HealthKeys to Longevity

Keys to Longevity

Establishing a solid regimen for health and wellbeing lines the path to longevity. However, we don’t just want to live longer, we want to be healthier and happier for as long as we can be. So what are the keys to longevity?

There are a few basics to health and wellbeing that can aid us on the journey toward a life well-lived. These basics are what we do day in and day out; it’s often these small, niggly things that are consistent and applied with focus and effort that yield long-term success. 

Health and Wellness – The Basics! 

At first glance, these pointers may seem incredibly obvious, but they are commonly the things that we fail on, gloss over, or don’t pay enough attention to. Here are just a few health and wellbeing basics that can help with better long-term success and longevity! 

  • Food, glorious food. The fact is, even when we think we are eating well, we probably aren’t. Think about it. How often do you check food labels and ingredients? How many meals do you cook from scratch per week? How much fruit, vegetables, fiber, and natural whole foods are you incorporating into each meal? Obesity is one of the world’s biggest killers and a potential threat to health and longevity. Through managing your diet, you can arm yourself with the tools to create long-term wellbeing. The journey to longevity begins in your kitchen, at home! 
  • Stress. Stress is fast becoming a major factor in poor health. Excess or prolonged stress causes inflammation within the body and throw your hormones and hormonal responses totally out of whack. It affects how you eat and digest food, your sleep, your sex drive, and mental focus, immune function, and lots more. It is natural to encounter short bursts of what we deem as stress or a stressful occurrence (such as meeting a deadline at work); however, when that stress does not subside, it can lead to anxiety and numerous issues within the body. 
  • Exercise. It’s not just about how often you exercise, it’s about the intensity level you are exercising at, the duration, and the type of exercise that you participate in. Ideally, formal exercise should be done at least 3-5 times weekly, for around 20-30 minutes each session, and you should feel mildly out of breath during exercise – this is a good gauge as to the intensity level. That being said, just being active throughout your day keeps you well. For instance, take the stairs or walk wherever possible. 

As mentioned earlier, hormonal balance keeps your body working in rhythm with itself; it creates balance. Imbalances, toxins, and inflammation that build up in the body can seriously affect your wellbeing. We cannot see what is going on within our body at a cellular level; however, by focusing on all we can do to support good cellular function we can harness better health and longevity.

Body Kitchen is fully aware of the importance of cellular support and hormonal balance. Body Kitchen began in 2018; it was formed by a health-conscious team of nutritionists and cellular biologists drew together by a shared ethos: food sparks change.

Body Kitchen creates its supplements based on the knowledge that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are more than molecular compounds. They’re fuel, strength, and life.

Body Kitchen offers the best of the best; they know that ingredients are not all created equal! Their whole food extracts and proprietary ingredients are made from foods held to a higher standard of excellence. They’re nature-made, pure, and simple. Here’s a peek at two products from Body Kitchen: Mega NAC + Quercetin and Trimglo with Dyglofit

“Your health supplements should be as clean and natural as the food on your plate. This philosophy exists within every Body Kitchen product, from sourcing the best quality ingredients to preserving the highest nutritional potency. We maintain transparency at every step between our farms to your pantry. It’s not the easy way—but it’s the Body Kitchen way!”- Body Kitchen 


Mega NAC + Quercetin

This supplement can help to support good respiratory health and lung and liver function. Its powerful natural ingredients help to detoxify the body and promote cellular health. Mega NAC + Quercetin is boosted with two potent antioxidants to help fight free radical scavengers.   

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Here’s a look at how Mega NAC + Quercetin can support your respiratory health: 

  • Clinically effective dose: Delivers 600 mg of high-quality N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), the precursor to L-glutathione, at the daily dose shown to work in clinical studies
  • Powerful detox: Traps and flushes out harmful toxins and impurities from the body and supports the liver’s natural cleansing process
  • Breathe easier: Promotes optimal lung and respiratory function while supporting a healthy response to inflammation
  • Free radical neutralizer: Potent combination of NAC to boost production of the body’s “master antioxidant”, plus an added 600 mg of the flavonoid Quercetin to fight cell oxidation and support a healthy immune system
  • Increases absorption: Features a patented form of Black Pepper Extract, clinically shown to increase nutrient absorption and bioavailability by at least 30%

Trimglo with Dyglofit 

This is a supplement you can take without altering your diet. It means losing weight has never been easier due to a miracle fruit extract that promotes fat burning by improving glucose use. Trimglo with Dyglofit offers optimal metabolism support and helps to maintain blood sugar balance. 

GET NOW – 20% with code: “WELLNESS20”

Here’s some more good news about Trimglo and what it can do for you: 

  • Fortified with DygloFit, a West African super-fruit that works by enhancing insulin sensitivity
  • Fat-burning polyphenol complex to increase glucose uptake
  • Enhanced with green tea extract for a healthy energy boost
  • Supports metabolism function and cell reaction
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels with added chromium
  • 100% stimulant-free
  • Non-GMO, Vegan

Body Kitchen is backed by results. Because they’re nutritional experts and scientists obsessed with how food affects health, they rely on proof. Their products are backed by evidence-based science that supports how they activate and support health, longevity, and beauty.

“We are pure, edible wellness, combining the goodness of the kitchen with breakthroughs in cellular science. In our pursuit to inspire more active days and beautiful moments, we offer you premium-quality supplements that make it easy for you to build the body and wellbeing you want. We would like to continue to offer the discount WELLNESS20 to your readers which will give them 20% off site-wide!”- Body Kitchen 

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