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Ladies, Hold Back the Hands of Time

If you’re a woman, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old for anything. You can maintain the feeling of being young forever, don’t let people tell you otherwise. The year 2023 is still young, and women all over the world are holding back the hands of time. We live in a world that highly cherishes youth in appearance and activities.  When people reach a certain age, there’s a general narrative that they don’t have the worth that they once had. Although this can refer to both men and women, it tends to be more directed toward females. The beauty of women seems to be valued only within a certain span of a female’s life. Not only is the idea that both a woman’s inner and outer beauty can only be maintained within a number of years false, but it is also very untrue that their healthiest years are behind them once they can no longer bear children. 

When a woman experiences menopause, it is a natural part of life.  However, the side effects associated with this transitional phase often leave many women feeling that their wholeness as a person is not what it used to be.  The loss of estrogen during this stage certainly contributes to this factor.  It takes specific supplements that have extracts from Pueraria mirifica.  This helps counter the effects of menopause and helps women maintain their youthful feeling.  However, finding these types of products is a challenge.  Luckily, there are readily available supplements from Amata Life to help women deal with the side effects of menopause and tend to feminine hygiene better.  Ladies, show the world this year that your youth is eternal.  Hold back the hands of time today!


Menopause is a word often associated with bad feelings and emotions.  Although this is a transitional phrase that applies strictly to females, it’s safe to say that males don’t associate the word with positive things either.  Menopause occurs at the end of a woman’s reproductive life span.  There are some extremely unpleasant physical and mental issues that women experience during this time.  Their hormones are thrown out of whack.  These circumstances are what have contributed to the idea that everything associated with menopause is negative and makes the discussion of the matter almost taboo.  It’s almost as if it’s the end of a woman’s life when in fact, it’s not.

The narrative around menopause being the roadblock to a woman’s productive years is being replaced with that of it being a new beginning.  Sure, menopause does indicate that a woman’s reproductive years are ending, but it does not, and should not, suggest anything about a woman’s ability to produce and contribute good things to society.  With the help of particular supplements, the side effects of menopause are now being properly countered.  Within this process, women all over the world who are experiencing menopause are not having as many negative feelings and thoughts about this crossroads in their life.  In fact, it contributes to them finding it as a rebirth of themselves and their bodies.


With all of the unpleasant feelings and happenings in a woman’s body during menopause, one of the most obvious things that happen is their body loses so much estrogen.  This hormone not only represents reproduction; one could argue it represents femininity as a whole.  For many women, when this loss of estrogen occurs, it feels like not only is their reproductive life over but almost as if their whole life is over to a certain extent.  Also, the loss of estrogen can cause moodiness and depression.  However, there are certain products that can help women not only fight off the side effects of menopause but also maintain decent levels of estrogen.  Rejuvenation occurs all throughout the body. 

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Of the many physical side effects of menopause, hot flashes are perhaps the most common.  These cause a sudden rush of warmth in the upper body of women.  Besides hot flashes, night sweats are also a problem associated with menopause.  These occur when women excessively perspire in their sleep.  While it is certainly natural to sweat, especially when the body is exposed to heat, this type of sweating is intense and should not be taken lightly.  It involves the entire clothes and bedsheets being totally soaked with perspiration.  Both hot flashes and night sweats certainly make menopause an extremely undesirable period in a woman’s life.  They seem almost unbearable. 

Weight Gain and Loss of Sleep

In conjunction with the side effects of menopause, two of the biggest setbacks that are often experienced with it are weight gain and loss of sleep.  Besides the common theme of being labeled as ‘too old’ for certain activities, one of the biggest issues that women face as they get older is putting on unwanted weight.  This is certainly exasperated once they have children and especially when they go through menopause.  No matter how well some women diet and exercise, it seems like the weight gain at this time in their lives is almost insurmountable.  Along with weight gain during menopause often comes losing amounts of sleep.  Lack of proper rest for anyone as they reach middle age is a huge inconvenience that people seek to avoid at all costs.  Aside from the time during pregnancy and taking care of infants, menopause is often a period where women lose adequate amounts of sleep due to their bodies going through such a transformational stage.  It’s up to women to find ways that they can lessen these effects during this time that contribute to weight gain and loss of sleep. 

