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Take care of your ecosystem

There are trees spaced at a pleasant distance. The ground is soft and covered with pine needles. Your walk through the woods thus far has been refreshing, and the trail leads along a quietly flowing stream.

In the crystal-clear waters, you can see small fish and other creatures swimming back and forth. You hear rustling in the woods. You stop and listen. You cannot see anything other than the light filtering in from above, the trees that stand in stark contrast, and the stream.

You know that something is there. What is it? A woodchuck perhaps, squirrel, maybe it’s a deer. You hope so; that would be a pleasant addition to your walk.

As you saunter, you can’t help but notice how everything – although separate – seems to work together. An outstanding balance and harmony seem to exist in this place.

What you are noticing is a healthy ecosystem. Where all the small pieces of this place perform a role.

Everything in this environment serves a purpose. It lends itself to the others; without one component, the harmony would be broken.

The trees provide shelter for birds, squirrels, and other animals. The stream provides water for the woodland creatures. It also provides an ecosystem of its own for the fish and aquatic insects that call it home.

Over there is a fallen tree with mushrooms growing on it. Even this fungus provides for the ecosystem, breaking down the tree and turning it into fertile soil.

As you continue your walk, you feel peace and calm within this ecosystem, and you know this is the way Nature intended things to work.

Together and in balance.

You may already know that this is how Nature also intended your body to work. It has its ecosystem. One that can thrive and be in balance. Or that can be disrupted and wreak havoc.

The ecosystem of our body.

There are billions of bacteria and other organisms in our body performing the critical role of maintaining our gut health. You have heard about probiotics, prebiotics, and the digestive tract microbiome.

All this has been talked about and written about for quite some time. However, there is another ecosystem that gets very little attention.

Your surface cells, including those of the skin and mucosal membranes.

Our skin, the largest organ of the human body, is home to millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that compose our healthy microbiome. Similar to those in our gut, these skin microorganisms are essential in protecting against harmful bacteria and disease and in our healthy body function.

It’s hard to think about, but your skin is not sterile. The surface of your skin contains millions of bacteria per inch. These natural bacteria maintain your skin’s naturally acidic pH, moisture, and immunity balance or homeostasis.

Yes, that’s right… millions of healthy, small organisms are living on the surface of your body. And, as stated, it’s a good thing.

If this skin microbiome is disrupted, it can lead to dryness, contact allergies, premature aging, and even acne breakouts. So, it just makes sense that keeping your skin’s microbiome in balance, will help optimize your surface health.

Science has just started scratching the surface of your skin’s microbiome. Most doctors agree that an over-aggressive hygiene routine generally causes the microbiome to be disturbed. This includes changing the skin’s pH and salt level,  over-exfoliating, lathering soaps with anti-bacterial properties, and the overuse of topical antibiotics.

What is the result of a disrupted microbiome?

Here is a short list of the issues that can arise from not keeping a healthy skin balance and microbiome:

  • Eczema
  • Perioral dermatitis
  • Diaper rash
  • Dandruff
  • Pittosporum folliculitis (annoying bumps on the chest and forehead)
  • Tinea versicolor (a fungal infection that creates flaky patches on the skin)
  • Acne

It makes sense that you should consider the health and wellness of the skin’s microbiome. Here are a few ways to care for this vital ecosystem.


Your skin’s microbiome, just as in the gut, is the civilization of healthy and beneficial bacteria and other organisms that live on our surfaces (including the skin and mucus membranes). In health, these bacteria grow and flourish. They are critical to maintaining the strength and integrity of our body surfaces. Prebiotic compounds and minerals act as fertilizer for your healthy microbiome garden to help them stay in the best balance.

It makes sense to use products that are only friendly to the skin’s microbiome. Also, it makes sense to add prebiotics to your skincare that can support this microbiome.

Microbiome-friendly products.

When choosing what’s best for your skin, run this thought through your mind. Is what I apply to my skin helpful or harmful to the microbiome?

Most skincare products contain high levels of preservatives to help protect the product. Most of these are harmful to the essential bacteria, fungi, and viruses on our skin. Other ingredients outside of preservatives can also act against the microbiome, such as chemical fragrances, strong surfactants, and products with a high pH or imbalanced salt (ion) level.

Long-term use of such products has been shown clinically to alter the skin’s chemistry and microbiome composition.

