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Master Your Mind with the Right Kind of Yoga Mat

Yoga is a prevalent form of exercise. Over the past three decades, people have been educating themselves about the physical and mental health benefits one can obtain by practicing various types of yoga. People perform yoga techniques at home or take classes at yoga studios or health clubs. People who practice yoga are known as yogis. Arguably, yoga is a part of life for millions worldwide. This way of life, of course, requires a mat on which to perform the yoga exercises. To reap the most significant benefits of yoga, one must use the right mat made of a specific material.

Many people have used sticky rubber mats to perform yoga exercises. However, not only do these types of yoga mats prevent people from obtaining all the benefits of yoga, but they are also not eco-friendly. It’s no one’s fault that rubber mats have been the norm for yogis. For years, this type of mat has been the only one readily available to people. In addition, the limited number of yoga mats made of things other than rubber have been costly. It’s caused people to be between a rock and a hard place. They can choose to use a convenient rubber mat that fits their budget or waste their hard-earned money on expensive mats made from a more helpful material. Luckily, Yogasana allows people to not have to worry about what choice to make concerning yoga mats.

Before discussing the right kind of yoga mats people should use, it’s essential to look at just how beneficial yoga is!

Benefits of Yoga


One of the most well-known benefits of practicing yoga is its ability to help people maintain flexibility. The constant range of motions that are involved in yoga exercises helps stretch muscles, joints, and connective tissue, making them more durable. The greater one’s flexibility, the better one’s body performs physical activity, whether it be additional types of exercise or even manual labor. In addition, when one’s muscles are more flexible, it can prevent the chances of being susceptible to certain types of injuries.


One may not associate yoga with gaining strength. This is because there are no free weights or workout machines involved. Instead of these accessories, one uses the weight of one’s own body to help build arm and upper body strength. The legs are also strengthened via consistent yoga. When one has more muscular muscles, they can handle strenuous tasks daily. Many people don’t like using weights or machines to build muscle, so why not do it with yoga?

Lowering Stress and Helping Heart Health

Most yoga routines involve breathing exercises. These breathing exercises help lower one’s stress levels, therefore helping one’s heart health. Stress is a part of life. Everyone goes through some degree of stress daily. Although some people may experience more or different types of stress than others, it’s well-known that some degree of stress is a common factor in everyone’s life. Unfortunately, many people do not go about handling stress the right way. Whether it’s overeating or excessive alcohol consumption, there are too many unhealthy practices for handling stress. The breathing exercises in yoga calm the mind and help people relax. This relaxed state is what positively affects the heart rate of the body. The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood throughout the body, allowing people to obtain oxygen and, therefore, live.

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Weight Loss

Like improving one’s strength, weight management is an often-overlooked benefit of yoga. It’s well known that the aspect of weight management has been something heavily advertised throughout the years. Many people try to maintain their weight to maintain their physical appearance, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s essential to remember that weight management is a part of staying healthy. Not only does yoga burn calories, but it also helps improve one’s agility, which is beneficial in staying physically active. As mentioned, yoga helps reduce stress. This stress reduction puts people in a better state of mind, preventing them from making unhealthy choices like overeating. In addition to the unhealthy habits people have adopted in dealing with stress (such as overeating), many individuals have gone about trying to lose weight the wrong way. Many people waste their hard-earned money on products that often don’t provide the most outstanding results for losing or maintaining body weight. In worse cases, people undergo dangerous, expensive procedures that only harm their health. Why not approach weight loss in a healthy, natural way with the help of yoga and the mastery of the mind?

Mastery of the Mind

Through yoga, one learns to gain control of not only the body and its senses but also the mind. As mentioned, yoga helps reduce stress, putting people in a better state of mind. This mastery of the mind does more than just keep people from overeating or abusing things. It also influences individuals’ decision-making processes. The mind and the body must be one. Yoga helps the physical body in so many ways. The positive effects on the physical body lead to better ways of thinking. This is where the body and mind come together. Keeping the physical body healthy, which can be obtained via yoga exercises, helps the mind to become relaxed and, therefore, enables one to think positively and make the most rational decisions. However, it’s not just the specific techniques that determine how one benefits from yoga; it’s also the type of mat one uses. Unfortunately, most people do not have access to the right kind of yoga mats.

Yoga Mats

Due to convenience, most yogis have used yoga mats made from rubber over the years. This material has been used for yoga mats to prevent people from slipping while going through the motions. However, there is much more to reaping the full benefits of yoga than just keeping the body in place.

For one thing, rubber yoga mats are not eco-friendly. When participating in exercise, whether it’s yoga or anything else, we often disregard how beneficial both the things that we wear and the accessories that we use can either positively or negatively affect the results of specific exercises. As mentioned, yoga enables people to connect their bodies to their minds. In addition to how yoga exercises are performed, the types of accessories one uses to perform these exercises can determine not only how well they are performed but also how they lead people to master their minds. Unfortunately, rubber yoga mats do not enable people to obtain this “oneness.” During yoga, the body must be insulated against the pull of the earth’s currents. The type of yoga mat that will enable one to insulate the body against the pull of the earth’s currents and obtain this “oneness” between the body and the mind is made of cotton or wool shaw.

Since most yoga mats made readily available have been specifically made of rubber, it’s been a challenge for people to obtain the greatest mental benefits of yoga. In addition, the minimal number of yoga mats that are not made of rubber has been costly. This has created a no-win situation for people. Luckily, Yogasana has changed this to a winning situation for people with yoga mats that help the body just as much as the mind and the soul.


Yogasana creates its Yoga Mats near the Ancient City of Benaras. Over 20 years of weaving cotton rugs in India has enabled them to create a Yoga Mat of the Finest Quality for Your Yoga Practice. With Eco-Friendly Yogasana mats, one can connect with the earth, reaping the most entire benefits of yoga and enabling proper meditation and mind control.

Yogasana Water | Blue Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

Yogasana Water | Blue Organic Cotton Yoga Mat from Yogasana is handwoven with organic cotton. This cotton helps the body breathe better during yoga exercises and enables one to master one’s mind. Yogasana Water | Blue Organic Cotton Yoga Mat can be used indoors or outdoors.

Yoga mats share the same traits as clothes and almost everything else. This is because people have different tastes in the specific colors and designs that they are made of. Yogasana takes this into account; they have other types of yoga mats.

Yogasana Ether – Purple Cotton Yoga Mat

A handmade item, Yogasana Ether – Purple Cotton Yoga Mat helps people become one with themselves. It can be stretched out on whatever surface. When washed, Yogasana Ether – Purple Cotton Yoga Mat will only minimally shrink.

Don’t Lack the Right Yoga Mat

Due to its significant benefits for one’s physical and mental health, yoga is a very popular form of exercise that gets more popular every day. Whether people wish to lose weight or clear their minds, yoga can help them achieve this. However, people often disregard how the yoga mat they use during these techniques is an excellent determinant of how well their bodies complete these exercises and, ultimately, receive the most significant benefits for their mind and soul. Yogasana supplies yogis with what they have been lacking for years at an affordable price, too. Finally, start mastering your mind with the right kind of yoga mat.









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