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Timeless issues and ancient remedies

The light peaked through the curtains, streaming perfectly, hitting Harold in the face. He tried to close his eyes a little tighter to get a few more minutes of sleep. This didn’t work, and Harold realized it was time to wake up.

He finally opened his eyes and looked around his bedroom. Everything looked as it should. His clothes were still hanging in the closet, and his slippers were at the foot of the bed. All things were in their place, including his wife.

She lay on the other side of the bed, with her back to him, breathing softly in and out. There was peace and calm watching her sleep. As Harold looked at his wife, he couldn’t help but think about how much he cared for her. They had been happily married for twenty-three years, and he loved her more now than ever.

Therefore, Harold awoke with a troubled mind. He thought only of his wife. Now that the kids were grown and gone, she was an even more significant part of his world. They did nearly everything together, and she is his best friend. But lately, Harold feels like he has been letting his wife down.

It seems to be no issue that he can pinpoint these problems that he is having. He has a pretty good life and wishes to make the most of the time he has with his wife.

However, the vigor and zest that Harold enjoyed in abundance only a few years ago have faded. He is highly attracted to and devoted to his wife. However, his drive for intimacy with her has recently begun to decrease.

This is troubling to him on many levels. First… it seems to be no fault of his own. He still has the desire to be romantically involved with his wife. It’s the actual physical act that he is having trouble with. His performance lately has been nothing short of dismal.

Harold understands that as he gets older, these things will happen. He has read countless articles on the internet about decreased libido with age and how it can affect a relationship. Harold is concerned and wants nothing to happen between his wife and him.

He has begun researching solutions to his problems. And he is reluctant to trust his body to a pharmaceutical solution. So, Harold quietly gets up, makes a pot of coffee, and begins researching a natural remedy to his problems.

Harold’s wife, Angela, is very much awake and watches her husband leave the bedroom through her half-closed eyes. She has been having a terrible time lately, keeping her mind calm. There is too much to worry about.

The intimacy problems with her husband are just one of many concerns that lie heavily upon her. She has two children in college and is just a few months from retirement. The news lately has been full of terrible economic conditions. One after another, recession, supply chain issues, tech companies laying people off, and energy bills are rising.

She worries for her children and the type of job environment they will face upon graduating. She worries about her retirement accounts which have steadily declined over the last few months. And she is concerned about whether her husband finds her attractive anymore.

These concerns wreak havoc upon her emotions, and it doesn’t seem she can ever rid her mind of them. A few short years ago, she could easily sit and read for hours. Now, the tossing and turning in Angela’s mind make it impossible to enjoy even life’s simple pleasures.

She has thought about seeing a doctor and maybe trying some antidepressants. But she is aware of the possible side effects of such medication. So, she has also been searching for something from nature. Indeed, natural products can help her regain some sense of serenity.  

Common problems in today’s world

Millions of people suffer from the same problems as Harold and Angela. Harold suffers from a drop in his libido (or sex drive). And Angela is finding it difficult to cope with the onslaught of stress and worry that attack her daily.

According to the most modern research, a problem with low libido can be caused by multiple issues:

Depression – if you are depressed, it affects your entire life. Those suffering from depression experience a reduced or complete lack of interest in things they once found pleasurable. This includes intimate relationships. Also, the medications used to treat depression can reduce a person’s sexual desires.

Sleep – can be another factor that reduces your libido. Studies have found that nearly one-third of men with sleep apnea experienced lower testosterone. It has also been discovered that regular mild sleep disruptions can have a terrible effect on your libido.

Stress – can disrupt your hormone levels. During high stress, your arteries can narrow and thus lead to poor circulation. This poor circulation can lead to ED in men and further proves that stress management practices are critical in everyday life.

Age – is probably the most essential and unavoidable cause of a lowered libido. Sex drive and desire are indeed the highest when a man is in their late teens. As we age, hormone levels drop, and the vitality you once enjoyed diminishes. If a drop in libido is age-related, never fear. There are some great supplements and treatments that can perform wonders.

Gaining peace of mind

What about Angela’s problem? Doesn’t it seem all too common now? Fears, concerns, and anxiety are nothing new; most of the ways to fix them are not new either.

 Who wouldn’t love to worry less, have less anxiety, and have a calmer mind? Sometimes, the root cause of a particular worry is easily identified. And it can be handled directly. It is often a compound effect of daily stress, finances, children, and life. Fear not, though. Some simple things can be done to help with this.

