BeautyNatural beauty is simple...

Natural beauty is simple…

Does the sound of ticking clocks vex you to nightmares of looking in the mirror and seeing the gnarly skin of a dried up prune? Or do you dream of the firm, peachy skin of your youth? Skin produces less collagen as we age, which can result in a loss of elasticity, rough skin, and wrinkles. We can’t travel back in past time to reclaim youthful skin, but we may replenish, rehydrate, restore, and minimize premature aging. No one diet or product can reverse time, but lifestyle habits may help slow the aging process and support a healthy glow. It is said that our skin absorbs what we smooth and slather onto it. Why not nourish delicate skin (the largest organ in the body) with chemical-free, organic, and natural, nutrient-rich items that help boost your skin’s natural ability to repair itself?


A great way to utilize your skins absorptive properties to promote overall health and retain youthful skin is to consider your clean skincare the same way you consider your clean diet. Extend the motto “you are what you eat” to your skin as well. This means that putting only healthful ingredients on your skin is a rule of thumb. If you wouldn’t want it in your body, don’t put it on your skin.

Ora’s Amazing Herbal is one company that takes this rule to heart. They use no synthetic ingredients, or fragrances. All of their products are gluten and grain free, paraben free, water free allowing them to be preservative free, and every ingredient is selected to promote whole body health as well as skin health. They go an extra couple of miles too by infusing organic healing and health promoting herbs into their base so that all the products they make using that base deliver anti-oxidant, anti aging nutrients through your skin. This way your skin looks and feels healthier, because it actually is. The organic herbs they infuse into their base oil are calendula, comfrey, plantain, St. John’s Wort, thyme, burdock, and chickweed. Their functions range from protecting cells from free radical damage to increasing cell turnover rate, to helping the body block the inflammatory cascade.

Now, its time to try…

For your face

Ora’s Amazing Herbal Advanced Nightly Skin Repair uses this signature base infusion and then adds nutrient rich superfoods for your skin such as pomegranate, tamanu, rosehips, apricot and meadowfoam oils and then garnishes it with carrot seed essential oil, used by aromatherapists for anti-aging.  The results that have been reported with use of this serum include observable improvements in elasticity, and fullness to the skin as well as reduced redness, and better moisture retention. In short, skin looks and feels more youthful, exactly what the naturopathic doctor ordered!

For your body

Ora’s Amazing Herbal body butter also uses the same base herbal infusion and takes it to the creamy side of things by integrating organic shea butter, oil of rosehips, apricot, meadowfoam, and deeply emollient castor bean for a long lasting softening and luxurious shmear. It is also a very good treatment for keratosis pilaris, commonly known as chicken skin, when used after exfoliating. It is available in unscented or scented. Their deceptively heavenly citrus grove scent will transport you to a place of sunshine and flowering fruit trees, but in truth its scent is made up of therapeutic essential oils of sweet marjoram, bergamot and benzoin which are used by aromatherapists to help even out skin pigment, for anti- aging, anti-microbial, anti-depressant and circulatory stimulation.

Ora says that part of remaining youthful, is maintaining the mentality that we each can make a difference in the world, and choosing not to let go of those youthful qualities called hope and optimism.  When we allow ourselves to become apathetic, and loose our enthusiasm for improving the world, we being to age beyond our years.

A little about Ora’s Amazing Herbal

At Ora’s Amazing Herbal (OAH) they are passionate about making every choice count for good. They choose environmentally sustainable ingredients such as organic and non GMO, and green packaging such as glass, recycled paper, and post consumer recycled plastic, as well as being committed to maintaining a small carbon footprint in their production.  They make all their products in small batches in the USA and use their business to feed their own family and then to give back to their community as much as possible. Ora started off as a nutritionist and began making herbal skincare to treat her daughters eczema. When she discovered how effective her salve was, and how much she enjoyed making it, she began to give it out as gifts to friends, family and teachers. When requests began to come in for more salve the timing was just right, as her youngest was just becoming ready to start school. Playing with developing new products remains her favorite hobby and her kids remain her first line of testers.









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