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Henry Ford once famously stated that if he had asked the public what they wanted him to build, they would have asked for “faster horses.” Before rolling out the Model T in mass production, there were few automobiles worldwide, and they were seen as a novelty. Something for the rich to indulge in.

Steam trains and comfortable buggies were seen at that time as the pinnacle of transportation. And hardly anyone saw the benefit. No one thought it would be possible to make an automobile practical for the working man or woman.

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However, Henry Ford did see the benefit. And we continue to benefit from mass production to this day. Something no one thought was possible.

History is rife with examples of innovations being before their time. Or being perceived as before their time. If something is truly unique and exceptionally helpful, the masses of the population cannot help but be drawn to it. Alas, society generally catches on and catches up.

For example, a scientist named Johannes Kapler deduced through mathematics that the Earth orbited the sun. This was a full year before Galileo discovered it through a telescope in 1610. Both men were treated as outcasts in society.

Yet here we are today, still using Kepler’s laws and formulas for all types of astronomical calculations. Such calculations still help send spaceships into orbit. And they could still be used to help send a craft to other planets.

Almost daily new discoveries are being made and published. Most of these go unnoticed except for those that follow innovation. Then these innovations are adopted and accepted into society. So, science continues to march on, and society will catch up.

Your health and beauty are no different. Labs worldwide are digging and working to create something that will make you feel and look better.

The world continues on, but there is a constant curiosity in science… how do we improve this body we are given. How do we turn back or even slow down aging?

Even before the Conquistadors searched for the fountain of youth, man had been trying to control the uncontrollable… time. Now science looks at new ways of limiting the effects of time on our bodies. And some of the discoveries have been remarkable.

Your skin and aging.

In 2018 the global skincare market was valued at 134.8 Billion dollars. It was expected to grow by 4.4% annually until 2025.

That’s a lot of products to care for your skin. One of the main reasons for this is that it has been shown in multiple studies – if you look your best – you will feel your best. It just makes sense. Nobody likes to look in the mirror and see wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. Also, your skin health is one of the first things people see about you.

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And first impressions are a big deal. As much as society enjoys a platitude such as “don’t judge a book by its cover,” society judges harshly on appearance. There is no right or wrong stance on this, but discoveries continue to be made that will help you look more youthful and have healthier skin. If that is of interest, please continue reading.

The discovery of Retinol

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. You have surely heard of it, and you may even use it. After two years of trial, the FDA approved the use of retinoic acid to treat acne in 1971. Today it is used to help reduce wrinkles and is found worldwide in various over-the-counter creams and in prescription strength.

This compound is one of the most popular ingredients in anti-aging creams. And it does wonders for some people. Hence, it is still in high demand and coveted in the health and beauty world.

In studies, it has been found to smooth complexion, increase firmness, and help your body retain collagen. It also improves your skin tone and texture.

However, there can be side effects to using Retinol in your skincare routine. Those with sensitive skin should be very cautious in their retinol use. It has been shown to cause:

  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Burning and itching
  • Dry skin
  • Flaking and peeling
  • Sun sensitivity

If the timing and dosages of Retinol are not carefully monitored, it doesn’t seem to matter what your skin type is. You can still experience problems. These problems can appear even in those who do not have traditionally sensitive skin.

Now, look again at the first paragraph of this section… OK… did you see it? Retinol came out in a usable form in 1971.

That was 51 years ago. Indeed there have been more modern and widely usable discoveries since then. Well, there has been. It just takes time for the public to realize there are better options.

Methylene Blue and your skin.

At the University of Maryland, a senior researcher named Dr. Kan Cao and her team made a remarkable discovery. While studying the rapid aging disease Progeria, which causes the human body to age prematurely, they found that “Methylene Blue” performed miracles on its largest organ, the skin.

Methylene blue – a powerful anti-oxidant – has been used for a long time to treat a variety of diseases, including blood disorders. It is also used as a dye to make X-rays stand out better. It is FDA-approved and on the WHO’s list of essential medicines. This anti-oxidant was found in trials to slow down and even reverse some signs of skin aging.

This research shows that skin treated with Methylene Blue retained more water and increased in thickness. It also decreased the expression of two genes commonly used as indicators of cellular aging. Dr. Cao’s research has been peer-reviewed and published in scientific journals such as Nature Scientific Reports.

The research also found that Methylene Blue has unique characteristics which allow it to penetrate human cells. It neutralizes free radicals and repairs DNA damage. And cellular improvement can even be seen at the mitochondrial level.