Healthy sleeping patterns – insufficient sleep can lead to problems too numerous to mention here. Allowing your body to recharge is essential for your physical and mental well-being. One tip from experts that should be apparent is to sleep on a good-quality mattress. And developing a routine before bed that includes not using electronic devices 30 minutes before bed.

Exercising should be a priority – vigorous activity increases blood flow to your brain, thus delivering more oxygen. This also helps release more endorphins, alleviate stress, and fire up creativity. It can be a game changer if you can find 60 minutes a day for vigorous exercise.

Meditation – Being stressed or anxious has adverse physical effects on your body. Your blood pressure and pulse rate shoot up, you breathe faster, and blood flow is increased to the muscles. Meditation can help to counteract these physical responses and allow you to control your level of stress. Even meditating for just 10 minutes a day is effective in helping to manage stress levels. And with today’s technology, countless apps and websites can help get you started.

Practicing yoga – encourages numerous relaxation techniques. The breathing techniques learned in yoga, like meditation, help bring your mind to the present and reduce stress. Those having difficulty sitting in one spot for a very long time can find yoga a worthy alternative to meditation.

These techniques can significantly reduce stress in a person’s life. Unfortunately, as busy as most of us have become, it gets harder to deal with these pressures.

Ancient remedies and modern science combine

The issues that we face today are nothing new. For thousands of years, people everywhere have experienced problems with stress and aging, including a drop in libido and vitality. One company has made it their mission to combine remedies used for thousands of years and modern research to create natural solutions.

Medicine Man Plant Company was formed in 2020 by three men in Houston, Texas. The lead formulator and the company’s “medicine man” is Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen. Mark holds a masters in medicinal chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry

He has authored multiple books on edible and medicinal plants. He is passionate about using modern science to confirm what civilizations throughout history have known. Nature holds the key to a long, happy, and productive life.

To that end, Medicine Man Plant Company is happy to introduce you to these great products.

The Libido Pill

Turn back the tide of stress and aging. Regain the youthful vigor you once had with this powerful blend of natural ingredients.

Comprised of three main ingredients that have been scientifically studied for their use in increasing drive and energy:

Goldenrod: This ancient plant has been the go-to for thousands of years for the proper functioning of the male reproductive system. It is rich in borneol, flavonoids, phenolic acids, triterpenoids, saponins, and phenolic glycosides.

Burdock Root: This powerful root assists in the removal of muscular cellular waste that can rob you of your strength and endurance. You will enjoy greater vitality and more extended performance with your muscles free of toxins.

Maca Root: This root has been used for centuries, and the natural hormone regulators support the male reproductive system’s physical and mental activities.

These ingredients tic all the boxes of Medicine Man Plant Company’s requirements. Used for centuries in natural medicine and is backed by science. Order some today and see for yourself if you are ready to experience the natural difference.

And if you find yourself unable to shake anxiety and stress from your life, consider a little help from nature.

The Serenity Pill

Everyone has worries and stress, and sometimes you need a boost to your mood. The combined properties of these ingredients will help you maintain a positive outlook and calm in your mind.

This pill taps the powerful combined effect of four main ingredients:

Ashwagandha Root: Used in India for more than 3,000 years, this root is more than just a mood enhancer. One of the many compounds found in Ashwagandha root is a GABA mimic. This neurotransmitter triggers the release of serotonin. It has also been found to boost the immune system and increase muscle mass and stamina, both of which aid in you feeling your best.

Passionflower: This flower is also a source of GABA and has additional compounds that help access the brain’s neurons. Increasing the GABA concentration can lead to a sense of calm a security. The Passionflower has been used by Native American tribes for centuries. It was initially made into tea and was considered a potent medicine.

Nutmeg: Not only for use in pumpkin pie, but Nutmeg has also been scientifically shown to lift and support healthy moods. Taking Nutmeg increases the number of neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine and serotonin.

Green Tea: An ancient mood enhancer supported by high levels of antioxidants and phenolics found within. These properties help to maintain the energy levels in the brain. Originally from Asia, green tea is used worldwide due to its significant benefits.

The main ingredients of this pill are sure to help enhance your mood and allow you to tackle your day with less worry and decreased stress.

And like all Medicine Man Plant Company’s products, The Serenity Pill is uniquely formulated with responsibly sourced and harvested ingredients. All products are non-GMO and 3rd party tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

If you are not 100% happy with any product from Medicine Man Plant Company, simply contact them, and they will make it right.

So, start today, energize your life, and lift your mood. Find out what ancient civilizations have known for generations.

Nature can and will provide.

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