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The Body’s Medicine is the Mind’s Workshop

Holistic wellness has been gaining in popularity for years. All over the globe, people are seeking natural supplements that focus on the mind just as much as the body. People have seen tremendous results in both their physical and mental health. However, there remains a stigma about holistic treatment. Since there are spiritual practices intermingled with the care for physical health, many people have developed preconceived notions about anything ‘holistic.’ In addition, many products that provide holistic treatment have not offered the most significant details of their specific ingredients.

When people use a supplement for whatever health reason, they want to make sure that it mentions its ingredients and how they can help one specifically. This ensures they are not wasting their money on something designed to cover all aspects of their health (physical, mental, spiritual). As mentioned, there is still a stigma about any health product being associated with something ‘spiritual,’ and many supplements designed for holistic treatment have not been very descriptive about both their specific ingredients and how they ultimately help people. Due to these factors, the popularity of holistic therapy still hasn’t peaked. Edens Essentials is changing the game regarding holistic treatment as people are fully informed about their product’s specific ingredients and how they can help the mind, body, and soul.

The following are some of the many nutrients that are included in Edens Essentials health products and descriptions of how they specifically help people in all aspects of their overall health.


Cordyceps is a type of fungus that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 1,000 years. When most people hear the word fungus, they may not think of anything healthy. However, Cordyceps is a fungus that positively affects the body in several ways. It helps to increase one’s energy. Obtaining adequate energy is a massive priority among most people, and rightfully so. People need enough physical power to handle daily tasks and chores. Many people have not gone about gaining energy the right way. Expensive energy drinks are purchased daily. These beverages not only contain the wrong types of caffeine, but they also contain too much of it. This can cause heart problems and result in someone becoming stressed and anxious.

In addition to helping increase one’s energy, Cordyceps also improves one’s overall mood. Everyone in the world suffers from stress. If one did not experience stress, they wouldn’t be human. How we handle stress can make a difference in our lives. Many people, unfortunately, have gone about dealing with stress the wrong way. When stressed, people tend to overeat, only further harming their health. In worse cases, people handle stress by drinking alcohol excessively. People are beginning to understand that it takes specific nutrients such as Cordyceps to handle stress the right way and not cause harm to any aspects of their health.

Organic Reishi

Like cordyceps, reishi is also a type of fungus. More specifically, it is a mushroom. It’s more than just your regular mushroom, though. Reishi can boost one’s immune system. The immune system acts as a shield for the human body, protecting against unwanted germs and bacteria that can cause sickness and illness. Let’s face it. No one likes getting sick. It’s a huge inconvenience that causes people to miss time at their job or school and, therefore, fall behind in their work. Sickness also results in people missing out on quality time with their family and friends. With the help of reishi, one can boost their immune system and, therefore, prevent the chances of becoming sick and having to miss out on life.

Organic Himematsutake

Himematsutake is another type of mushroom with great health benefits. For one thing, it helps people maintain healthy cholesterol levels, which are integral to healthy living. While some cholesterol is healthy, people with a high cholesterol level are prone to developing heart problems. The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood to the rest of the body, allowing people to live. Since the heart will enable people to live, keeping the heart as strong as possible is essential.

Organic Shiitake

Arguably, the most significant benefits of shiitake mushrooms are their anti-aging properties. The biggest indicator of aging involves the skin. The body naturally produces a certain moisturization that keeps the skin hydrated. Unfortunately, when one reaches a certain age, the body does not make as much moisturization as it once did, so it does not hydrate as quickly. When this happens, the skin starts to form wrinkles and fine lines, the most precise indicators of physical aging. With the help of shiitake, people can trap moisture in their skin to keep it hydrated. In addition to trapping moisture for the skin, shiitake mushrooms also help the skin maintain its elasticity. The body produces a protein known as collagen that keeps up the skin’s elastic levels. Unfortunately, like with the body’s moisturization, collagen production starts to subside over time, resulting in aging skin. Too many people try to hide aging by undergoing expensive procedures that can be dangerous. Don’t try to hide aging. Instead, stop aging in its tracks and reverse its effects with the help of shiitake mushrooms. It’s a healthy, natural way to hold back the hands of time and save money.

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Organic Maitake

Maitake is a unique type of mushroom. It is known for helping people maintain cognition of the brain. This refers to all the brain’s mental processes, such as thinking, attention, language, and memory. We need to reason to make the best life decisions. In addition, we also need a solid memory to remember all the essential things that we have done or must do. Although the decline in cognitive abilities generally starts in late adulthood, it can begin to rear its head at any age. That’s why people must keep their mental skills strong as soon as possible with the assistance of maitake mushrooms.

Organic Turkey Tail

Turkey tail mushrooms are great for maintaining good gut health. Having a healthy digestive tract is essential for various reasons. For one thing, people feel better physically and mentally when they are correctly digesting their food. Good digestion provides people with more energy to handle daily tasks and life responsibilities. The mental benefits of digestion involve people’s moods. When one’s gut health is working smoothly, they tend to be in a good mood. It’s been said that there is a messaging system between the gut and the brain. When one’s gut is functioning correctly, it sends a message to the brain that enables one to obtain a positive mindset. Conversely, when the brain operates well, a signal is sent to the gut, allowing for a healthy digestive system. We must deal with other people daily; therefore, we must try to stay in as good a mood as possible to make interactions more pleasant. Turkey tail mushrooms also help boost one’s immune system. As mentioned, a robust immune system helps prevent becoming ill.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has many benefits. Like many fungi and mushrooms, vitamin D3 helps people maintain excellent heart health and boost one’s immune system. However, one of its benefits that helps it stand alone is its ability to help people lose weight by keeping one’s fat levels down. For decades, the desire to maintain one’s weight has been the focus of health advertisements. Unfortunately, how people have gone about trying to lose weight has not always been through the healthiest methods. The proper nutrients, such as vitamin D3, can help people reach an ideal weight healthily.

As mentioned, holistic wellness, despite its growing popularity, still has a stigma. Specific individuals avoid anything related to it because they have preconceived notions of how caring for one’s physical health is connected to the mind and soul. Edens Essentials is changing people’s tune about holistic treatment.

Edens Essentials

Edens Essentials is dedicated to democratizing access to premium organic supplements and empowering individuals to reclaim their health and vitality. Their manufacturing partners select their ingredients based on identity, purity, and premier quality. Each of Edens Essential’s ingredient suppliers must meet their partners’ rigorous testing criteria.

Edens Mushrooms

Edens Mushrooms from Edens Essentials help support a healthy digestive and immune system. They have been rigorously tested for quality and purity. Edens Mushrooms contains the following mushrooms: Organic Cordyceps, Organic Reishi, Organic Himematsutake, Organic Shiitake, Organic Maitake, and Organic Turkey Tails.

When it comes to helping one’s health, there is more than just looking after one’s physical attributes. One needs to maintain a healthy mind just as much as a healthy body. Both are connected, and Edens Essentials ensures people take care of both.

Edens D3

Edens D3 from Edens Essentials provides vital nutrition for happiness and mood and supports the immune system and heart health. It contains 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 per serving.

Find Your Mind and Soul with Your Body

Holistic wellness involves the correlation between the health of the body and the mind. There’s still a stigma around it, though. Edens Essentials is breaking this stigma and allowing people to learn the plentiful benefits of holistic supplements. With the help of Edens D3 and Edens Mushrooms, people realize how helping the body is connected to who we are. The body’s medicine is the mind’s workshop. Find your mind and soul with your body!!









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