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Think and Breathe Better for a More Fulfilling Life

Thinking and breathing are probably two of the most well-known functions associated with the human body.  One is a psychological function that develops through time.  The other is a physical function that people start doing the very day that they are born.  Despite the differences between these two everyday functions, they are really one and the same in that they encompass so much of our being as humans.  We never stop thinking, and we never stop breathing.  In this new year, people across the globe realize that many of the most basic processes of living are what need to be attended to the most.  They are now aware that many of these things that we take for granted, like breathing and thinking, relate to almost all aspects of our physical and mental health.  However, it is very crucial that we maintain healthy levels of breathing as this is not only a common human function; it is necessary to breathe to survive.  In addition, our overall health can affect how our bodies react to taking in air that has unwanted toxins in it.  Therefore, breathing properly and managing one’s inner health to counter elements we breathe in, like pollen, dust, and other things, are extremely important.  Thinking is important to be able to properly follow through on everyday tasks like going from one place to the next.  Like breathing, taking care of thinking is just as vital.  We must learn to quiet our minds at the right moments of the day so that our mental health is in check.  With proper breathing and inner health, our physical health can remain in check too.  The problem has been that when people wanted to use something to counter various aspects of both their physical and mental health, they were left to have to use several different products to cover everything.  In addition, many people exhibiting the Western Culture did not have access to Eastern supplements that had not only some of the most useful but the oldest methods of taking care of mental and physical health.  Fortunately for people in 2023, Herbalogic has herbal supplements that are blended together in the tradition of Chinese medicine and have proven the most effective in breathing easier and thinking better.

Thinking vs. Thinking Too Much

As stated, thinking is a natural process that is needed to complete everyday functions.  When we wake up in the morning, it is our thoughts that tell us what tasks we have to complete throughout the day.  You tell yourself what clothes you have to put on, what you need to eat, what you will be doing at work, and what the entire day has in store for you.  Without these thought processes, the tasks of everyone’s day could not be completed.  This makes it sound like thinking is a good thing, and indeed, it is.  The problem is that we as human beings tend to have a huge problem: we think too much.  It is good to be concerned about certain areas of our lives, like making enough money, taking care of our health, taking care of our family and their needs, and just the overall thoughts about getting by on a regular basis.  However, when we start obsessing about these things, it tends to lead to overthinking.  This is not good as it causes worry, and worry leads to anxiety and stress.  Many times, this overthinking leads to imaginary fears.  What starts out as a legitimate concern leads to an obsessive thought of something that hasn’t even happened yet, and on that note, may not even happen at all.  Notwithstanding other hereditary and chemical problems, overthinking is arguably one of the most well-known contributors to certain types of mental illnesses.

Brain Chatter

Obviously, with the many responsibilities that human beings must respond to, the mind is going to exhibit overthinking at times.  People tend to resort to quiet places with no distractions to counter what we call brain chatter.  The strange thing about it is that these are the occurrences where some of the worst brain chatter exists.  While the mind tends to overthink with distractions, it does so even more when there are no distractions.  Oftentimes, it takes something extra, like an herbal supplement that quiets and calms the mind.  Combined with a quiet resting place, this can contribute to peace of mind. 


Overthinking leads to worry.  Worrying generally leads to anxiety, which then typically leads to stress.  In addition, stress can be brought on by a variety of other factors.  The environment and circumstances of one’s home life or work can be some of the greatest stressors on people.  Some people have jobs that can be very taxing, either mentally or physically, that contribute to a stressful and often difficult life.  On the other hand, certain people, young and old, live in households that are broken and full of turmoil.   This factor causes everyday stress that can continue throughout one’s life.  For some younger people, even after some of the home problems have been resolved, the process of overthinking about past pain and hurt contributes to stress continuing to go on and on.  The problem is that people spend so much money on prescription and over-the-counter drugs to relieve various kinds of stress.  It becomes very addictive, in addition to being expensive.  People should use a more natural method of healing stress.  Luckily, people in 2023 are doing just that.


