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Your Gut is In Your Head

We frequently associate the moods we experience daily with the thoughts in our heads.  The truth is, however, that we should be looking at how our moods are directly affected by our gut health.  In 2023, people all over the world are learning about the gut-brain connection.  If you have not started educating yourself about this phenomenon, it is extremely important that you do so immediately.  There is a unique connection between the gut and the brain.  The gut sends messages to the brain that affect everyday moods and how we feel.  In other words, your gut health strongly affects your mental health.  To make sure you experience the most fantastic moods every single day of the week, you must make sure that the gut and the brain are operating in harmony with one another.  This requires a diet full of probiotics, along with getting a good night’s rest and eliminating stress.  Oftentimes, however, it is difficult to obtain all of what is needed just at the grocery store.  There is not enough food with enough probiotics to ensure your good moods are consistent.  That is why people’s lives are made easier with supplements from Lifted Naturals.  You can get all that you need and keep your gut and brain in harmony with one another.  It’s only the third month of the new year.  It’s time you learned about and started using something that will keep you smiling every day of the week, no matter what.

Gut-Brain Connection

Within the human body, there is constant communication taking place between the gut and the brain.  The vagus nerve is a long nerve that extends from the brain down to the gut.  Whenever we eat something, there is a signal that is sent via the vagus nerve to the stomach that signals it’s time to break down food.  The healthier the nutrients we ingest, the better the food is broken down.  This is why it is extremely vital that in order to improve our mental health, we must focus on consuming specific things that are going to send the proper signal.  If what is consumed is unhealthy, the message that is sent is negative, and therefore, the digestive process isn’t as efficient.  When one’s digestive process is out of whack, it often contributes to feeling gloomy and depressed.

In the same way that the gut sends signals to the brain, the brain sends signals to the gut.  Whenever you are mad, worrying, or in total distress, it can often cause you to have stomach issues.  In addition, even if you are eating good foods, the signal sent from the brain to the stomach during these types of states can disrupt the digestive system.  Therefore, the gut relies on the brain, and the brain depends on the gut.  Although ingesting enough of the specific kinds of nutrients is the most important aspect of maintaining a positive connection between the gut and the brain, it’s also important to consider other factors in your life.  One part is eliminating one’s stress level.  Stress is something that pretty much affects anybody and everybody.  It varies across different types of people and their personal situations.  There are various ways to eliminate stress in one’s life.  Depending on the individual, they can try exercise, meditation, and even aromatherapy.  Decreasing one’s stress level is important because a stressful mood sends unpleasant messages to the gut, therefore making your feeling even more unpleasant than it actually is at the moment.

Besides eliminating stress, another important thing to consider in relation to a positive gut-brain connection is getting enough sleep on a regular basis.  There have been studies that have shown that lack of proper rest can contribute to the gut not being able to maintain good bacteria.  When this lack of sleep causes this, the messages that are sent to the brain are negative and only contribute to further stress, anxiety, and depression.  The entire body needs adequate amounts of rest to function daily, and this very much applies to the health of the gut and mind.  One can obtain better amounts of sleep by exercising, limiting caffeine intake, and meditation.  Simply put, proper rest is needed in addition to specific nutrients.

Benefits of Good Gut-Brain Connection

Improving Mood

As previously stated, improving your overall mood is one of the key aspects of a healthy gut-brain connection.  We as human beings strive to both feel better and have positive moods so that we can properly interact with people in society.  From the interactions we have with our coworkers at our place of employment to the relationships we have with our direct family, a good mood definitely goes a long way.  In order to work efficiently with others, it’s very crucial to feel good so that you are productive and, most importantly, very pleasant to be around.  When you are nice to be around, people appreciate you at work for brightening the atmosphere.  Also, sometimes a happy mood can help those having a bad day feel better.  A work environment with at least one person that is in a good mood can make all the difference.  Just like with the atmosphere of your work, your home environment is very much influenced by the mental states of family members.  If a family member can maintain a happy, healthy mood regularly, important decisions of the household can be adequately approached.  Also, when there is conflict in the home, one person who is positive and upbeat can add their two cents of beneficial advice to help those involved.  A healthy gut-brain connection is definitely one of the keys to improving your mood every day of the week.

