health.  There’s a special ingredient found in their products that contains dietary/insoluble fibers, which play a huge part in aiding the digestive systems of livestock.  Greater gut health is achieved among all different types of livestock, and the animal’s immunity level rises.  SweetPro also has a special kind of protein known as high bypass protein that is helpful, especially when a cow’s protein levels are considered to be terribly low.

Sheep Block

  • Protein
  • Energy
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Good for Digestive Health
  • Contains digestive friendly Distiller Dried Grains
  • Ingredients support nutrient utilization, which allows livestock to get what they need


  • Meets requirements of cows, stocker cattle, and goats
  • Good for Gut Health and Digestive System
  • Contains Vitamins A, D, & E
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium
  • Blocks focus on providing protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals without disrupting the

Start Caring for Their Health to Help your Health

2023 is definitely the year that people are stepping up to the plate, literally and figuratively.  They are stepping up to the plate that they literally eat from to make sure what they put into their mouth is both nutritious and beneficial.  In addition, they are taking action to make sure that what they feed the animals around the world is just as beneficial as what they put into their own bodies.  It is the health of the animals that are interconnected to our own.  We are one with the animals, and they are one with us.  Also, the animals and we are one with the land, as the land is one with both of us.  The right kind of fibers with all kinds of vitamins and minerals have been added to livestock feed to make sure that farm animals benefit the circle of life.  The changing of their lifestyle relies on the changing of our lifestyle.

If you’re looking to support the health of livestock around the world in order to help your own health in return, then look no further.  Everything that you need is available from SweetPro.  Instead of having to go back and forth to feed store after feed store, why not use something that is convenient and easy?  Also, why not feed animals something that has all of the specific things needed to enrich their gut health and overall well-being all in one bag?  Finally, as a rancher, you can contribute to your customer in the best way possible.  You will do this in a roundabout way without ever actually meeting them.  Try Sheep Block and Powermate from SweetPro.  It will go into your livestock’s mouth from the feeder.  After they are fed, the health of the livestock is maintained to supply healthy meat to the consumer, whose health will benefit from the health of the very livestock that was fed in the first place.  SweetPro products also contribute to insect control.  Today is the day to start looking after the health of your fellow animals to help everyone else and the whole world, for that matter.









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