We must breathe in order to live.  When we are born, we breathe oxygen for the first time and do so for the rest of our lives.  Basically, breathing oxygen is a mandatory act.  As previously mentioned, breathing and thinking have distinct similarities in that they are both natural functions.  Also, they share a similarity in that they both can relate to our overall mental health.   The process of overthinking causes worry, stress, and anxiety.  Speaking of thinking, when you think about it, when one is worried and anxious, their breathing changes.  Depending on how intense the worry or anxiety may be, one’s breathing can get very fast and erratic.  In the cases of the most extreme anxious thoughts, one can exhibit hyperventilation.  The main goal of a lot of people is to keep their breathing steady so that their state of mind is that of a calm one.

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Breathing Problems

There are many types of ailments that people suffer from in relation to their breathing.  Some people have asthma, and other people’s breathing can be affected when they have bouts of pneumonia or cystic fibrosis.  However, there’s something that, no matter how hard we look after our respiratory health, is going to affect our breathing.  The problem that the health of the human body encounters is breathing in substances, many of which are natural that contribute to issues.  Trees and plants in various geographical regions of the world send out particles into the air.  For instance, in central Texas, mountain cedar trees contribute to cedar pollen.  The body’s general response to particles like pollen and others like dust and mold is usually not very beneficial to the immune system.  When one’s immune system reacts strangely to something, this can often lead to breathing problems and sickness.  It’s up to us to protect ourselves from what we are exposed to while breathing.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

In caring for one’s mental and physical health, it is extremely important to consult something that has the most natural ingredients.  Using from just a few to a lot of herbs, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) takes an interesting approach to treating things that affect both our mental and physical health.  The herbs are part of a very complex system that helps process many important functions that help the body both mentally and physically.  TCM has proven to be a successful alternative to traditional medicine in treating one’s health.


Herbalogic was started in 2005 by Jeanine Adinaro and David Jones, who had just recently graduated from an Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine program.  They were both very impressed with how well many of the traditional formulations helped people with common health issues, and they wanted to take the safest, most effective formulations and make them available to a wider audience.  They got to work creating the line of herbal formulas that became Herbalogic.

The founders of Herbalogic wanted to focus on a traditional method of putting together substances that were also packaged in a convenient way.  It’s these ancient methods of using herbs that have been proven to help people’s health in an all-natural way.  People in parts of the world that had never been exposed to these types of ancient herbs are seeing the most positive changes to their health with the help of Herbalogic.

Quiet Mind

  • Helps with supporting Relaxed Mental State.
  • Helps Ease Stress.
  • Helps reduce worrying.
  • Helps reduce panicky thoughts.

Easy Breather

  • Helps with Nose and Sinus Health.
  • Helps with Respiratory Function.

“Start Making Thinking and Breathing as Big a Tradition as they Are to Your Very Being”

Why keep buying super-expensive medications that are highly addictive and dangerous?  In 2023, people are taking the most traditional route to care for both their bodies and minds.  The ancient traditions from China of using herbs to suppress worry and anxiety and treat allergies have become a modern entity.  It’s almost like a full circle of practice as methods from the past have proven their relevance and have, hence, made a comeback.  There’s a new fad that comes from an ancient tradition, and it’s changing people’s lifestyles and lives for the better.  No longer are people resorting to the easy way out in terms of what is marketed to them.  Instead, people are taking the easy way out, the old-fashioned way.

If you’re looking to quiet your mind, ease stress and anxiety, assist your breathing, and protect your immune system from unwanted particles in the air, then look no further.  Products with natural herbs that have historical proof of being super-effective are available from Herbalogic.  Instead of going from store to store to buy several products to counter different types of mental and physical issues, you can now resort to one brand to handle all of your problems.  Also, you won’t be becoming addicted to something that may only further harm your overall health.  Finally, you will be taking the most natural and down-to-earth processes of caring for all aspects of your health.  Are you interested?  Check out Quiet Mind and Easy Breather from Herbalogic.  They also carry Decompress and Fixed Focus.  Now is the time to join the millions of people worldwide that are becoming better thinkers and breathers in the safest and most natural way.  The year is still young, but don’t let time slip up on you.  If you wait too late, you might feel both left out and like you missed out on something that has changed everyone’s lives for the better except for yours.  Start getting the most powerful herbs today!









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