These findings, upon being published, took the health and beauty world by storm. Not only does Methylene Blue repair and restore skin, but it also protects your skin from the sun, wind, and environmental damage. This is truly an exciting discovery.

All testing of Methylene Blue took place in a  cruelty-free setting on high-tech 3D skin models. The latest research shows that Methylene Blue outperforms Retinol without side effects.

Methylene Blue has been shown to eliminate oxidative cell stress, double the elastin and collagen production amount, and even boost skin cell numbers as high as 300%. The changes to your skin appear to be long-term beneficial changes, not fly-by-night improvements.

After 51 years as the top dog in anti-aging skincare, Retinol could be overthrown as the preferred “fountain of youth” for your skin. And without any of the harsh side effects. Now, overthrowing an established winner like Retinol is not easy. However, it could very well happen with better results and fewer side effects.

Dr. Cao and her team went to work incorporating Methylene Blue into usable products for the public. They are very pleased to offer a line of products through their company Bluelene. This skincare revolution is just getting started, so check out two of the great offerings available, and see the difference. Made only to the highest quality standards, just as you would expect from an outstanding scientific team.

Bluelene Serum +

Designed for application to your face, neck, and eye area for unmatched anti-aging results.

Wellness Magazine Master Club
Wellness Magazine Master Club

This serum targets mitochondrial health and DNA repair with the power of Methylene Blue, combined with other anti-oxidants. It also has several other key ingredients to attract, retain and produce moisture.

Serum+ also contains potent Hyaluronic acid, NextGen vitamin C, aloe vera, and blue-green algae. This combination delivers a powerful boost to your skin.

Use it at night to replenish your skin after a long day and even in the morning for a quick lift and all-day hydration.

This serum will provide the following:

  • Age spot reduction
  • Wrinkle repair
  • Unmatched hydration
  • Plumping and tightening
  • Instant lift
  • Skin rescue from UV and environmental damage.

If all the science and years of research are not enough to convince you to try Serum+, consider what a few recent reviews have said.

“Skin stayed flawless all day” Anne M. 5/26/2022

I applied the Bluelene Serum+ last evening. When I awoke this morning my skin was plump and smooth. I have never had this result with other products. I applied the serum again this morning and then applied SunFix before my foundation. Well, all I can say is I am absolutely amazed at the results. I spent the day looking in the mirror in all types of light conditions because I was thrilled by the results, Fine lines were diminished, my skin stayed plump and hydrated all day, and my foundation stayed flawless.

That’s after one night and one morning of use. Imagine the results with daily care and use. Anna puts it quite nicely in her review. 

This serum is like no other.

The moment I experienced the new serum on my face, I knew it was something special. I could literally feel my skin plumping up! And when my yoga class friends asked what procedure I had done to my skin. I knew the change was very visible.

No procedure is needed, just daily care and maintenance of your skin. Using the proven power of Methylene Blue and other ingredients shown to produce younger-looking, healthier skin.

And if you are looking for something to help with total body skincare Bluelene has you covered there as well.

Bluelene BodyFix

Total head-to-toe skin care.

Wellness Magazine Master Club
Wellness Magazine Master Club

This is a luxurious whipped body cream that will help restore your skin’s youthful vigor. Formulated for total skincare from your feet to your face. Along with Methylene Blue, this cream is infused with super hydrating ingredients, including shea butter, jojoba, and aloe.

It visibly smooths wrinkles and restores dry areas such as the knees, elbows, and hands. This product will boost hydration. It absorbs quickly and smooths the texture of your skin.

You will definitely notice a difference with continued use, just like these fine reviews can attest.

Hydrated & moisture my skin extremely well.

Tanya – 04/21/22

Being a body lotion, balm, oil, cream, butter goddess myself, I’ve always had to have my skin moisturizing products. I’ve applied one of these types if not two or more to my skin every single day to keep it hydrated and moisturized. At my age skin starts to change with hormonal changes and climate change. This body cream helps soften and hydrate my skin while keeping it soft, smooth, and moisturized which in turn helps those wrinkles I hate so much.

It’s an overall great quality body cream that works wonders for my skin. It has a thicker consistency with a creamy texture that feels good. I don’t mind the scent because it’s definitely not overpowering.

That sounds like the results researchers continued to achieve in discovering Methylene Blue for your skin.

This is one of the dozens of reviews for the great products brought to you by Bluelene. There are no three-star or even four-star reviews. Just five stars from pleased customers wanting to look and feel their best.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology for your skin, there is no better place to start than the great line of products from Bluelene.

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