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The Dark Side of Commercial Soaps And Skincare Products

Although the beauty and personal care sector is worth billions of dollars, what is the cost to the environment? Chemical-filled skin care and shampoo products have become a mainstay in our everyday lives, but the reality of their effects on the environment is frequently ignored. Commercial shampoos and skin care products can impact animals, water systems, air pollution, and more during manufacturing and waste management. Commercial shampoo, hair care, and skincare products are made using a lot of potentially dangerous chemicals, a lot of energy, and a lot of water. These manufacturing techniques may result in soil contamination, as well as air and water pollution. A good illustration is the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air during the manufacture of synthetic perfumes, which are often used in personal care items and cause air pollution. A significant quantity of water can also be used in the production process, which can cause water shortages, the depletion of valuable water supplies, and greater demand for sewage and water treatment facilities, which in turn require more chemicals to handle the chemicals in the water. It is a destructive circle. Additionally, the disposal of waste produced during the production process can harm the environment due to the possibility of harmful compounds leaking into soil and water systems and significantly polluting the air through the emission of VOCs and airborne pollutants.

Regardless of how little one person’s acts may appear, the cumulative impact is what will ultimately transform the world. Selecting goods created with natural and organic components and manufactured by organizations that place a high priority on environmental sustainability is vital if you want to lessen the environmental effect of the manufacturing of shampoo and skin care. As a result, fewer commercial goods must be created, which minimizes pollution associated with commercial manufacturing. Additionally, consumers may lessen the environmental effect of these items by supporting businesses that employ water- and energy-efficient production techniques.

Reasons to Choose Organic Products Instead

Here are a few reasons to select organic hair and skin care products, in comparison. The components used in organic hair and skin care products are cultivated and manufactured without the use of dangerous pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or chemical fertilizers. This not only helps environmentally beneficial and sustainable agriculture practices but also has many positive effects on human health. Crop Rotation: Techniques used in organic farming, such as crop rotation, assist preserve soil fertility and lower the likelihood of pest and disease outbreaks. This encourages long-term sustainability and contributes to the preservation of the crops’ health and the ecology around them. Local Manufacturing: A large number of organic hair and skin care products are made locally, lowering the environmental impact of shipping and boosting regional businesses. This not only lessens the items’ negative environmental effects but also supports the economy. Ecological Production Methods: Organic farming and manufacturing methods use renewable energy sources and waste minimization techniques to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This promotes sustainable practices and lessens the total environmental effect of the items. Support for Organic Agriculture: By deciding on organic hair and skin care products, consumers are encouraging the development and production of organic crops, which are cultivated and processed without the use of hazardous pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

Benefits of Using Natural Soaps

Natural shampoos clean hair and enhance everything from shine to body by using plant extracts, essential oils, and other natural components rather than chemicals. This is better for your body and health since you are not ingesting the chemicals present in typical shampoos, in addition to being kinder to your hair. While you might believe that shampoo simply has an impact on your hair, its components can enter your body through your pores. Some of these compounds may irritate the skin or perhaps be a factor in several health issues. Additionally, daily shampoo can damage your scalp and hair by shrinking your hair follicles, harming your oil glands, and making your scalp dry.

Natural shampoos have a few other benefits, such as the fact that they’re healthier for the environment because they’re biodegradable and don’t include chemicals or other artificial components that might harm the environment. They are perfect for a variety of skin and hair types as well as those who are chemically sensitive because they are also less prone to function as allergies or irritants.

Frontier Angel Soap

Roxanne Page developed a great love for using essential oils for health and healing in the middle of the 1990s. She devoured every book she could find on aromatherapy and herbalism. Roxanne had an insatiable yearning for lovely, natural scents! She created all kinds of concoctions for entertainment, cologne, and medicine. She was motivated to launch her own company focused on health, beauty, and smelling good after realizing that essential oils were a fantastic option for cosmetic and therapeutic use that wouldn’t negatively impact the hundreds of tiny toxic loads we are exposed to every day in our skincare and our environment. Check out Frontier Angel Soap if you’re seeking high-quality personal care products that are safe for your skin, smell amazing, and don’t harm the environment. Their recommended oils and butter, which are of the highest quality, are non-GMO, organic, sustainable and/or fairly traded. Their proprietary essential oil blends, which are specially blended in-house, are used to scent all of their goods.  If colorants are utilized, they provide an unmatched spectrum of exquisite natural colors using botanical infusions, powdered herbs, and the highest-grade micas and earth pigments. Their goods come in packaging that is either recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable/compostable. But what sets them distinct isn’t simply the high quality of their ingredients; it’s also what they don’t use. Since their goods are water-free and don’t require preservatives, none of their products also include sulfates, synthetic perfumes, or petrolatum, which is a non-renewable resource and shouldn’t be used on our bodies. No artificial colors (since herbs and clays are naturally colorful), no plastic (because they can do better than that), and no artificial preservatives (also hazardous for people with allergies and skin sensitivities).

Frontier Angel Soap: Conditioning Hair Tonic

Wellness Magazine Master Club

Frontier Angel is thrilled to provide a magnificent collection of all-natural hair products that are wonderful for your hair and scalp and eliminate waste by not using plastic bottles. A brand-new and all-natural hair conditioning experience is their Conditioning Hair Tonic! This leave-in conditioner is light enough for oily hair and easily controls frizz and flyaways. Use to scrunch curls or smooth your hair halo alone, in combination with Frontier Angel Shampoo Bars, Hair & Scalp Serum, or both! To soften and shield the dry tips of your hair, it’s also excellent to apply it simply to the ends. Application is made simple by the spray bottle’s understated elegance.

Frontier Angel Soap: Shampoo Bars (Formulated for Dry Hair)

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They have created a conditioning shampoo bar with a lovely lather and mild moisture for dry hair that nourishes as it cleans. Their shampoo bars are not soap! There are no sulfates, perfumes, colorants, or build-up because the product is made with luxurious, plant-derived surfactants. Their hues and fragrance are only derived from pure, natural essential oils, herbs, and clays. These luxurious ingredients make these shampoo bars a win-win situation for both individuals and the environment, as does their responsibly recyclable/compostable paper box packaging!

Commercial Products Kill More Than Your Skin

Many unneeded, harsh, and even dangerous substances are used in mainstream skincare products. Commercial cleansers and sudsy soaps may give the impression that they are effectively eliminating the contaminants and impurities that daily life exposes you to, but they remove far more. Commercial, mass-produced products are overly potent and remove natural oils and nutrients, leaving behind dry, lifeless skin. These goods frequently claim that they include natural substances, such as vitamins A, C, or E that are derived “naturally” or essential oils. However, these “naturally” obtained vitamins and antioxidants are frequently present in such negligible concentrations that they simply have no chance of offsetting the damage being brought about by the goods’ other chemicals. The majority of commercial skincare brands just mention enough “natural” substances on their ingredient lists to be able to emblazon their names in the gilded, sparkling font on the front of the bottles. Customers are being duped into thinking they are supporting their skin’s health when, in fact, they are doing the exact opposite. Your skin, the largest and sole external organ of the human body, is constantly exposed to contaminants. Skin absorbs whatever chemicals in the soaps you use to wash in addition to the dirt and bacteria it contacts.

Between natural soap and commercial soap, it appears that natural soap is the undisputed victor. These characteristics make it understandable why many who switch from commercial to natural soap almost immediately claim to sense a difference in their skin and general health. You may greatly enhance your general health and well-being by using natural soap instead of synthetic elements like fragrances and chemicals.

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