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Get the Best Results with Amino Acids

For all of the people trying to benefit their health, no matter how much they exercise or how well they eat, there is always that extra special something that is needed to give them that extra helping hand. That special something for a lot of people happens to be amino acids.  These are very important for the body in regards to building muscle, recovery from exercise, and maintaining energy. 2023 is the year that people around the world have been making it their goal to get enough amino acids to fulfill their needs. For many people, though, it is extremely difficult to obtain the right amount of amino acids needed to help the body precisely.  It takes various protein-rich foods in specific quantities. In addition, many supplements do not have adequate amounts of certain amino acids that are crucial to particular functions.  However, Kion carries products with all of the needed amino acids that cover everything.  Make this year the year that you use the simple method of taking care of your health. You will be part of an awesome group of people that are standing on top of the world by covering all of their physical needs.

What are Amino Acids?

Simply put, amino acids are part of what makes up protein itself.  Amino acids combine together to form a protein molecule.  These special attributes of amino acids are what help them play a role in protein synthesis to help the body’s muscles.  However, there is much more to amino acids.  When we consume protein, it is broken up into amino acids.  These amino acids that result from this assist all of the functions of the body.  Some of these important functions that we take for granted include immune function, liver function, fat metabolism, cardiovascular health, and more.  Amino acids are not only building blocks of protein; they help us build a better relationship with our body and all of its processes.  We rely on them so that our bodies can respond properly to exercise and nutrition.

Types of Amino Acids

The three main types of amino acids include the following: essential amino acids (EAAs), branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and non-essential amino acids (NEAAs).  NEAAs are considered to be non-essential because they can be easily processed by the body without additional nutrients or supplements.  BCAAs are broken down and not really processed to build muscle.  BCAAs don’t contain enough of the essential amino acids (EAAs) to make a proper difference.  It is the EAAs that are the most important.  All of the various amino acids are lost by the body on a daily basis.  Therefore, one must replace all of the amino acids that are lost by the body consistently.  It takes all of the essential ones to do this.  If one wishes to build muscle and maintain it, EAAs are the way to go.  There is really no way around it.  They aren’t referred to as essential for no reason at all.

Benefits of EAAs

Supports Energy

In maintaining health and overall wellness, keeping one’s energy level up is certainly a necessary priority.  The higher one’s energy level, the better one can exercise and perform daily tasks.   People with high energy levels are able to complete exercises better, whether they be strength training or cardiovascular activity.  Having greater energy also makes one feel better.  When one feels better, one tends to have a better attitude.  Therefore, they are able to interact with people in a positive manner.  EAAs help with all of the bodily processes of storing energy.  Mitochondria, which is found in cells, is a part of how our bodies produce energy.  EAAs help boost the function of mitochondria and maintain their overall quality.  In addition, both mental and muscular fatigue is lessened with the assistance of all of the most necessary amino acids.

Helps Build Muscle

Growing and strengthening one’s muscles are a big part of exercising and physical fitness for a lot of people.  The stronger one’s muscles are, the better other parts of the body can function.  Also, the muscles act as a shield to the bones.  Some people like to consistently build their muscles and make them larger.  In order to do this, it is vital that all of the EAAs are consumed and absorbed properly by the body.  People generally eat or drink something with high amounts of protein after a workout to help build their muscles.  However, it is very difficult for the body to absorb all of the protein that is needed to do this.  This is an area where the consumption of EAAs comes into play.  When all of the required amino acids are consumed, muscle protein synthesis takes place.  Basically, the intentions of exercises to build muscle are fulfilled.  New and larger muscles are formed.

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Helps Promote Muscular Strength

Aside from building more muscle, some people focus on gaining strength.  EAAs help with this too.  While consuming EAAs, specific amino acids help targeted muscles become stronger.  With the right nutrients, one can become just as super strong as one can be super muscular.  One’s strength is obtained with the help of amino acids and is maintained with the benefits they have for muscular endurance as well.  People are able to push against resistance.

Muscular Endurance and Maintaining Muscle

There are many people that lift weights and perform exercises with the intention of just maintaining their overall muscle tone.  As stated, EAAs assist with boosting one’s overall energy.  Within this process, the body’s muscles maintain a certain energy level of their own.  They are able to complete specific exercises aimed at maintaining overall muscle tone better than ever.  The muscle can last longer no matter how intense the workout is and, therefore, maintain its consistency. People won’t get as tired easily.

