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Stop Being Hardheaded About Your Hard Head

It’s time to be pickier about the helmets you put on your head.  In general, wearing helmets while partaking in activities like bike riding, skateboarding, segueing, and anything involving highly intense movement is very important to both your safety and health.  They guard against accidents that can severely hurt your head and, in turn, your entire body.  Your head is connected to the rest of your body.  Like your heart, your brain plays a huge part in the functions of your body, particularly regarding the nervous system.  When this is affected in any way, it can hurt how you move and, ultimately, how you live.  That’s why helmets act as a shield to both your head and your very life, for that matter. 

However, what is not often discussed is that it is the specific type of helmet that determines how well you are guarded against unwanted accidents and tragedy.   Individuals from nation to nation are becoming more educated about proper helmet use in 2023.  It’s this needed knowledge about protecting your head that keeps one’s continued safety and protection at the highest levels, even as one continues to seek further and more thrilling adventures. Many helmets are only equipped for certain types of activities.  Some are beneficial for bike riding but not for more intense activities like riding on e-vehicles. 

Wouldn’t you want a helmet that covers everything and anything when it comes to your safety?  E-Bikes, e-scooters, e-skates, and e-skateboards enable people to go at much higher speeds than standard devices.  It’s a fun, exhilarating experience for people.  However, you must harness this thrill with the right kind of helmet.  Most of the helmets you can purchase in stores do not have the fullest protection for your entire head.  In addition, they have not been tested to see if they supply safety against high rates of speed.  People are stuck between a rock and a hard head about what to do.  Xnito is here to both clear and cover your head.  You are relieved of all worries about using helmets.  They supply fully protected helmets that can be used for most activities, and they have your safety covered when you go fast as possible on your up-to-date equipment.


The excitement that we experienced when we were children when we got our first bike or first pair of roller skates stays embedded in our psyche for the rest of our lives.  The exhilarating feeling of that bike ride down the driveway after you have just had your training wheels taken off is a rush that never truly fades.  Racing down the street at what seemed like 100 mph with your best friend when you were 12 in your rollerblades is a fond remembrance.  You just can’t beat the feeling or, more importantly, the memory.  No matter how good the sense was, though, don’t forget the fact that this is an actual memory for you and is a function of your brain processes.  A healthy brain operates in a way that keeps the most pleasant and even the most exciting events of your life stored for proper retrospect.  Even if you did not have a helmet on when you took that bike ride down the driveway for the first time with no training wheels or raced down the street in your rollerblades, the bottom line is, you should have!!  People are becoming more and more educated about the ways to protect their heads, and ultimately the functions of their brain, with proper protection.   People need to revisit that excitement from their childhood all through their lives.  That’s why e-vehicles have become so popular since they operate at high rates of speed that touch the senses of adults, making them feel like happy children again.  However, they need to do this in the safest way possible so that they can keep these experiences as fond memories and continue to make more for the rest of their lives.

We like the idea of traveling faster than the speed of light.  Although it is not technically possible, as a society, we certainly seem like we are leaning toward doing that.  Everything nowadays is instant, from messaging to purchasing an item.  The mindset of instant gratification has crossed over into activities like bike riding and using skateboards.  The crazy speeds of some of the e-versions of these items certainly make people feel as if they are cruising faster than the speed of light.  While we are traveling at astronomical speeds, enjoying reliving our childhoods, which we very much should do, all areas of the head need to be totally shielded.  A proper helmet for this needs to have the most up-to-date impact absorption and complete coverage for the temples and the rear of the head.  The worst thing one can do is to disregard not only wearing a helmet but also wearing the right kind of helmet until it is unfortunately too late.  It’s time to act now to first become acquainted with what is needed during your moments of ecstasy and then make them part of your arsenal. 