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Improving Digestion

Besides avoiding stress, one’s digestion is strongly influenced by how well the right messages are being sent between the gut and the brain.  When the right messages are sent from the brain to the stomach, the digestive process is kicked into full gear.  During times when the body is having difficulties breaking down food particles for proper consumption, it contributes to an uneasy feeling throughout the whole body.  It’s that full, nasty feeling that we just can’t stand.  This only furthers stress and increases anxiety and depression.  With the proper number of probiotics, the signal that is sent from the brain to the gut lets the digestive system know that it is time to break down food that has recently been consumed in a timely and efficient manner.

Improving Immune System

When ingesting the proper amounts of probiotics to positively influence the gut-brain connection, there are other functions besides digestion that are affected.  For instance, the body’s immune system is improved.  Having a high immune system is extremely important in avoiding getting sick.  In both hemispheres of the world, a transitional phase occurs between two distinct seasons.   This is one of the most common times that people get sick and carry germs.  Let’s face it, getting sick is no fun.  It causes people to have to miss work or school and get left out of fun ventures with family members.  The higher the immune system, the better protected one is from the harmful entities floating around in the air.  With the right signals sent back and forth between the gut and the brain, you can prevent yourself from getting sick.


As one would probably imagine, the primary way to improve the gut-brain connection is with what you put into your body.  A healthy diet is a huge part of a healthy gut and brain relationship.  Also, getting enough sleep every night is important too.  However, there is also something very specific that is needed to maintain the most positive connection between the two.  Probiotics are found in various foods like yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, and some types of cheeses.  Basically, probiotics help with the development of healthy gut bacteria.  The healthy gut bacteria contribute to a healthy gut, which, in turn, will send positive messages to the brain.  The simplest way to get enough probiotics into your body and, in turn, help your overall mood related to your gut-brain connection is to use probiotic supplements.  However, it’s essential to consider the right kind of supplements.

Lifted Naturals

Lifted Naturals is a small family business with a big passion for the power of probiotics for mood and the importance of the gut-brain connection.  Sylvia and Tim Hall started Lifted Naturals.  After experiencing mood challenges postpartum, Sylvia Hall was looking for natural remedies for relief. She then discovered aspects of the gut-brain connection. Sylvia’s idea for a probiotic supplement designed to help support mood with specifically selected strains of bacteria was the springboard for the first product from Lifted Naturals. 

The awareness of the connection between gut and mental health is relatively new.  Like all aspects of human health, it is essential to address the gut and the brain naturally.  Lifted Naturals is no different.  Supplements contain only the most natural ingredients.  Since the messaging from the stomach to the brain is a natural process, it is only suiting to help it naturally.  It’s a natural way to feel better both mentally and physically.

Mood Boosting Probiotic

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  • Supports Immune System

Mood Super Strains Probiotic

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Help Your Gut to Help Your Mind and Help Your Whole Life!!

Isn’t it time to start experiencing the best moods of your life every day?  All you need to do is stimulate the messaging between the brain and the gut with the proper supplements you can’t find anywhere else.  In 2023, people are finally becoming more educated about what really influences our moods.  In doing so, people are eliminating the bad unpleasant attitudes from happening frequently.  Before some of this research, no one would have ever thought that most of what influenced our moods stemmed from the messaging that occurred back and forth between the brain and the gut.  Ingesting probiotics is the proper way to stimulate this messaging process.  Even though a lot of the foods that contain adequate amounts of probiotics can be hard to locate, you are in luck, as Lifted Naturals has you covered.

If you are looking to improve your daily moods, increase your immune system, have a healthier digestive tract, and improve your overall outlook on life, then look no further.  The specific number of probiotics needed to ensure you address all of these things is available with supplements from Lifted Naturals.  You will now be able to take the easy route to maintain your mental health, all while improving your physical health at the same time.  Finally, you won’t have to worry about going from store to store to purchase food after food and supplement after supplement.  What you need is accessible in just one product.  Are you interested?  Check out Mood Boosting Probiotic and Mood Super Strains Probiotic from Lifted Naturals.  They also have SBO Mood Boost Probiotic and Micro Melatonin.  Now is the time to conveniently take care of your mental and physical health for the first time in your life.  Educate yourself so you can educate others.  The gut and the brain are meant to work in harmony!









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