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The Chemistry of Life

John has been practicing for years. He has trained hours upon hours, day after day. This is the defining moment.

The expanse in front of him is vast. It seems immeasurable. The long days and nights of practice have prepared him for this. However, it’s impossible not to be nervous.

Stretched at his feet across this vast divide is a wire. Just big enough to put your hand around. It’s upon this wire that he must walk. 200 feet from one side to the next. The lights from the show shine up at him. All eyes are fixed on John’s next move.

There are no nets, and he relies entirely on one thing to succeed. John closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and steps out onto the wire.

As he makes his way across, one foot in front of the other, he knows he has this. The other side grows closer. In perfect rhythm, one step after another.

Across town, another budding athlete is practicing at a park filled with children’s laughter.

Mary is six years old. And she is trying to claim her most outstanding achievement thus far. She just got the bleeding on her knee to stop, and Mary is ready for another shot. Straddling her bike, she begins again. Her goal is to ride all the way around the park. 

Earlier, she instructed her mother to throw away her training wheels. Mary is ready. And she is determined to make this happen.

With her eye on the curve ahead of her, Mary pushes herself forward. The curve is now her nemesis and the cause of her sore knee.

She puts both feet on the pedals and begins to wobble. First to the right, then to the left. She corrects her course, trying to stay upright. As the curve approaches, Mary braces herself and concentrates. Like the high-wire artist across town, she relies on one thing to get her through this challenge.

A balancing act.

In life, most of us try to achieve some sort of balance. Everything works better in harmony, from a work-life balance to our checking account balance.

Our physical balance is one thing. Controlled deep within the inner ear. We work throughout our lives to maintain balance while walking, riding a bike, and even performing on a high wire. This takes time and practice to accomplish.

There is another balance that you may not be aware of. It’s a balance that continually moves from one direction to another. It ebbs and flows daily, and if it gets too far out, bad things can happen.

This, of course, is your body’s pH balance.

In chemistry, pH denotes the “potential of hydrogen” (or power of hydrogen). It’s a scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of a solution.

It is generally accepted that anything below a 7 (neutral) is acidic. And solutions above 7 are basic or alkaline in nature. An acidic solution will have a lower pH, and basic (alkaline) solutions will have a higher pH value.

Your body has varying degrees of pH. For instance, your skin tries to maintain an acidic level on its surface of 4 to 6.5. This acidic state helps in protecting the body from outside microbes.

The stomach also stays acidic, with a pH level of 1.35 to 3.5. This acidic environment is essential for energy production, breaking down protein and food particles. It also creates a hostile environment that kills off bacteria and other pathogens.

The pH of your blood and organs stays at a slightly alkaline state of 7.35 to 7.45. This level is found in healthy individuals and is ideal for many biological processes, such as blood oxygenation.

How your body maintains balance.

This acid-base balance is usually maintained in healthy adults. The body has several ways in which it constantly adjusts and corrects this balance.

The kidneys filter blood and adjust up or down the amount of acid your body retains or releases. Your breathing controls the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide through your lungs.

Acids in your body are a normal by-product of your metabolism. Food Acids are released by processing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. As acids build up, they are filtered through the kidneys and released in the urine.

Oxygen and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, are basic or alkaline on the scale and help shift the pH away from being too acidic.

So, your body is constantly regulating this level within itself. If your body’s pH dips below 7.35, you are in an acidic state. If it rises above 7.45, you are too far the other way or in a state of alkalosis.

Don’t get out of balance.

Alkalosis does not appear within the body, quite like being too acidic. Having a lower pH than what is considered healthy is much more common. And it can cause you to have many problems.

If your pH is not something you monitor regularly, just listen to your body. It can tell you if there is a problem with too much acidity.

Some of the most commons signs include:

Weight gain – If the organs responsible for removing waste (colon, kidneys, lymphatic system) are overworked, they have difficulty purging the junk. The acid will then build up in cells and lead to excessive weight gain

Weak bones – If your body has too much acid, it can lose the minerals that allow your organs to function correctly. Calcium is one such mineral. If there is a low calcium level in the bloodstream due to high acid, your body will rob calcium from the bones.