It’s not only vital to your experiences to have the best head protection, but it’s also crucial to beable to see where you’re going at night and for other people to see you too. The fun of bikeriding, and any other activity requiring a helmet, is enjoyed more so at night for some people, andthere is certainly nothing wrong with that. While this is a more pleasurable experience for certainindividuals, it’s important to remember that doing this at night comes with additional risks.Riding at nighttime can be very dangerous, as people can’t clearly see as well as they do duringthe daytime. Many bike riders have been in accidents at night, either because they did not see acar coming or, in other cases, someone else couldn’t see them riding their bike. The e-versions ofaccessories have intensified this problem as the faster someone goes, the easier it is for someoneto miss them, especially if it’s dark. This problem can be eliminated both ways with helmets thatare not only designed for the fullest protection but are also equipped with adequate lighting toimprove the vision of those performing high-speed activities at night, in addition to those theymay encounter. People are purchasing high-tech helmets for protection and to help clear theirpaths of problems regarding nighttime activities.


Although not as much of a concern as one’s safety and protection, the accessibility andcomfortability of helmets should not be disregarded. Oftentimes, the most sturdy of helmets,particularly those used for motorcycle riding, is very heavy and can be an inconvenience. It isquite a challenge to find one that provides full protection but is also easily transportable. Notonly that, the larger the helmets are, the comfort level of them is not as high. People feelconstricted and almost like they can’t breathe properly. Individuals often purchase helmets thatappear to fit but then end up proving to be the wrong exact size. Often, people resort to goingfrom store to store to find just the right size for them. Even if they do locate a properly fittinghelmet, the comfort and ventilation of the device may not be that great. A person needs enoughair and space ventilating under the helmet so one can breathe properly and not feel like their headis being constricted. Without proper ventilation, one tends to sweat more than they probablyshould and cause damage to their skin. Besides that, the constriction of one’s head can lead tophysical issues. It’s time to get a helmet that protects you, fits you, and is the most comfortable.You ask yourself, though, where can I find such an item?


Xnito is a San Franciso startup founded in June 2020 during the COVID pandemic. People aregoing faster on e-Bikes, e-scooters, and other insanely fast e-vehicles, while being more distractedthan ever before. Xnito decided to take on the challenge of not only designing a helmet that canprotect people at higher speeds but also the harder task of educating people about the criticaldifferences between CPSC vs. NTA standard – knowledge that can actually save their lives.The very goals and mission of Xnito revolve around creating the safest kind of helmetand informing people about choosing the right helmet. In their efforts to design a helmet thatprotects individuals who perform actions going at high speeds on e-vehicles, a type of helmet wasmade that has the most important features of a bike helmet while also having the protection of amotorcycle helmet. You are basically protecting yourself in all areas and can then safely resort toactivities on high-speed devices that add to the excitement of life itself. The helmet was alsodesigned to be easy to carry and maintain the comfort of those who use it.

XNITO Helmet

  • Protection for speeds up to 28 mph.
  • Safe to use with Class 3 e-Bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, one wheel, as well as standard bicycles.
  • LED front and rear lights to improve VISIBILITY conditions.
  • Sizes for All Sizes of Heads
  • Comfortable and stylish

“Start Covering Your Head the Right Way to Enjoy All of Life’s Adventures”

Isn’t it time you took it upon yourself to start enjoying the very thrill of activities like bike riding or rollerblading at excessive speeds without having to worry about your safety and well-being?  In 2023, thousands of people are taking the initiative to not only have more fun but also protect their fun.  It’s important not to be hardheaded and to remain educated about what protects our bodies and what does not.  As time marches on, certain methods and procedures that have been undertaken to shield our delicate bodies from accidents and injuries have become obsolete.  It’s important to stay on track with how to guard ourselves against dangerous situations.  Also, the highest forms of protection should be accessible, easy to use, and, most of all, comfortable.  People can now feel more relaxed while the adventures of bike riding, roller skating, and many other activities are taken to the next level with up-to-date technology.

If you want to be fully protected, see better at night, make yourself more visible while riding at night, and feel the most comfortable while doing so, then look no further.  The most protective and high-tech helmets are available from Xnito.  Instead of wasting all your money on oversized helmets that are hard to carry around, you can now access a much more portable headpiece with just as much protection.  Also, considering how much they shield your head, these helmets are just as much comfortable as they are protective.  Are you interested?  Try the XNITO Helmet.  In addition to its safety features, it is equipped with LED lights for visibility.  It’s time to enjoy all the fun and thrill that life has to offer while protecting your life at all costs.  Start riding with safety today!









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