Effects on the Skin

Menopause can also cause women’s skin to be overly dry and in need of moisturization.  The loss of estrogen causes the skin to dry easily. This dryness especially affects the vaginal area and causes itchiness and irritation.  Skin tissues, therefore, need some form of restoration.  The challenge is finding something that can properly moisturize the skin under this condition.  The circumstances of dry skin under menopause are different than other scenarios where moisturization is required.  This time, it concerns a very delicate part of the female anatomy.  Therefore, something with specific ingredients is needed.

Besides the dryness of intimate areas of a woman’s body during menopause, it’s important to consider the overall loss of oil.  Once the estrogen levels drop, the levels of oil production do as well.  When the body produces oil, it fights off signs of aging like wrinkles.  This is another factor that makes the effects of menopause not only a turning point in a woman’s life but an indicator that it shows them changing.  It’s considered a negative form of change as it indicates age.

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Ways to Lessen the Side Effects of Menopause

Oftentimes during menopause, women either just try to bear the inconveniences or seek certain types of therapy.  Unfortunately, a lot of the types of treatment that are consulted consist of unnatural methods.  In addition, they usually can’t address all the physical and emotional issues that menopause bestows on a woman.  More recently, a growing number of people are wisely consulting the uses of natural herbs that add a more authentic type of therapy for the female body.  Extractions from the plant known as Pueraria mirifica have proven to be very beneficial in tackling the side effects of menopause.  This herb causes rejuvenating effects on the body by activating several key receptors.  Within Pueraria mirifica are potent plant estrogens called miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol.  These react with estrogen receptors on the surface of cells. The hormone levels are balanced.

Amata Life

Amata Life is a direct-to-consumer retailer of products that feature the herb known as Pueraria mirifica.  The company was formed in 2013 in connection with the mission of Dr. Christiane Northrup.  She wished to find what was truly possible as we get older and, in turn, transformed the popular perception of menopause from one of dread to what it can be: the most empowering and pleasurable phase of a woman’s life. 

In addition to being a gateway for women to rediscover their youth both mentally and physically, Amata Life is also a company that cherishes natural methods of healing in relation to its products.  Too many people have consulted unnatural ways of helping their bodies throughout the years.  Oftentimes, this applies to trying to make the body look and feel younger. This also applies to women when addressing the many problems they face during menopause.  However, there is a more natural way to remain ageless.  Amata Life has indeed become a natural way of life for women around the globe.

Amata Pueraria Mirifica Plus 30 day

  • Alleviates the symptoms of menopause.
  • Helps restore youthful feelings in women.
  • 100 mg of Puresterol®
  • Kelp Extract
  • Vitamin B12

Amata PM Plus Vaginal Moisturizer

  • Provides immediate moisturization
  • Addresses dryness

Regain the Fountain of Youth Today

Ladies, isn’t it time to feel no shame in what your body has been going through or has gone through?  In 2023, thousands of women are pushing away all of the shame that has previously been associated with going through menopause.  They are pushing back the hands of time both physically and mentally by using natural products that enable them to maintain a proper balance of hormones.  No longer is the end of a woman’s reproductive life the beginning of the end; it’s the beginning of a new empowered life.  Pueraria mirifica is very important to be able to obtain this ageless feeling and outlook on life.   If you want to regain the fountain of youth, it is extremely necessary.

If you are a woman going through menopause and you wish to fight off all of its side effects, such as hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and a dry vaginal area, then look no further.  Supplements that have plentiful amounts of Pueraria mirifica are available from Amata Life.  They also possess all the required nutrients to contribute to the restoration of female’s livelihood, which is normally lost when their bodies go through the intense changes associated with menopause.  As a lady, you will no longer feel like your life is slipping away from you just because it has entered a new biological phase.  In addition, you will be using something natural and healthy that addresses all of your needs during this time.  Are you interested?  Try Amata Pueraria Mirifica plus 30 day and Amata PM Plus Vaginal Moisturizer from Amata Life.  They also carry Amata Life Sleep and Relax and Amata PM Plus Vaginal Moisturizer Warming.  The year is still young, and you can still feel young.  Don’t miss out on the new advantages that are sweeping the world.  Join the hundreds of women coast to coast that are holding back the hands of time and doing it the natural way.









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