Teeth problems – One study found that high acidity leads to the reduction of tooth enamel. If your enamel weakens, your teeth are more prone to damage, and you may develop sensitivity to certain foods.

Tiredness – Being acidic weakens the body and makes it a haven for viruses. They will make their home in your digestive tract and other organs, causing you to feel tired and sluggish.

Skin conditions – Toxins can build up in the body and damage your skin. This can restrict blood flow, making it difficult for your body to “sweat out” the toxins. Your skin then becomes prone to eczema, acne, and allergies.

Aching muscles – High acid levels cause your muscles to tighten. In this tightened state, blood cannot flow through the veins properly, leading to a lack of oxygen in the muscles. This can lead to aches, pain, soreness, and fatigue.

Weakened immune system – High acidity may damage the adrenal glands. This disrupts the liver’s ability to break down food and causes toxins to build. Making it more difficult for your body to fight invading pathogens.

Acne – Toxins can build up and clog your facial pores. These waste products build around the blocked pores and cause pimples to form.

Cardiovascular problems – The build-up of toxins and acid may cause blocked arteries. This build-up can result in diseases such as coronary artery disease and arteriosclerosis.

Free radical damage – More acid in the body makes it a haven for free radicals. These extreme elements damage cells and other critical compounds throughout the body.

Nausea – One of the more common symptoms of acidity is nausea. Excessive acid can lead to reflux and vomiting.

As you can see, many problems can arise from letting your body’s pH drops too low. However, you are not powerless to prevent acidity from becoming an issue.

Here are a few things that can help.

Hydrating is essential. Liquids help with your digestion and keep illness at bay. Make sure to drink plenty of water and juices to neutralize pH levels. Of particular benefit for raising your pH is warm lemon water.

Along with plenty of fluids, a good diet is a key to nearly all aspects of your health, including your pH levels. Eat plenty of green vegetables such as spinach, kale, collards, zucchini, and lettuce.

Alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods, especially GMO foods, will raise your acidity. So, stay away from them as much as possible.

There is another option for those on the go constantly. Or perhaps you eat a poor diet due to daily schedules and life.

Adding a mineral supplement to the liquids you drink can raise their pH, in turn, help restore balance to your body.

One such product is offered by Alkazone Global, Inc. And they have designed it to be easy to carry, for convenient, everyday use.

Balance Your pH Plus

Made with premium natural minerals that your body needs.

Inside this small bottle is an entire 30-day supply of all-natural minerals. These drops are odorless, tasteless, and a perfect way to lower your body’s acidity.

Add to water and raise the pH to 9.5 for maximum alkalizing effect.

This not only reduces the acidity in your water and thus your body. Balance Your pH also boosts the antioxidant levels in your body.

Formulated to help optimize your body’s pH so you can feel your best, Cathy G left an excellent review of this powerful little bottle’s benefits –

I know my blood is showing too much inflammation for variety of reasons. But I’ll admit I’m not diligent in using lemon juice/or apple cider vinegar regular to reduce acidity in my body. This product is excellent – and tasteless. And SO convenient to use – so I use it consistently. My blood tests were getting bad very recently. Started using this product and results were immediate. I highly recommend it!

Those are the results you get by always having a convenient way to fight acidity with you. Just 3 drops in 8-10 ounces will raise the pH to 9.5, creating a potent counterbalance to acid issues.

Made with organic minerals, such as potassium bicarbonate, potassium lactate, potassium citrate, and calcium chloride.

These antioxidant minerals help protect and repair the damage from free radicals in your body. Providing yet another great benefit of using Balance Your pH Plus.

Texas Mom left a powerful testimonial about this product –

I ordered this product so I could balance my system. My system needed some help and I read that tumors and cancers thrive on sugars and acids in our bodies. Since I’m going through this I decided I’d better do what I can to stop the growth in its tracks. I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks now and the lump is now half the size. Of course I do other things of the natural medicines and the combination has worked wonderfully for me.

Alkazone Global is committed to making only the finest natural products to help you stay balanced. Every product they offer is made to the highest quality and safety standards and backed by years of research.

If you want a convenient way to maintain the crucial pH levels in your body, consider Balance Your pH Plus, and see what a difference balance can make.

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