Helps Muscles Repair

The process of protein synthesis that EAAs help spark in the body is also what allows people’s muscles to repair after strenuous exercise.  Many of the types of activities that people resort to usually require intense movements and, sometimes, very heavy weight.  Even when one builds muscle or maintains it, they must repair it properly so that they can stick to a regular workout routine.  With the consumption of EAAs, the muscles of the body repair properly after workouts so that one can resume their exercise routine whenever they return. 

Prevent Muscular Damage

In addition to the recovery of one’s muscles, preventing injuries and damage to them is just as important.  Amino acids have been shown to lessen the probability of obtaining muscular injuries.  The muscle-damage markers in the blood are affected in a way that high-intense exercise is not as harmful.  Avoiding injury while exercising is very important, especially when one gets older.  However, don’t let age deter you from pursuing any of your fitness goals.  With the help of EAAs, you can fulfill your dreams.  In addition, you can prevent injuries to your muscles.

Decreasing Soreness

Much like the repair of muscles is needed to keep going back to exercise on a daily basis, decreasing soreness of the muscles also contributes to bouncing back after a workout.  EAAs can help reduce the soreness in muscles after lighting heavy weights or performing high-intensity exercises.  You will feel rested and recharged when you go to the gym the day after a full workout.  You won’t get out of bed in the morning aching and moaning.

Obtaining enough EAAs

Obtaining enough EAAs to address all of the previously mentioned functions is definitely easier said than done.  There is so much planning that one has to do with going from store to store to get specific foods, whether they be meat or plant-based.  In addition, one must measure the intake of certain foods to make sure the exact amount of amino acids is put into the body.  It’s much easier and cheaper to just use a simple product that has all of the required EAAs and helps them easily absorb into the body.


Kion makes premium, clean, research-backed supplements and foods that support a long, fun, active life.  They do this by meticulously selecting the highest quality natural ingredients and blending them into complementing supplements and functional foods that maximize wellness, performance, and longevity.  Kion Aminos is a clean, one-of-a-kind amino acid formula containing all nine EAAs in scientifically validated ratios that have been proven to boost energy naturally, build lean muscle, and enhance athletic recovery.

The most intensive research takes place via the highest-rated professionals when formulating supplements by Kion.   Also, the most meticulous testing and sourcing are maintained.  When packaging its products, Kion upholds the utmost professionalism and care.  The health and safety of the people that use the products from Kion are of extreme importance.

Aminos Powder

  • Blend of essential amino acids.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Helps build lean muscle.
  • Helps with recovery.

 Aminos Capsules

  • Blend of essential amino acids.
  • Helps build lean muscle.
  • Helps boost energy.
  • Helps with recovery.

Start Getting All These Must-have Amino Acids Today

Isn’t it time you took the easy method of getting all of the essential amino acids you need to help all of your physical needs?  2023 is the year that people are making their lives easier when it comes to how they consume proper nutrients that help their bodies.  People are gaining muscle and strength like never before, and many are recovering faster and easier from physically demanding activities.  It’s important to learn about what not only makes our everyday lives easier but also what contributes to a healthy life on top of that.  With this ability to make lives easier on top of great health, people are standing on top of the world for the first time in their lives.

If you’re looking to gain muscle or strength, maintain muscle gains, recover quicker from exercise, or simply boost your energy level, then look no further.  EAAs are available via products from Kion.  You can get all of what you need with just a simple product.  You will no longer have to go from store to store and waste money to get all of the right kinds of food needed to assist your muscles with proper growth and recovery.  Also, you won’t have to worry about measuring amounts of food and drink to make sure you get the exact quantity of things needed to accomplish your fitness goals.  Essential amino acids (EAAs) can now be obtained via the simplest process.  Are you interested?  Kion has Aminos Powder and Aminos Capsules.  They also carry Omega Fish Oil and Creatine.  Now is the time to get all of the amino acids you need with the help of a simple product.  Join the great groups of people taking their lives into their own hands and finally standing on top of the world.









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