Therefore, you should choose wisely when selecting products for your skincare.

Many products are on the market now that claim to help the skin naturally. However, there are not many with the intent to keep your skin’s microbiome ecosystem healthy and happy.

One company is committed to just this purpose. Creating natural products that clean, refresh, and protect your skin.

Even the most sensitive parts.

Glyciome is a small, woman-owned company located in Northern Idaho. The company was initially founded by the inventors of Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant. With decades of focus on safer personal care products, they aim to help support a healthy skin microbiome for everyone.

Biome Buddy System®

Excellent for those with sensitive skin, this hydrating face and body serum, with naturally occurring essential oil prebiotics,  is great for facial care, scar care, and below-the-belt soothing and moisturizing.

This ultra-hydrating, gel formula can be applied to all skin surfaces and types, providing a fresh feeling and non-greasy moisture anytime you need it. Perfect for men or people who want quick absorbing, no-fuss skin care.

This serum contains the most-mild of the ingredients for the skin’s vital microbiome and leaves no residue making it excellent for people from all walks of life.

And if you are looking for something safe to help cleanse and balance your skin’s biology, Glyciome has you covered there as well.

Wouche-Away® Natural Total Body Cleanser

Invented by outdoor enthusiasts for everyone from babies to the elderly, this product will clean and nourish your skin.

Wouche Away Natural is an EWG Verified™ product, a standard that confirms its safety from irritating and environmentally harmful ingredients. Naturally occurring prebiotic essential oils and sugars make this a great cleanser, available in mist and foam dispensers, with multiple sizes (including a refill) to choose from. It is so safe and gentle that many users use the foam in toilet paper replacement systems.

A few of the ways to use Wouche-Away include:

  • Mist it on as a hand degreaser.
  • Foam it on as a no-rinse face cleaner.
  • Mist as for a low-water shower cleanser.
  • Foam it on toilet paper, dry wipes, or reusable cloths for personal and below-the-belt care.
  • Mist on diaper areas for low-waste baby changing.
  • Foam on hands for daily washing.

This product is made with the health of your skin in mind. It is friendly to the vital microbiome and helps maintain a healthy balance on the skin’s surface.

Wouche-Away is all-natural and made with the highest standards, as borne out by the product’s  EWG Verified certification. Just like all of Glyciome’s products, this product was developed following its four pillars:

  1. Avoid – ingredients shown in medical studies to be toxic to our body’s surface skin and mucosal cells. This includes “natural” ingredients such as glycerin and citric acid that can be toxic to vaginal and rectal cells.
  2. Include –patent-pending prebiotic recipes that support healthy bacteria and the human microbiome. Our formula contains a unique combination of trace minerals that beneficial bacteria need, and naturally-sourced sugars and evergreen essential oil compounds that support microbiome growth.
  3. Balance –products for a healthy surface pH and salt level. Surface cells and good bacteria are harmed when salt and pH levels change.
  4. Ensure – that products do not cause irritation to the Founder’s and their own family.

The creators of Wouche-Away use their own products every day. They refuse to offer any products that are below average or harmful in any way.

Glyciome has also screened many types of dry wipes for the best-wet wipe replacement system to go with Wouche Away and Biome Buddy Serum. They offer their favorite organic cotton dry wipes and flannel reusable wipe (also made by women-owned companies).

And people are beginning to talk about Glyciome’s products!  Nahla S. had this to say-

In the backcountry, Wouche Away was a trusted product to use when I wanted to clean up! It smells great and never irritates, even during exercise.

For those wondering about an alternative to toilet paper and a testament to the gentle cleaning quality of this product, Lindsey T. said-

Started using this product about three weeks ago and I’m in LOVE! Not only are these a perfect sustainable alternative to TP, it is an awesome product!

Amy Gibson added-

I love it! It is a staple in my life, my desert island product.

A staple indeed.

Once you realize the many uses of this product, you will want it for home, work, and on-the-go use.

Annie knows this-

I’m new to Wouche Away but I’m already in love with it and all its uses. Thank you so much.

Take care of your ecosystem.

More than just outward appearance, your skin is a living, breathing organ with a vast civilization living upon it.

Quit assaulting it with harsh chemicals and formulas that do more harm than good. Truly care for your skin. Nourish the microbiome and watch your skin glow to its full potential.

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